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Infinite warfare lag comp fix


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Hi guys


for anyone who still plays infinite warfare!


can you please try these settings as it has helped my no end with this game.


I find that if I put the Geofilter to anything above 150mi the game plays really bad for me

so I have been running these settings for about a week now and the games are very consistant


100-150mi filter by distance

strict mode on

ping assist 0

place your location on top of closest server(mine is London)


it my take longer to find lobbys but its but it's worth waiting 


let me know how it is Prog!!!



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That's how you camp a server.

I find on IW it can an age to get a game by doing that though.


I wouldn't call it a lag comp fix but it should give you the best ping you can get.

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So yeah the hit det. seems better but omg the teammates I'm getting. I'm doing crap coz they running all over the place getting themselves killed so I never have a clue where the enemies are.

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99% now I get thumbless idiots on my team. Got so much worse once I entered master prestiege.

I'm not a bad player but I can't do shit when my teammates are making the enemy spawn all over the map!

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Yeah, doesn't help when 95% of your deaths is from being shot in the back though...


IW is the worst for it.

I get shot in the back more than Sasha Grey.

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