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  1. i never have any luck with enabling ping assist and just use geo filtering.
  2. They say for Destiny to take off strict mode. I toggle mine on and off to do testing from time to time.
  3. Achilles you are making me want to swap out my xr500 for the 700 to get if I get better performance.
  4. The first HOP being 61ms would usually point to an internal network issue from your house to outside Tap. I have Comcast and I am on the same network as you are and I have a 1ms for my first HOP. BTW I have also experienced the same issues you have dealing with the isp provider. In my case a 3rd tech came out and he was not a contractor but a Comcast employee that called the line technician and got him out within the hour to help with the outside TAP etc. You can only do so much on the inside of your house and most of my issues are the lines coming in.
  5. I feel your pain I have Comcast also and play Destiny2 COD. The XR500 has seems to help as far as geo=filtering I still have issues with hit detection etc. Comcast added a drop amplifer and it has helped a bit but still not great . I am using cloudfare but think Comcast has the best ping as far as DNS goes.
  6. I disabled all 5G and am using only the 2.4 since the 5G was proving to be unreliable on my Apple devices. I hard wire to my Xbox and dont use wifi for gaming just FYI.
  7. I unchecked this the first week of owning this router because I was doing some research that suggested to not use this feature. I totally forgot about this until I saw your post good find.
  8. I started with a CM1000 Netgear connected with my xr500 but I was getting constant disconnects and switched cable modems (Arris) and it fixed most of my issues.
  9. Yes go Broadcom chipset stay away from the Intel (Puma) it will cause cause constant disconnects.
  10. With using this method I have not noticed any lag just a ton of campers!
  11. I just jumped on the COD bandwagon from not playing this game in like 7 years I decided to come back. So far it seems for me that ping assist tends to be better than geo-filter.
  12. I have noticed with strict mode party chat is disabled when geo-filter is active. I am guessing this is a result of players being outside the geo-filter radius. I had to disable QOS last night and now my game play is better my hit registration was awful in the new Iron banner (Shadowkeep). I know disabling this is not recommended but I no longer lag so I will keep testing things.
  13. Iron Banner is usually the worse for me for whatever reason. I do find that ghost bullets to be bad probably half of the time in pvp and certain game modes like comp and IB tend to be worse. We are at the misery of Destiny deciding who the host is and its not always in our favor. I hate the fact that I can drop 40 plus kills in one game and the next match I can barley kill anyone and I am doing everything I can.
  14. Destiny is peer to peer and no dedicated servers. I believe that when Geo-filter is enabled it will not go outside of your search area like it would do if geo-filtering is off it will time out and give you a mongoose error. I have been testing after the new firmware patch and switched to strict mode with ping assist. I have been only testing as a solo player and so far after 3 days I have had no disconnects like I did during previous testing.
  15. This was happening to me prior to the update fyi. I found after making the switch from geo-filter to ping assist it would be messed up and look like what u posted. My fix was to reboot devices this would usually solve the ping assist bug.
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