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Insane BO3 lag lately anyone else?


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I've just recorded a real time gameplay of the crazy lag i've been getting in the past couple weeks playing Blops3 i'm curious if anyone else is getting this on ps4 tried different dedi's congestion control setting's internet diagnostics ping plotter no issues showing at all tried a couple of other online shooters no problems aswell.


This clip was from yesterday the usual lag i've been getting nasty bursts with everyone going red bar.




And this in the past hour is absolutely shocking all good until the 2.4 min marker almost makes me look like i'm lag switching for a bit just crazy.




Any ideas what else this could be? strangely enough this began when i included the homehub 3 between duma and modem but went back to duma and modem to see if the hh3 was the problem but still have same issue.


I can post my ping plotter pics for someone to have a look at but pretty sure they are fine.





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Ok seems i'm not the only one reported these issue's and vids to acti support but asking me the usual garbage to check my network set up been round in circles with these people it's almost as if they know they have a problem and don't want to acknowledge it until the masses start complaining pretty glad i haven't purchased anything else in this game except release day stock price the game seems to be going south lately.

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