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Found 13 results

  1. How Long Does It Take For Me To Get My Netduma R2 If Ordered It To Come The Next Day ?
  2. My first post on the forums as a new member, let's see how it goes and hopefully can assist any other Aussies with the same issues. Sorry for a long post in advance but I wanted to be as comprehensive as possible. I live in Australia and recently swapped ISP to Internode with a FTTP connection (fibre to the premis which comes with an NBN modem which you can't access or edit so it plugs directly into my router from my house Ethernet port). This requires me to use PPPOE and I have to set Vlan tag ID = 2 | Priority 0. After swapping to the new ISP I found out my old Linksys WRT 1900 ACS (V1) doesn't allow you to set VLan 2 as VLan 1/2 are system reserved so I bought the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 to solve my issues. After I swapped speeds are great, connection works but there are a number of known issues with the existing firmware which pertains to PPPOE connections using Vlan, some have also reported issues with IPV6 (I don't use and have disabled) Consolidated issues: 1. PPPOE with VLan = QOS doesn't work with upload speed. It works and limits download and I read on the forums somewhere that it's because the upload isn't being Vlan tagged or something along those lines. Interestingly if I flash my router to the very first firmware addition the QOS seems to work but the UPNP is still a no go. 2. Due to the above issue (presuming) even with UPNP enabled my UPNP tables always remain blank. This in turn also means that my port triggering rules I have set up don't get detected or applied. The simple solution to this would be to turn off UPNP and manually set up port forwarding rules but that also presents more vulnerability and it would mean I miss out on the cool features of this new router and my QOS still won't work. Potential solutions... 1. I know that Vlan tagging has been a known issue since the router released and a fix has been in the works for quite some time. I don't know if the new upcoming firmware addresses this issue but if anybody with access to the beta/ alpha can check or if it's possible for me to be added to testing program to provide feedback if it fixes the issue that would be amazing as it would eliminate the need for the following fixes. 2. After sifting and reading through multiple forums some users have found success by setting up a router in front of the XR500 to handle PPPOE and the Vlan tagging. I am unsure on how to do this as my network knowledge is limited. In preparation to undergo this I have flashed my old Linksys WRT 1900 ACS with OpenWRT and connected it via PPPOE & VLan but I don't know the next steps to connect it to my XR500 and have my XR500 as my main router to control everything. (If anybody can assist me with learning how to do this I would really appreciate it) I have read about PPPOE Passthrough, Bridged Mode, using DMZ to connect to routers but I don't know the most appropriate solution or how they all differ. 3. Flash my XR500 with OpenWRT and say goodbye to my beloved DumaOS and set up QOS manually (I really don't want to do this) 4. Some people have spoken about using a switch to do the PPPOE/ Vlan tagging but I assume I can use my OpenWRT to achieve this same result without buying hardware but might be a suitable fix for anybody else who has this problem and an available switch (Idk what a switch actually is, is it just a modem?) 5. ? Here are links I found to posts within this forum for relatable issues and for quick reference: 1. Bert talks about DMZ, PPPOE Passthrough, Bridge mode from 2018. Not sure on all the terminology but it's relating to the same issue I am. 2. Netduma Jack suggests to this individual to setup PPPOE on a seperate modem and it supposedly worked (again I don't know the steps to do this on OpenWRT) https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/QoS-not-working-with-PPPoE-connection/td-p/1591720 3. 4. Old issue regarding Vlan & QOS / UPNP 5. A couple NetDuma individuals present a couple solutions but not details on how to actually go about it. Probably one of the most relevant links and it's more recent. If anybody could help me with this issue i would be greatly appreciative. At the moment I think my best option is to wait for new Firmware to be released and in the interim use my Linksys WRT 1900 acs flashed with OpenWRT to serve as my connection to PPPOE + VLan tagging and have that connected to my XR500 which can handle everything I just don't know how to do this.
  3. which better to connect my xr500 to 2in1 modem/router through bridge mode pppoe or to put my xr500 wan ip on dmz of 2in1 ??? what the diffrent between them
  4. what i can do to get A .. wat affect on ping test ??????
  5. Hi guys, as the title suggests im loosing outside access to my plex server. this problem has only started today when i changed mysuperhub 3 back to router mode(after nemouroes complaints of the wifi signal strength from the r2) i added the r2 wan ip into the hub 3`s DMZ as explained to me by fraser onanother post. I also turned off upnp on the hub 3. when i try and re establish the connection on plex it connects then immediatley disconnects throwing a double nat issue. looking at the upnp menu on the r2 its showing the plex port forawrded. im at a loss here, im sure its something simple so hopefully someone here cn help out many thanks paddee
  6. Hi just got my r2 today it is not detecting my internet at all what is going on please help
  7. i just upload my beta .. but i notice there is no auto-setup ?????
  8. was wondering if any emails have been sent out for the betta 3.0 for the xr500 yet im dying to play it an still haven't got a link yet?
  9. here's the problem I have the Verizon router but then I have the nighthawk xr500. so the thing is I have might nighthawk plugged into my Verizon modem so I try dslp reports or pingplotter an im not get really bad reports but I am getting some spikes an even when I use the buffer bloat on the xr500 its not smoothing it out on any percentage? an idk how my line is congested cause I only have my laptop an my phone connected to it I have my ps4 hard wired to the nighthawk?
  10. I have put in pppoe connection on the duma o sto avvide double nat can Someone can tel me il the log is an issue or not?
  11. I updated the the R1 an obviously NetDuma put out a whole bunch of features on the r1 by now. thing is I have the xr500 an been waiting a while for Netgear to update that an idk if I should switch back until or what. just trying to get your guys thoughts on what you prefer or would do until then ? thanks
  12. I just updated the r1 an been playing with it an trying to use the ping v2 feature but no ones really popping up. but when I click on the dedicated server its showing like 90 ms. I get like 10 or 12 or somewhere low around there on the xr500 any idea why this would be? Or has something changed with the update an I'm not getting what's going on ? I read something about tick rate an that tip at the bottom that close to 100 is good for gaming. so I don't know looking for help or it explained to me. I put the pin assist feature at 25 an then it did give Me around what I usually get for ping but idk if that where I should be or what?
  13. here's the thing I've tried ping plotter an has showed me my line is really not stable. now I called my isp an did some things over the phone but did not help. their telling me I would have to get like 150 gigabit fiber or I choose if on my own 300mbps gigabit fiber an would be assured I would have stable connection. my ping is low between 14ms then drops to like 9 then up to 20ms highest. the speeds I get now are 100 down an 117 up. I know high speeds help specially gaming but is it possible that's what's causing the instability in my ping?
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