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Found 20 results

  1. I upgraded to the new r2 software I have tried both nolag vpn and express VPN which now no longer work in hybrid vpn ? It just says failed.. Any help ?
  2. for my network monitor for dpi is not showing up gaming for my PS5 playing Vanguard and BO4 with the default traffic settings checked and lights are red I don't know if it's a bug for not showing up on network monitor I factory reset the R2 after 3.2.453 and in device manager the PS5 is set to play station QOS auto enable
  3. Hey guys I have run into a couple of issues with the netgear and my PS5 as of late, it connects perfectly via wifi but for some unknown reason when I use a wired connection with the PS5 it will either fail to connect or connect but be a very unreliable connection. I have checked everything that I could think of but I am by no means a gaming router guru. Is there a step by step process anyone can give me so I can try and fix it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Guys I have had a lot of trouble setting up my PS5 on the DumaOS software, I get this message photo attached. I have checked the default gateway, subnet mask and the IPv4 address. my PC's are working fully and phones its literally just the PS5. it's very confusing to me.
  5. Guys I got everything setup properly with my XR1000 congestion control, NAT OPEN, everything, however I cant connect to any server on Cold War of ping of 60-70ms or less. Should I just chalk it up to distance lag for CW? Pingheatmap has the best server at 27ms and I think I have yet connected to it. Im going to hop on Modern Warfare and see how those servers are and see what I can connect to. Any suggestions? 70 ms ping time is tough to play on. By the way I have A+ connection in the connection benchmark and DSL reports. Also congestion control is kicking in when I play so Im good there.
  6. Hi peeps, I’ve finally got my hands on a PS5 and (maybe) a significant observation I’ve made, as far as lag-busting DumaOS is concerned, is that full WAN throughput is granted to game downloads and updates, regardless of games currently being played. Let me explain… I have a solid VDSL2 connection of 60Mbps down 15Mbps up and a base ping of around 9ms. It’s not the fastest connection in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s been constant and rock solid for over 20 years. Previously on the PS4, I could download a game (or an update to a game) at full 60Mbps throughput. However, when I launched a game, that download speed would quite aggressively be capped at maybe 10Mbps. I assume this was PS4’s own QoS working (or possibly a hardware limitation), but frankly pings during gaming sessions while background downloads were in progress, were great on PS4. Currently on the PS5, background downloads do not seem to have this throttling. My full 60Mbps throughput continues uncapped while playing games, and pings can often shoot up to around 80-120ms because of buffer bloat. If you have a super-duper high speed connection then that’s great, because any degradation to pings will be short lived, but for people on slower connections when games might take many hours to download, this might be an issue. Not sure how DumaOS could manage this with both gaming traffic and downloads going through the same LAN IP but though I’d mention it anyway. ----- [Edit]: Good luck England!
  7. I'm having multiple issues with my Netduma R2. My current setup: wifi is disabled and I have only two devices connected via LAN, laptop and PS5. 1. When I have my PS5 connected to Netduma via LAN. The PS5 will show "LAN connected" then "LAN disconnected" repeatedly. On the NETDUMA GUI it will show there is no internet connect. 2. I've attempted multiple resets and factory resets on the back of the device (30 seconds+) and it doesn't seem to work. The lights will continuously flicker on and off. On my laptop I can see my internet dropping on and off as well. I've also rebooted my service provider gateway and reboot the netduma (via unplug power cord) and no change. I couldn't bring the duma back online. So far the only way to bring the Netduma back online is unplug the power and ports for 24hrs. Plug the power and laptop back in, I was able to bring the router back online and get into the GUI. Once I was able to bring the GUI backup, I attempted to factory reset using the GUI, I'm now seeing the same symptoms in number 2 (see video). Please help PXL_20220120_024452444_4.mp4
  8. Guten Morgen alle zusammen, Ich hätte zum XR500 ein paar fragen... , besitze dieses Gerät schon länger und hat damals mit der ps4 einwanfrei funktioniert . Dann kam natürlich eine längere pause und wollte das ganze wieder mal zur Verwendung bringen. Gestern Abend hab ich die neue Firmware geladen und habe schwierigkeiten mit dem Geofilter. Ich versuche es so gut wie möglich zu erklären : Geofilter gesetzt , Radius auf 1000km , sobald ich dann auf einen Spieler klicken möchte , werden mir die "daten" vom spieler nicht angezeigt bzw. ladet es bis in alle ewigkeit. Wenn der Auto Ping an ist wird mir das daten fenster vom spieler angezeigt , aber immer nur für 1-2 sekunden und verschwindet wieder. Der Spieler den ich pingen möchte , wird mir in meinem radius angezeigt , doch das fenster wo man dann "zulassen" / "verweigern" bestimmt , kommt und geht - sprich das daten fenster bleibt nicht konstant ... Habt ihr da vielleicht ideen woran es liegen könnte ? Kann ich meine einstellungen verbessern ? Habe seit damals bei meiner inbetriebnahme den router nicht geändert , abgesehen davon das ich die neue Firmware geladen habe. Damals zur ps4 zeit hat alles geklappt und jetzt nicht mehr Würde mich über eine unterstützung freuen...danke .
