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  1. Iron Banner is usually the worse for me for whatever reason. I do find that ghost bullets to be bad probably half of the time in pvp and certain game modes like comp and IB tend to be worse. We are at the misery of Destiny deciding who the host is and its not always in our favor. I hate the fact that I can drop 40 plus kills in one game and the next match I can barley kill anyone and I am doing everything I can.
  2. Destiny is peer to peer and no dedicated servers. I believe that when Geo-filter is enabled it will not go outside of your search area like it would do if geo-filtering is off it will time out and give you a mongoose error. I have been testing after the new firmware patch and switched to strict mode with ping assist. I have been only testing as a solo player and so far after 3 days I have had no disconnects like I did during previous testing.
  3. This was happening to me prior to the update fyi. I found after making the switch from geo-filter to ping assist it would be messed up and look like what u posted. My fix was to reboot devices this would usually solve the ping assist bug.
  4. U have Upnp enabled I am guessing and u see the port mappings? do u have IPv6 disabled?
  5. Is your NTP time setting on the router showing the correct time zone. From the factory settings I was 4 time zones away and this cause me similar issues when playing Destiny but never was certain this was root cause.
  6. This is how mine started out also but the difference was I am on xbox. It was determined it was an issue with instant on mode I had to switch it to power saving mode to make it stable. Yes it sounds crazy but it broken the internet connection to other devices etc. So maybe the PS4 has some similar setting that maybe a bug.
  7. Right now I am having good luck with 25ms ping for Destiny but now that Iron Banner is over I am going to continue with these setting and see how it goes.
  8. Dmaune I have not paid attention grinding out Iron banana lol. for whatever reason ping assist is working pretty good right now but I have not looked into anything as to the reason why. I will run some tests when I am done tonight.
  9. Ok this week is Iron Banner and I have been playing with settings and I have found something I did not expect. So I run geo-filter almost always and decided to switch to ping assist and it improved my iron banner game play no more ghost bullets lag etc. I dont know if this is just an Iron Banner thing but seems strange to me since I have used ping assist before and felt it was more laggy but who knows. My settings are ping assist 25ms and have been having great matches .
  10. Review this post To filter or not to filter that is the question
  11. Zennon is right you have to disable the ping assist then try your geo filter. When geo-filter is working you will no longer see the dotted circle icons and just the triangle icons that are outside of your geo-filter. You should only see the persons icons inside of your search radius. If you see both then you need to reset it or log out to reset it.
  12. Geo filter does work correctly and does not pull people from outside in unless they are in a party and the host is in my radius.
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