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  1. Also let them know there a dedicated server here as well
  2. thats the thing when i check in game ping ( Modern warfare) ping spikes too 100ms. Thats the part i dont understand
  3. Bahamas to Miami witch is 30-45ms depends on witch server , because i was even able to connect to a 10ms lobby. Speed test on the router (connection benchmark) - 26.10ms 3.7 jitter witch is normal on both r1, r2, xr500 Speed test on ps4 (speed test.com) - 24-30ms ping witch is also normal Speed test on ps4 (connection benchmark) - 27ms ping , 5.36 jitter
  4. ok i mess around with it for a bit , and it seems like r2 giving me higher ping. i usually dont mess with qos but give it a try also , is the auto detects a reliable option tp us on QOS?
  5. ok i got it to work now but i notice that the host ping is not stable when i auto ping server any ideas on that ?
  6. i disable all firewall thats on the arris . I find it strange that my xr500 dumaos 3.0 pingheat map works normal but not the r2
  7. Ok i bridge connection , so do i reset the r2 or factory reset? I tried it an am still seeing the message
  8. no Arrris Tg1682g internet turns off when i bridge it.
  9. i tried that but the internet turns off an i had t factory reset my modern
  10. ISP Modem : Arrris Tg1682g . I connected to the internet by putting in the router wan ip into the dmz
  11. yes its connected to a lan port . I also get open nat type on my console
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