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Found 37 results

  1. my netduma r2 is very slow and im disapointed because i cannot use dumaos, its not working and whenever i try it says it cant connect or if i use dumaos/ is doesnt work either.
  2. i recived the netdumar 2 and it just doesnt work properly and im dissapointed i go to https://dumaos/ and it doesnt work and i got to
  3. I'm trying to figure out what settings I need for my setup, I feel like nothing really changes with bullet registration or connection, doesn't matter if I have r2 settings on or off (70/70 geo filter etc) I feel like everyone has better connection than me, I die against every weapon like if it was a sniper, literally feels like I'm getting one shoted with every weapon, dying behind walls etc... really tired of messing with this and buying so many things for everything staying the same, i have bought early adopter r1, xr500 and now r2 and sx10 switch, do i need to mess with port forwarding or dhcp or anything? Please help, I really appreciated.
  4. Hello all, My XR700 is stuck on this screen, I've tried factory resets, I've tried the tftp restore, upgrading to the hotfix, but nothing seems to work. I can access http://www.routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm and configure and am able to configure settings there. However, I can't load into the main duma os. It keeps refreshing at this page: http://www.routerlogin.net/desktop/index.html?cache=0#com.netdumasoftware.dashboard It looks like it is trying to load periodically, but I remain on this screen. I've tried multiple devices and multiple browsers. I've also used my local IP instead of routerlogin and same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I've searched forums and help and find nothing. I have XR700 V1.0.1.20 and there are devices that I had once clicked "Block" in device manager and then unblock. None of the devices will connect to the internet but show they have an IP address. It's an iPhone, a Windows 10 computer, a Roku and an LG TV. On the computer I get "The device is blocked by access control in the router". I cannot find anywhere to work on access control. Does anyone have an XR700 and know where to go to allow the devices to connect to the internet?
  6. I've noticed alot recently that my prioritised upload packets barely increase compared to my download packets, can anyone offer any advice? I've tried it with various rules, e.g games console, duma classified games, ABB on and off etc but im not managing to improve it. Did a full restart too, both at the plug and through the router UI. As of now my router has been on for 4-5 hours, but I've got high priority upload packets VS 60060 high priority download packets? Would appreciate any help thanks everyone.
  7. Hello NetDuma, I am currently having issues with the Traffic Prioritization on NetDumaOS, it turns on when playing call of duty on my PS4 but when i stop playing it stays on updating background packets. The PS4 isnt in Rest Mode or anything, so cant work out how this is happening. A reboot of my router resolves this but just comes back the next time I game. I have tried unticking DumaOS Classified Games but still remains on, it seems only way to get rid of it is a reboot on my router. Please can someone help me I have attached some screen shots of my setup. If you can assist it would be great, Thanks, Mas
  8. I have just got a XR300 and I am liking it so far. I have watched a load of video's on Youtube about setting it up but all those people have really fast connections. I am getting 24mbps down / 1.7mbps up and that's the fastest my Fibre line supports due to where I live. What is the best QoS settings for a slower connection? Is it still 70% Anti-Bufferbloat and assigning 20%ish download and upload bandwidth allocation to my gaming PC (which I have identified as a 'Playstation' for the Geo filtering)? 20% of 1.7mbps isn't much! I don't game on a console and I want to be able to game smoothly on my PC when other people start watching Netflix and streaming video's from social media apps. Also, do I want to enable ipv6? My ISP supports it but I think it's disabled by default. p.s. I am on the latest firmware. Thanks in advance!
  9. hello guys, i have a nighthawk ac1900 c7000v2 cable modem router and on top of that i have a nighthawk xr300 pro gaming connected to that. Whenever playing call of duty modern warfare i seem to be getting a lot of lag none stop its always skipping or bullets dont register. i believe that its because of bufferbloat not to sure. i am connected to the xr300 from my ps4 wired connection. if anybody could help that would be highly appreciated.
  10. Hi So i used to have my netduma r1 set up fine untill i moved, as far as im aware you need to use the modem your isp supplied and bridge it to supply the netduma with an internet connection. I have all my port forwarding set up in my netduma but i had to reset my isp router, now i cant fully remember but i think i had to forward the ports on my isp router too but obviously before i put it into bridge mode as you cant change any settings once it is in bridge mode. Can anyone confirm this? On my xbox it says nat open but in-game it says moderate?
  11. Hello It seems my last post didnt make it here, i have a mate whos just bought the XR500, its connected to his BT Home Hub or Smart Hub, im not sure, hes connected fine, can use all the features but he is getting a double nat type, how do you fix this ? will putting the BT hub into DMZ help ? also should netduma router be set as DHCP server? Thanks.
