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  1. I totally understand; this netduma product which I could never get to work right LOL!
  2. So out of curiosity; how do I find a server that is "good"? For years, Ive been connecting to the Jersey server (COD), and been complaining about how trash it is. I really though location to the server was the right thing to do, since distance and ping are important.
  3. I totally agree with you. Have you heard of the phrase "less is more"? In my experience with netduma, the only difference between the r1 and xr500 is the wifi, LOL! Which is helpful for me because I have a family of 5, and everyone could benefit from good wifi
  4. Ummmm... all servers are not created equal? And the one next to some is not of good quality?.... what should we do if we run into that problem? And by the way, nice layout for the upcoming news. Cant wait to try geo-fencing out. Gives us something different besides the circle, LOL!
  5. Wow, you're throttling your connection down a lot! Wish you the best!
  6. Good luck with that. It sounds confusing. You should look at the XR500, the wifi is way better than the R1.
  7. Thanks @pollutionblues. I will try this when I get home.
  8. PLEASE HELP! I am trying to log into my router and this message keeps coming up. I rebooted the router and the message came up again. Are there any updates happening? Any tips for problem-solving? Thanks in advance.
  9. We will see, LOL! This game's mechanics can use an update. I'm still trying to "adapt" to this new game style, LOL!
  10. Nice gameplay! I'm glad people are still enjoying this game, even though I am not. Watching these videos makes me feel like I should load back up MW again!
  11. Nice gameplay! So you use standard suggestions from Netduma? That's cool. I have not played this game in a while (due to work). Maybe I'll load it up tonight. The geo-filter is a dope feature. I just don't know if "ping is king" applies to call of duty games now
  12. Glad someone is enjoying this game. I have not found joy out it. Spend to much time backing out of lobbies
  13. I'm glad someone is enjoying Modern Warfare. I'm not having a good time, and maybe because it's hard to adapt to a new playstyle.
  14. Thanks @N3CR0 for your advice. I will try that as well. I appreciate your fast response.
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