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XR500 settings for CoD MW

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Figured I’d get the ball rolling on this. If anyone can post their settings. For example I have the XR500 and will have MW on Xbox one. Radius set to 600 miles with 200/200 fiber internet. Ping is about 5-10ms to closest dedicated servers.

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15 hours ago, A1_Boston said:

You might as well forget it. I've seen so many posts about "settings". Someone is going to say test your line using pingplotter, watch LOL!

You got me, I do love PingPlotter.

They should probably start paying me.

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Oh yea. Between the map designs and the lead in your boot footsteps, this game is a camp fest. I never would have thought this but playing with bots is almost more fun than other players in this game. They actually run around. haha. 

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