  9. Annoying issue blocked servers don’t stay blocked Cold War ps5 anyone else have this issue?
  10. Quick run down. I’d like to maybe purchase one. Currently I just am using cable provider modem. Playing ps5 any suggestions what router to maybe get ? Really wanna get it too get around sbmm and also lower my ping. Any advice or pointing me in the right direction would be amazing thanksn
  11. Hello, I bought the Netduma R2 last week. Unfortunately I am not able to get a better ping then before I had a Netduma. I get a ping of < 20 ms on the DumaOS but in game, when I check it shows me pings > 40 ms. The console shoud have almost the same ping as the router since the console is next to the router and is connected by lan. Did anybody have the same problem and has some suggestions on what to change? Thanks alot
  12. Hallo Liebe Community, ich habe ein kleines Problem mit meinem XR500 und meiner VPN Verbindung(express VPN). Ich nutze diese um in anderen Ländern auf den Warzone Servern zu spielen. Bevor ich den Standort wähle, pinge ich die Server mit der PING Heat Map von DUMA OS3 um zu sehen welche online sind. An einigen Standorten bekomme ich aber folgende Meldung beim Suchen einer Lobby. "Verbindnung mit einem Datenzentrum nicht möglich. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung und versuchen Sie es erneut" Dies passiert häufig bei Servern in Brasilien oder Südkorea. An anderen Standorten wie Süd Afrika oder Israel... funktioniert die Suche wunderbar. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Vermutung woran dieses liegen könnte, ich nutze den XR500 in Verbindung mit der Fritzbox Cable 6591 Cable. der NAT ist offen und habe keinen doppelten NAT TYP. Vielen Dank
  13. I had this problem before but I recently got a PS5 so i thought it would be fixed and it is not. Whenever I am connected to my Netduma WiFi from my PS5 nothing will load correctly. If I join a party with my friends it will say network error for a minute before it lets me join the party. Also when I load into online games with my friends and we are in a game party they will load in and I will always be kicked from the lobby. Is there anyway anyone can help with this issue?
  14. Hey guys, I need help finding the best settings for my XR1000. I have now payed 2 separate “Internet Optimization Experts” to help me configure the settings in my router… The 2 Guys I payed to optimize my router have both told me QoS is absolutely pointless and that “it has a mind of its own” and “It does whatever the _ _ _ _ it wants”. We used Anydesk and they tuned off my QoS and tweaked a few other settings. After they were done I have to say I’m not sure that what they did actually made a difference… My friend who told me to get the router says QoS is absolutely necessary and he has no idea why someone would turn it off. My friend has the XR500 and he helped me set up my router when I first got it however he reminded me that he’s no pro when it come to router configuration. So right now I’m stuck. I was hoping someone here can send me the best possible configuration/settings for my XR1000 to PS5 for Cold War. It would be amazing if someone could hop into anydesk or teamviewer with me and show me what I can actually do with my router. My ISP - Spectrum Gig -940down/40up Router- Xr1000 Modem- Cm1200 Console- PlayStation 5 Thank you❤️ Twitter @SleazySlays
  15. I recently installed a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 as an upgrade from my original Netduma R1 router. Since I completed the switch, I have had trouble connecting to others in a chat party. The one that I have the most trouble with is someone that is actually located within my Geo-Filter range. I added them to the "Allowed" connections list in the Geo-Filter, but the issue still persists. They will connect to the chat party ,but neither of us can hear each other and we both see the other with a spinning wheel. After some 5-10 minutes it decides to miraculously connect us. I also Port Forwarded the following ports: 1935, 3478-3480 on TCP and 3074, 3075, 3076, 3077, 3078, 3079 on UDP. Just wondering why this might be happening and if there is any way to fix this.
  16. hi. very recently (about just under a week) I’ve not been able to stay in a PS5 party chat very long. not sure if related but ps5 had an update last week. ivd had ps5 about a month and it’s been fine. I keep getting booted , some times within a minute or sometimes in 5 mins out of party chat with friends. So I have to resort to using game chat my PS4 still works flawlessly. my internet is virgin media Uk. 220 down and around 20 up. Virgin hub 3.0 in modem only mode (pink light) I still get these speeds when doing ps5 speed test and can download from psn store at full speed and upload game clips IN PS5 connection status it says NAT type 2. PS4 has the same but works fine geo filtering is off so to recap, everything is fine except I can’t stay in a party chat for long, keep getting booteD any help is appreciated
  17. Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir mon R2 et je dois tout configurer avec ma PS5. Avant avec la PS4 je procédais comme ceci: -configuration d'une IP statique de la PS4 sur l'interface de mon FAI -configuration d'une IP statique du R1 sur l'interface de mon FAI -R1 dans le DMZ depuis l'interface du FAI -configuration manuelle de la connexion PS4 avec son IP statique -obtention de NAT ouvert Aujourd'hui je n'arrive même pas à fixer une IP statique pour la PS5 car mon interface FAI ne me propose que des adresse type 192.168.1.??? alors qu'avec le R2 j'ai l'impression de ne pouvoir fixer que des adresse IP type 192.168.77.??? Je ne sais pas si je prend le problème dans le bon ordre, pourriez vous me guider svp. Merci😅
  18. I keep getting disconnected from call of duty servers on my new netduma r2 router on ps5 and party chat is not not working properly it will only let me hear one friend not the other?
  19. In regards to the ping heatmap if I click on a server I want to add to my list, when it asks to add an IP address, is that necessary and what IP address would I be adding? The console I’m on?
  20. Just seen this. The first glimpse into the release of the PS5, the rumour mill is starting to spin..................I don't think I will be upgrading my ps4, mill stick to XBOX. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/gaming/consoles/ps5-release-date-news-and-features-1213409?fbclid=IwAR30R8RZttxIVhWYY38KGzjkbioU5Q9yY1WZSdg3MEaFIZNvQgl8BGeAUiA
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