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  1. Hello , the following dedi seems mislocated for BO4 ID: d12d8f5aca703a3f Distance: 234km
  2. Le serveur dédié Français est revenu une demi heure après que je poste ici ... ( désolé je n'ai pas trouvé comment l'effacer) Sinon, j'ai joué sur Controle de 20h à 23h ( toutes les parties sur le serveurs dédié FR, c'etait super ) , oui j'ai une NAT ouverte. Pour la suite , je vais de nouveau faire la maj du R1 vers le Duma os et voir si tout est rentré dans l'ordre ( je reste convaincu que 3arc continu d'ajuster leur serveurs) the French dedi was back half an hour after my post.... ( sorry , i didn't find how to delete it 😛 ). Otherwise i've played on "Control" from 08:00 PM to 11:00 PM ( all games on Paris dedi , is was wonderfull) , and yes i've an open NAT . for the next , i'm going to upgrade to Duma os again and see if everything is ok ( i'm convainced that 3arc still playing with their servers to test/improve stability )
  3. I think 3arc is testing servers stability because, i ve kept the same setting and now i'm unable to find a game 😬😬
  4. when i booted the game i've seen a dormant dedi ( the UK one ) as well . So i will say , my radius is covering both dedi ( UK and FR)
  5. I've tried to compare with the old duma version ... Paris dedi is well displayed and i'm able to connect to it in few secondes with a very good ping ( around 20ms)
  6. vincho31


  7. I've tried and problem still the same ( FR/UK dedi not/never displayed ) . After 3-4 min a game search with geofilter adjusted in EU range , i'm connected to a peer ( most of the time in France) with high ping ,
  8. same here , i was able to connect to EU Paris dedi on first day release but since, I only connect to (bad) peer ( i only see Irland dedi inside the geofilter but i am unable to connected to it ) .The worst , now i have to set strict mode OFF to find a game , because i'm constently booted to the main menu when strict mode is ON .
  9. sorted it out by opening manually port 9307
  10. Xbox one or PS4 but quick quick quick ....i'm close to 30yo 10 days remaining ...tick-tock
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