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  1. Unless they changed it again with a new firmware, I don't think the EQ works on the mixamp. Atmos comes from the app on the xbox so all the mixamp is doing is lets you mix voice and game audio together with a builtin headphone amp. It's a pretty useless piece of hardware now without an optical signal. You can always get a HDMI audio extractor to get an optical from the HDMI but will lose 4K 120 and/or VRR as well. The optical on the television might work as well if you set it to passthrough. I stopped using my A40s because of this new console. I use a pair of Sennheiser headphones connected to the bottom of the controller w/ Atmos app.
  2. That's always an option but why? I'm running straight ethernet from the ONT box to my router. I don't ever plan on paying for cable again so there isn't a point of running coax or using their router.
  3. Activision has been trying to combat these routers for years. I remember buying the R1 back in Advanced Warfare just to have a chance in clan wars. It kept placing me with UK lobbies which wasn't cool.
  4. Used this method a few years ago when Ping Assist was released. That's cool that it still works like that.
  5. Yea I never had any luck while running those routers even in bridge mode. It messed with the Duma R1 and the XR500 way too often. I just called them and complained enough to have them remotely enable the ethernet on the ONT.
  6. I tried for a month to get this to work a few years ago when I still had cable with Fios. I eventually just dropped the cable, enabled the Ethernet port on the ONT and just used the Netduma while tossing the Fios router in a box. This was with the R1 though as it's been a few years.
  7. Not all ads can be blocked via DNS though. Many ads these days are coming from the same domains as the content from the website. Are you running AdGuard on the iPad or another blocker in your gaming PC browser? Unless you have a DNS leak, I'm sure it's working correctly. I've been running NextDNS on individual devices as well as the two DNS entries on the Netduma for a year now. There are so many ads that are now coming from the same domain so they can't be blocked with DNS.
  8. Yea I see that issue too. It's already kind of a mess trying to integrate and play nice with Netgear code and changes. Especially when they can't fix their dated code and have to approve of all the netduma changes.
  9. Most router CPUs don't support AES-NI which I think is needed for OpenVPN on the hardware level. I think there is only one ASUS router with that support. Routers don't have the fastest CPUs so the amount of work it does for OpenVPN overhead will slow down the connection as the router is maxed out.
  10. Codester


  11. Oh yea. Between the map designs and the lead in your boot footsteps, this game is a camp fest. I never would have thought this but playing with bots is almost more fun than other players in this game. They actually run around. haha.
  12. I had an open NAT until they pushed an update. I couldn't get it off Moderate for anything. A day later, another update came from them and it was fixed. We do have two consoles playing this game on the same network so I know one of us will likely get moderate. But nobody else was home when the update switched mine from open to moderate.
  13. I know it would be impossible to implement due to optimization and DRM issues , but a firmware update to 3rd party capable routers would be insanely cool. I love the Netduma but the hardware does lack a little. It's older hardware which is understandable. For now, I'm just using the Netduma as my main router and using a Google Wifi AP in the middle of the house. Works until Google updates their Wifi's so I can use their mesh capabilities while just being an AP.
  14. Codester

    2 years here!

    Damn it has been two years. My 2 years was around Christmas time. My little cousin got a job at Best Buy and tells me about all these cool routers they have now. I just tell him if it isn't a Duma, then it sucks for gaming period. haha
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