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  1. Is this for Apex Legends or cod warzone? Or a completely different game?
  2. So ive just moved into my new home and want EVERYTHING to be on my Netduma. So I've linked a oldish Sony TV onto the Netduma via Ethernet wire and it doesn't appear on Netduma at all (when I'm on Netflix or Youtube)? Same with two of my Google Mini Speakers I've got..they don't appear at all even though I'm connected onto the Netduma connection. Why is this? Is this a bug?
  3. You should be getting 0% packet loss on almost all servers. Honestly the Netduma sucks for Apex. It's best to just deactivate GeoFiltering and play without that on. You'll notice a huge improvement. Now what I want to try and do is get an advantage in terms of my shots hitting the enemy first. How do I do this? I always feel like I'm a second behind people
  4. 1 - Completely remove netduma from your setup and use your original ISP router. Do you get the same errors? 2 - Do you have it on Filtering mode? I've noticed having my netduma on filtering mode causes so many issues that I don't even bother and just select a server in the main menu of Apex. 3 - How are you setup with the Netduma? Ethernet? Ethernet with powerline? WiFi? 4 - This may be a firmware issue. Try downgrading to the original released firmware and see if you get the same issues.
  5. A bit of a random question.. But I'm a very experienced Apex player with over 1000 wins. But I ALWAYS get prediction errors when I'm in the red zone of the ring. It's so damn stupid. Everytime I'm in the red zone and I get 'hurt' every second the prediction error appears. You 100% sure it's not that? Also how are you setting up your router for Apex? Genuinely interested as the geo filter is basically useless for Apex sadly IMO.
  6. Just letting everyone know that this is still happening for me. Constantly getting a C rating, unless I do it manually, where I will get a A* rating. So I'm not sure..is my true rating a C or a A*? Picture uploaded. Any idea on how to fix this issue? What should I do?
  7. Is there a YouTube video on how to do this? Sorry I've never done it before. Does this mean nothing can ever connect to my sky router? The reason why I ask is because I work from home, and for some reason my work laptop does not connect to netduma. Only sky. Maybe it's because it's a government laptop and has some really strong security layers?
  8. Im sorry, but it's just set up normally? As in the Sky plugs into the phone line, and there's a Ethernet connected to the R2? Is Sky a bad company to be with?
  9. Are these under WAN settings? If so, these are my settings, please note I've never touched these settings as I don't really understand what they are. Also my setup is a Sky Router and a Ethernet wire to the Netduma R2. Other devices are laptop (wireless), 2 mobile phones, and PS4 (which connects to a Power-line adapter, which then connects to the R2)
  10. No. But I rarely get different results in my speed. Usually my speed is 33mb download. But sometimes it gives me 20 or 25. But then it's back to 33. No idea why?
  11. Hello, Thanks for your response. Here is the image overall (called Ping Test), the ones at the bottom highlighted yellow are the ones I did manually..compared to all the automatic ones. I've also uploaded a 'automatic one' done at 6PM where I got a C rating. And then the manual one one minute later where I got a A* rating.
  12. To update on this topic. When I did my my auto set up CC, (on one of the new unreleased firmware) it told me to have a download and a upload of 1%. This caused issues for me, so I downgraded back to the released firmware, and then auto Set up told me to set it as something around 50 down, 40 up. However, my Ping Benchmark Under Load test keeps giving me C or D. So I decided to change my CC to 70 up and 70 down, and did another Connection Benchmark test, this time it gave me a rating of A*. Great, right? However, then I went to sleep, woke up and checked the scheduled tests and it's now giving me a C or D rating? How can I give me A* during the evening when there's 2 mobile phones, a PS4 and a laptop connected to the R2, yet gives me a D rating at 2am when no devices are connected to the R2? I've now kept me CC on 70% download, and 90% upload. Did another test and got A*. But I fear this will drop back down to C or D later on during the day? EDIT: I think I've found a bug with the software. It's 3pm here right now, and I have the Connection Benchmark to do a auto test once every hour. Well when it hit the hour, it did an auto test and I got a Ping Benchmark Under Load result of D. Then one minute later I did it manually and got a rating of A*. It seems like when I do it manually I get A*, when the router performs a test automatically I get a rating of C or D. Why is this?
  13. Any idea why this is? Factory reset my router, so everything is basically brand new. I've set scheduled tests every 2 hours, only the very first test with Ping Test Under Load A+ rating, every other one is now C or D rating.
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