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  1. And my xfinity modem does ipv6 how do you make it to ipv6 on the net duma
  2. I can get from 10 to 20 ping on the new call of duty
  3. When I use dsl reports I get 6-12 ping when it’s finish test I’m in Miami and Florida has a server !
  4. Help need help I have 1gb speed and it’s not showing on the net duma r1. I have Comcast isp and when I run their modem I get 900 but, when I use the Duma I get 300 . Then congestion control say for super turbo speed disable it does that mean un check it because when I put everything together turbo and super turbo is checked ! I even put the xfinity modem in bridge mode still got getting 800. Please help the kid out !
  5. I have a xfinity modem , should I put the modem on bridge mode and let the r1 take control for a better gaming experience ?
  6. im having a connection to the party problem on my xbox party i dont know whats the problem i reboot the router then all my settings go away try to ban a server then it disconnects me
  7. some games doesn't even show me the servers like black op4 it stop showing me any tips
  8. Im using the r1 and on the map I see the Circle going around I have it home on Miami version 1.03.6
  9. Xbox game system shows 100%packet lost only when I put Xbox one under select a device on host filtering
  10. When I make my select my xbox as a device and put my home in Florida I get 100% packet loss
  11. When I use my xbox as a device for host I land the marker on Florida and receive 100% packet loss but when I restart the Duma everything is find but the Duma put me in Washington. Only way I can get to the best servers is by using my xbox as a device !
  12. My xfinity cable modem when I plug the hard wire to my xbox it shows in the network settings IPv4 & IPv6 but, when I plug the net Duma it only shows IPv4 only should I run what the modem is running
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