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  1. some games doesn't even show me the servers like black op4 it stop showing me any tips
  2. Im using the r1 and on the map I see the Circle going around I have it home on Miami version 1.03.6
  3. Xbox game system shows 100%packet lost only when I put Xbox one under select a device on host filtering
  4. When I make my select my xbox as a device and put my home in Florida I get 100% packet loss
  5. When I use my xbox as a device for host I land the marker on Florida and receive 100% packet loss but when I restart the Duma everything is find but the Duma put me in Washington. Only way I can get to the best servers is by using my xbox as a device !
  6. My xfinity cable modem when I plug the hard wire to my xbox it shows in the network settings IPv4 & IPv6 but, when I plug the net Duma it only shows IPv4 only should I run what the modem is running
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