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  1. Try this here in Traffic Prioritization. I have got much better bullet registration since. Also playing Cold War (PS5). Rule 1.) • Source: 3074 – 3076 • Destination: 30000 – 45000 // UDP only | Normal (default) Rule 2.) • Source: 50000 – 65535 • Destination: 3074 – 3076 // TCP only | Normal (default) Rule 3.) • Source: 50000 – 65535 • Destination: 443 – 443 // TCP only | Normal (default)
  2. Hello @kinel, could you help me, as I'm really a newbie in this and don't understand that much what you guys are saying. What rule(s) should I put in Source Port and Destination Port for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PlayStation 5)? Would this be right? As you stated in the thread (first post)
  3. Do you could recommend a good VPN provider? What about NoLagVPN?
  4. Hello! Would it be possible, to reduce the Ping when playing on a foreign host? Im from Europe, when I’m playing vs. people from North America (on their host), I get a ping from like ~130ms what is normal. Same to them on my host. Could I use a North American VPN to get a lower ping on their host or reduce it maybe to ~60ms? Or any other way? I know that VPN is mainly to protect the IP but I wonder if that could work
  5. It was a wager match yeah ($10 Challenge). But I wonder how he could kill us. As I always thought lag-switching will only work if you’re host so everyone (expect you of course) are lagging.
  6. It was a private match yes. We or I was hosting. And we even lost because of it because no-one of us could kill this guy. He really skipped over the map and could kill us like it was nothing but no chance killing him. And he must done it on purpose because we won the 1. Map and he didn’t lag on it but after this he started and yeah.. we was literally in disbelief.
  7. Hello everyone! So, last week I played vs a player who were completely lagging across the map and I couldn’t kill him at all because he literally skipped all over. But, he could kill me easily. Unfortunately I have no video but really, I tried to shoot him and milliseconds later he’s 3 steps further, it was like I just shooted his stuck/floating „body“. All happened on console, so definitely no hacks. I wonder how this is actually possible? I’m pretty sure he’s done that on purpose because he played as it was normal. It’s like he’s only lagging on my screen and does not have disadvantages his side.
  8. Would be maybe a feature to add in Duma OS 3.0. Don’t know if that will a big problem or if it’s easy done but it would be definitely cool. Thanks for the fast answers guys.
  9. Ahh, got it. Thanks! But you can’t do this without disabling Share Excess? Would this be a problem to add this feature?
  10. Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to set a exact bandwidth for a device? Lets say I only want to have my PC on 5 MBit/s Down and Upload not more, how can I do that? And if it’s not possible yet, could you add this to DumaOS 3.0? Thank you.
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