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  1. I second that Hybrid P2P = Destiny 2. I use geofiltering without issues and Destiny2 is all I play via xbox. I do toggle it off to do ping assist from time to time just to get players faster in early morning and off peak times.
  2. Make sure and check your xbox is in energy saving mode . Also make sure the time zone is set correctly.
  3. Who knows maybe its just Destiny on the PSN and the new glory points matchmaking in competitive gameplay. I play competitive and use geofiltering and have no issues on Xbox but it does take longer to matchmaking due to me having 5000 plus glory points. Time of day seems to matter for me and I try to only play comp in evening when more people are online playing. I only play competitive in a team of 4 now since the glory points change January 13 its impossible for me to win solo with high glory points. Forgot to mention I was always the party leader and host. I would only allow my party to just have us 4 in it and made the part invite only. Reason being is that I felt that if we had others in our party the game would lag a bit in competitive.I know this sounds a little crazy but it worked for us. WE also had issues getting kicked because it was taking too long for matchmaking I say that is normal in competitive.
  4. Welcome to Destiny competitive gameplay You would have to disable autoping to block those users if you knew the ids to block. A better bet maybe would be blocking the gamertags on xbox live if thats what u are using. This is why I was using geo filter to help get away from the dossers. Just last week a teammate was dossed offline but we still won the match with 3 of us.
  5. I use Cisco VPN on my laptop without issues I believe its current with latest updates. My first thought would be its not the router causing the issue but the Cisco vpn tunnel to your work. Assuming that you have internet connection to your laptop then its most likely not the router.
  6. The router does a good job of keeping your search area to the area you select on the map. Destiny on the other hand is kind of all over the place on who u get in matches because they cannot control who is in the other teams party etc. I feel that using geo filter in a big plus if you are playing destiny just remember to keep it in filter mode and stay away from strict mode. I have found it to be better leaving it in geo filter mode rather than using ping assist for Destiny.
  7. I have experience in the geo-location using Destiny 2 via console (Xbox) . I did use it in competitive PVP to help find a less sweaty player base and it does work very well. Destiny did change the matchmaking on Jan13 to match u up with players with a similar glory points ranking unlike before which it was random. I had to quit playing competitive now due to my rank being to high so now I just get sweaty 4 stacks and thats no fun. Only use filter mode fyi strict will make gameplay unstable.
  8. I just noticed mine is experiencing the same bug with the .40. In my case my wireless devices that are online are showing up as "online" which is correct. My "wired" devices that are online and showing up "offline". My 2 devices that are hardwired are my xbox and a windows PC. Update So I went to my advanced setting and decided to enable "Enable blinking on Internet LED, LAN LED, Wireless LED and USB LED when data traffic is detected" previous setting was Turn off all LEDs except Power LED. After making this change my router lost all connections which I thought was very strange and not a normal behavior. I rebooted the router and all my devices are now showing up online. I will continue to watch this to see if anything changes over this week.
  9. My set-up with Destiny 2 is Filter Mode enabled never go Strict Mode you will get booted all the time and will make playing PVP very unstable. I use geo filtering with good luck finding local players and dont have too much laggy games.
  10. So true. In strict mode you will be disconnected out of games etc. I play Destiny2 on Xbox and have tried just about everything this router has to offer to make Destiny2 PVP experience better. Remember the P2P experience that Destiny netcode gives us is frustrating at best and the DumaOS does a good job of helping us. I have been back and fourth with using ping assist and geo-filtering I really like to have both options. I am doing a bunch of competitive PVP right now and the geo-filter has been rock solid for me to help weed out the sweaty players and 4 stacks
  11. Sounds like my experience with Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 also. The P2P hybrid setup Destiny uses feels sluggish in most of my PVP games and in competitive it feels worse.
  12. It even calls out Destiny 2 by name in the geo filter online guide. Thanks Destiny lol
  13. I play destiny 2 everyday via xbox x and I can say its very difficult to have a consistent game play with regards to hit registration etc. I play PVP pretty much 90% of the time and have noticed lag in certain game modes more than others like iron banner for example. P2P and Destiny make it very difficult to have consistent game play in PVP.
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