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How to Port Forward Guide for Nighthawk XR Series Router.

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Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.



Step 2.png

Step 3.png

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I can't hear my friends in party chat since installing the duma. Apparently it's because I need an open Nat. I've followed this guide but my PS4 doesn't appear to add as a custom service. Please help. 

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The device should appear in the table for you to select. If you're using the Geo-Filter though then it's more likely that you just need to add them to your allow list before you can hear them.

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