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  1. Thank you both. I'll try set up again and get some screen shots. I've tried different cables but same result. Like I said, had it working on plusnet with a TP link but doesn't seem to want to play ball on vody.
  2. That's correct. When I plug the XR500 the same as Malt says, it doesn't come up in the interface as a 'connected device'. So cannot assign it an IP or do anything else with it. Was wondering if there's a setting on the netgear that is preventing it from being 'seen' by the Vodafone hub.
  3. Think that's my issue, the XR500 doesn't come up with a connected device in the hub. Any idea how to fix this? Is there a setting in the duma OS?
  4. Thank you. Sorry accidentally attached pics to wrong reply. Was really fiddly on phone.
  5. You get these options I think. Thank you. Will give it another go this weekend.
  6. Also I have a TP link that I used as a 'modem' with my last provider. Would that be simpler? I wish you could just buy a thid2 party router such as the netgear xr500 & just plug it in & it work without all this faffing. When you're not a techy person it's near impossible to fix. Oh well back to the vodaphone hub.
  7. OK. Managed to get on the netduma admin and got ip address. Can't find where I add it to Vodafone settings.
  8. Connected the XR500 up but all I get is 'connected no Internet' so cannot get into the XR500 settings. How do you get round this please?
  9. Still not managed to sort this yet. Anyone know how I can reserve the Dumas IP address on the vodaphone hub?
  10. Hi, I hope I'm ok to start a new post, I did search for Vodafone but couldn't find a thread that had the the specifics. I've just moved house & got a new Internet provider - Vodafone. Tried setting up the XR500 as before but could not get anything to work so went back to the Vodafone hub. Can anyone talk me through the set-up on vodaphone? Not sure vodaphone has a modem mode. With plusnet I was using a cheap TP link router which I someone managed to put in modem mode & eventually got it working. As it stands my netduma is sitting their obsolete but want to set it up for modern warfare. Also have any vodaphone customers had much success with their stock router for gaming? First impressions are quite good as has a very user friendly app & the boost function to certain devices seems quite good. Many thanks JD
  11. Hi, can somebody help with this. Got my netgear xr500 connected. Using a TP link in modem mode as the Plusnet one hasn't got the feature. Now it says 'connected but no Internet'. I've connected the laptop via an ethernet cable and in the Duma OS. Trying to run setup wizard. Asks for pppoe ISP login details but just says not recognised yet they are my login details. Please help somone.
  12. Think I'm finally getting somewhere with this now. I've got WiFi &router working but now have two devices giving out WiFi. I've enabled DMZ on Plusnet. How do I turn the WiFi of on it? Spoken to plusnet and they're useless. The 'Fix' on Plusnet forum is to buy another modem. Might be easier.
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