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  1. Hi all, Here are my Ping Plotter results. Nothing in my household is connected to my internet except for this Laptop. Does everything look OK? Also look at that long line that drops..what caused that?
  2. So how do I get around it? What is a cheap managed switch by the way?
  3. Hey all. Believe it or not certain games reward you slightly for having worse connection. I currently have 30/10 connection and want to nerf it. How can I do that please?
  4. Hi guys, The first question, I use a laptop when I'm on the Geo-Filter home page (, and I'm connected on WIFI. The router is only around a meter away from the laptop, however, would it be beneficial if I connected via Ethernet to my laptop instead? The second question, usually when I set up my gaming session, I turn my laptop on, go to the Geo-Filter home page, then turn my PS4 on and have a good few hours of gaming, and then close my laptop down and carry on with my day. Can I do any of these options instead: A: I turn my laptop on, go set up geo filter, turn PS4 on, load into my game, shut down my laptop completely. Carry on gaming untilI'm done. B: Never need to turn on my laptop at all, and the settings work automatically with any need for me to even touch my laptop? I'm just wondering if me needing to even be on my laptop or to have it within range or me have the geo-filter home page open part of the process. Or do I not even need to do any of this? Thanks for the help everyone!
  5. Is this a U.I error? Also, how am I, who lives in the UK, getting placed in a Dedicated Server, 1,000 of miles away, yet Netduma OS tells me my ping is 16 - 30ms. Surely if I live in the UK and I'm placed on a dedi so far away, my ping will not be 16 - 30ms? Also, next question, how come the DumaOS states my ping is 30ms MAX, yet the game tells me it's 30 - 60ms?
  6. In simple terms. What's the need of placing it in the ocean? I don't understand the logic? Wouldn't you get 'better' connection just placing it in your home town at the lowest radius possible? I tried this before, smallest radius possible, with 30MS ping and couldn't find a single game...
  7. I was reading the help on Anti-Bufferboat and it states this: "High Priority Traffic Detected will only apply Anti-Bufferbloat when games are being played (all console games and most PC games are automatically detected by DumaOS). Your total bandwidth speeds will only be reduced when games are detected." So does this mean I can keep it on 70% for both download and upload all the time, and click it on "High priority traffic detected"? Does this mean as soon as I turn my PS4 off, it goes back up to 100% in the background? Also some people say to put it on 70%, whilst others state to put it really low, like 5 - 10%, to handicap my connection and cause some 'lag compensation' on my end. Also, this is my Internet right now: Ping: 23ms Download: 20MB Upload: 1MB. Next question, why is my upload so low? Is this normal? Can this cause issues? Secondly, With my internet connection at this level, what shall I set my Anti-Bufferbloat and Bandwith Allocation? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I just upgraded to DumaOS, how do I change my WIFI password, so when a phone or tablet wants to connect to my Netduma they need to place in a password of my choosing?
  9. I've logged onto: Now it doesnt work and keeps asking me for a username and password. Ive tried 'admin' and 'password' and it doesn't work. I have also cleared my cookies and cache also. How can I get around this please
  10. Does it matter? Or is it best to choose a profile before I even turn my PS4 on?
  11. Thank you. I am working through the instructions, it says on point 5 to log into my Sky and give the Netduma a reserved IP. Apologies but how is this done sorry?
  12. We've got a new Sky Router and I had to reset my Netduma and add devices on again one by one. Problem number 1: The problem is some devices don't even appear in the Device Manager (iPad, a Google Pixel phone, and Google Nexus phone). It seems like the first 10 or so devices appeared fine as I added them on. And now anything new doesn't appear. And yes, I have double checked they definitely are connected to Netduma. Problem number 2: So to fix this I decided to go to Settings > Misc > Reboot Router on Netduma. However, once I did this I was unable to access the Netduma Interface (through either http://r1or, tried on Firefox and CHrome by the way). The message I keep receiving says " "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics" ---- So I decided to unplug my Netduma and replug. Didn't work. I tried to turn wifi off my laptop and plug an ethernet straight into the Netduma. Didn't work. I had to actually access my Sky Hub home page and 'reset' that website for it to finally work. So now this is my situation. When my Laptop is connected to Netduma wirelessly. I am able to access the home page AND other websites. When my Laptop is connected to Netduma wired. I am NOT able to access the home page, however, I CAN access other websites. I feel like the Sky Hub is causing the problem for me not to be able to access the Netduma home page. However, I feel as Netduma has an issue where I cant see all my devices in my Device Manager. Please help! I am pulling my hair out trying to figure all this out When my Laptop is connected to Netduma wirelesslly. I am able to access the home page AND other websites.
  13. To keep this short. - I turn my PS4 on. - I log on my PC, and then use Firefox to go on my Netduma (Nothing else open on my PC). - Click Profiles, and choose my custom made Profile I created for CoD. - Play my CoD game. - Decide to change my profile to non-Gaming, so I click on Profile. *And it'll takes ages, and I mean up to 5 minutes for the page to even load* - Go back to my Profiles on the Netduma and click "Non-Gaming" profile (or any other profile for that matter). - Click load. *Again I'll be waiting for up to 5 minutes for it to load* Why is this happening? Is this Firefox? Is this Chrome? What's causing this extremely bad slow down?
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