  12. I just upgraded my internet with Xfinity to gigabit and along with that came a wifi 6 modem/router combo. I set up my xr500 as a second router by setting the up address within the range of my Xfinity router and connecting them via lan ports. I turned off the dhcp on my xr500 and connect my 2 xboxs into the Ethernet ports on the back. The internet works great and there are no NAT type problems. Unfortunately when testing the GUI for the xr500, it shows the Xbox’s connected but does not monitor their usage at all and so I can’t use any of the geographical features that I enjoy. When connected to WiFi thought, they are recognized by the router and I can control them. Basically I would like to know if there is any way I can get the same results with Ethernet. Thanks for any help
  13. Hello its plain and simple, I need to completely disable the bandwidth allocation feature as I have to many devices so that division causes issues
  14. Hey guys, I have seen that there is an option 61 setting somewhere in the xr500 router when you change does internet require a login to no, however this option doesn't show in my xr300. What I'm looking to do is remove my sky q hub, replace with an openreach modem and run the xr300 from that. I'm currently running the xr300 through the sky hub, doesn't seem to be any major issues but I'd rather just get rid of it. Will the modem take care of option61/MER or will the router also require this to be an option? Thanks in advance guys.
  15. i have recently purchased this router and forgive me if i posted this in the incorrect section. i keep running into a problem where if i am on router mode i have double nat type. All the threads i could find on the internet that indicates you have more then one router on your network that is producing wifi. in my case i don't. my internet provider is wireless internet company so my router is directly connected to their equipment with no modem. i have tried port forwarding, setting up the wan/lan, turning the router on and off multi times and haven't had any luck. i did have a little success when i turned the router into AP mode. the issue with that is after about 30 minutes or so my Xbox claims my upnp was unsuccessful and while in AP mode i have no control over it and cant turn it off and back on again. so i have to continually switch between ap and router mode which is really inconvenient every 30 minutes. i'm starting to think i made a bad investment with this router. is there a fix? or should i return this over priced box and try a different brand?
  16. Bonjour en utilisant la configuration internet Orange France DHCP le téléphone fixe ne fonctionne pas quand il est branché en ethernet sur mon xr500 Hello when I select Orange France DHCP in internet configuration my home didn't work with RJ45 cable on my xr500
  17. Bonjour depuis mes appareils iOS j’ai des très grosse perte de packets qui se ressent sur brawl stars et Call of duty mobile. J’ai souvent des déconnexions de parties ou des très gros lags. Je précise j’ai la fibre avec 1GB/s en download et 300MB/s en upload
  18. Bonjour j'aimerais savoir comment renouveler l'addresse IP orange quand on utilise le boitier fibre directement sur XR500 sans livebox avec l'option Orange France DHCP dans la configuration internet. Hello I would like to know how to renew extern IP address with Orange. I use directly box for optical fibre with the option Orange France DHCP in internet configuration.
  19. I need help with my R1 on DumaOS latest firmware. It won't allow me into the UI after i put in the username and password, it continues to load till it say the R-app failed to load. Went to the forum and followed the factory reset instructions for the pin hole. Now neither the custom or default username and password work. Its only rebooting the router not factory restoring it. please help. been using DumaOS for months with no issue
  20. Hi, I would like to get help with setting up Cyberghost VPN with my NetDuma R1 latest firmware. I really love using R1 features but i cannot get Cyberghost VPN working. I have tried many different configurations but no luck. I have also msged Cybeghost and they send me email that they dont support Netduma R1 even tho they should. its Open VPN and R1 must support it too. Also when i try to connect, it just says failed and there is no log file as well, which is strange to me. I would really like to get this working. Im Eastern time and i can be reached all day. Thank you and Merry Christmas
  21. So i have had my netduma for 2 or so years , i went too plug it in and sheesh it will no longer turn on theirs somthing rattling inside , and also power port is a little weird , and kinda dont have the right wire for it , ayeee many issues but aye HELPPP!!!
  22. So for two days straight now, my XR500 has randomly dropped both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections completely. You can still connect to the router, but internet is not available. Once I reboot the router its back to normal until the following day when it drops connection again. I have a few settings enabled such as Wi-Fi Smart Switch, Anti Bufferbloat when high priority traffic is detected, and Geo Filter for two of the devices in my home, both on Filtering mode. I'm running on version I will see if I can keep an eye on the logs next time this issue occurs.
  23. i dont really now how to read pingplotter but i thinks this is stable
  24. Hello when i am using my main router, or even secondary router for that matter i get pings in the 30ms or less range, however when using the r1 my ping is astronomically high. Ping test on DSL report on my GT A+... ping on the R1 F. Haste for Overwatch ping test, R1 300+, GT 25. http://deepfocus.iofor Overwatch 250 on R1, 30 GT. Overall network preformance is sluggish as hell.
  25. Installed used router. Pressed the reset button and attempted WiFi login using first 12 of serial found on bottom of router. Unable to join network. Please tell me I am missing something.
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