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  1. Codester


  2. Oh yea. Between the map designs and the lead in your boot footsteps, this game is a camp fest. I never would have thought this but playing with bots is almost more fun than other players in this game. They actually run around. haha.
  3. I had an open NAT until they pushed an update. I couldn't get it off Moderate for anything. A day later, another update came from them and it was fixed. We do have two consoles playing this game on the same network so I know one of us will likely get moderate. But nobody else was home when the update switched mine from open to moderate.
  4. I know it would be impossible to implement due to optimization and DRM issues , but a firmware update to 3rd party capable routers would be insanely cool. I love the Netduma but the hardware does lack a little. It's older hardware which is understandable. For now, I'm just using the Netduma as my main router and using a Google Wifi AP in the middle of the house. Works until Google updates their Wifi's so I can use their mesh capabilities while just being an AP.
  5. Codester

    2 years here!

    Damn it has been two years. My 2 years was around Christmas time. My little cousin got a job at Best Buy and tells me about all these cool routers they have now. I just tell him if it isn't a Duma, then it sucks for gaming period. haha
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