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  1. What is OpenWrt?? Is that a download or something? your hit reg is on point!
  2. Sorry for the delay @Netduma Fraser, I got caught up on the grill this weekend, but thanks for responding. I believe its "routerlogin.net". I bookmarked the site on my laptop when I bought the xr500. Am I suppose to use the router's IP instead? I can try it when I get home.
  3. Good morning everyone! Please help me with this. I am not an internet guru. I tried all the things I know of - reset the router, disconnect then reconnect, and checked the wiring. When I log onto the router, the normal page (QOS) pops up for a few seconds then I get this message. Please help!
  4. @Lajkazir thanks for sharing! Quick question: do you think the R1 is better than the xr500? I have both, and I really can't tell the difference while playing BO4
  5. Hey @bbursley do you live in Europe? Or is that where you placed your location? 😃
  6. Reading these comments and I'm literally laughing out load.... soon gamers in America will be playing on EU servers and vice versa 😂
  7. I sure hope so too @BIG__DOG! I sure hope so too!
  8. Hey @JOE1305 I feel ya! I literally laughed out loud at work! I replaced my cables and it didn't do anything. I might have to try this WIFI theory because I keep hearing the same thing about gaming on wifi. I honestly can't imagine playing without an ethernet cord, but this gameplay is convincing. Also, BO4 is trash with coding, and I hope the next COD is better cause I totally had a hard time playing this. So hard I had to go back to WW2 and IW!
  9. That's good news!! It seems like BO4 is broken, and gamers are constantly looking for ways to combat their broken servers.
  10. Thanks admin, I will try that! It makes sense... and to think at the beginning I thought y'all was bluffing... but this device does so much wonder for my house, and I have totally and continue to learn more about Duma! Thanks for the advice!
  11. Good luck Matt.... this game is broken. Here is a snap of my ping to the jersey server, and guess what... I still face laggy players. For years COD has been bad, I just haven't found a way to use my xr500 to combat that. But its still a good router, my whole family can browse and surf the web with not interference.
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