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  1. Attached are some other photos of settings etc. Does anything look off? Think I've hidden all personal info. (fingers crossed).
  2. I've been playing about with settings to see if I have missed something. On wireless settings, should I enable smart connect? I get this message and not sure what to do...
  3. Says I'm getting 177‰ variance which doesn't sound good.
  4. That's also the highest I got. Most if the time it was 5.5 MBPS.
  5. This is the speed test with the netgear xr500 with a Draytek Vigor 130 connected to a laptop by ethernet cable. 17.2 download seems very low when the vodaphone says I am receiving 75+. Is it worth be factory resetting netgear as I have played with settings over last few months?
  6. Thank you. I'll try that first. Was just thinking it might be because I've played about with too many settings etc as to why the speed is poor. I'm going to get a proper modem first anyway.
  7. I'm thinking about factory resetting my XR500 and getting a Draytek Vigor and starting again. Is a factory reset going to be a massive pain in the backside? Just thought it might get any gremlins of the system.
  8. I used a TP link and set it to modem mode. But recently the XR500 has stopped giving out Internet altogether so am now back using the standard Vodafone hub.
  9. Thank you. Might have accidently looked at kbps. I'll run it with a wired connection tomo and check what the advertised upload is. Why would there be such a difference in upload in favour of the Vodafone? Even if running a wired test to PS4. Surely they are somewhat comparable?
  10. Hi, hoping this is the right thread and somone with a technical brain might be able to explain. Recently my Internet seems to be struggling. We're on Vodaphone High Speed 2 and advertised at 75MBS. (the Vodaphone app says it's got a sync speed of 80mbs). I've been using the netgear xr500 with a TP link router set to bridge mode. Recently I've noticed a considerable reduction in speed (Netflix buffering, Web pages taking ages to open etc). I decided to run some speed tests on my PS4 (wired) with each router and the results confuse me. I did 5 tests in each and took the average. With netgear xr500, the average was 18.5mbs download and 331.8 upload. With vodaphone, the average was 65.1mbs download and 8.2 (or something) for upload. My questions are. 1) why the huge swing between upload and download with each router? 2) which is better for online gaming, the higher upload or the download? Many thanks James
  11. Thank you. Do you mean the ID of my 'home' icon? Many thanks.
  12. Took these two. One ping looked like it was in the geo filter but did pop up with someone in oz randomly.
  13. It works when I disable strict mode but not when it's enabled. Not sure if this means I get the pros of the geo filter though.
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