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  1. Have a strict nat type how do I make it open on Xbox x series and I have xfinity modem and xr1000
  2. I’m just trying to get a smoove gameplay for warzone
  3. Is there a way to put the xr1000 in bridge mode
  4. When I do it with out the xr1000 it goes to 18ms and up
  5. Did a benchmark test and yes I went from 9ms down and 11ms up to 35down 38 up and no 10ms at all
  6. In Florida we had a 10ms ping now we have a 44 and feels like my Xbox been lagging as well everything was Good Friday
  7. Oh ok ok but the auto set up was definitely there for 53
  8. I’m putting it back to 52 because the 53 putting me in matches 60 ping and I’m i. Miami and we have a server in west Palm beach
  9. When I’m in the geo filter and trying to find a game I’m set for 19ms ping then it jumps to 49ms
  10. Nope when I did the factory reset it set to me 53 auto set up is there but it’s buggy. Let me put it to 52 and see if it’s there
  11. When I reset it do I update it as well ?
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