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  1. Ok keep us updated cause its been 6months since last firmware i tougth you guys gave up on the xr1000
  2. do you guys know a exact day the firmware/beta coming out ??
  3. i was talking to the netgear team they said there a few betas out there that migth fix the issues
  4. yeah appreciated cause wifi just keeps dropping from devices I need it fixed asap or I might just return the xr1000
  5. @Netduma Fraser Any news on xr1000 beta firmwares? been having alot of issues with this router
  6. Ok going to join that forum to see what betas they have available for xr1000
  7. I Disable both of them and gave my laptop/iPhone a static ip on xr1000 and hasn't disconnected ever since all keep you updated have you manage to contact netgear about the possible betas available??
  8. Disabled smart connect it seems more reliable I don't see the 160mhz i only see transmit power set to 100% is it on the xr1000?
  9. yeah windows laptop/iphone the only way to get them working again i have to restart the the xr1000
  10. Got any betas for devices disconnecting of the xr1000 ? my laptop/phone keep disconnecting from wifi when i turn of my laptop and turn it on it wont connect also for my phone
  11. feel free to dm it to me once its available thanks
  12. Thanks appreciated if you got any betas for xr1000 that are improvements you can dm them to me all gladly test them
  13. Here are some results of pingplotter my average ping is a 21ms when I stressed the connection the highest was like 24.17ms so i did get a 3ms ping spike which in gaming every milliseconds counts especially call of duty or any fps or any game in general if you guys can make the qos that r2 got on xr1000 this router will be the greatest router or maybe implement SQM so maybe it could handle the buffer bloat a little bit better also can you guys do some testing on this website https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat see if you guys can reduce the bufferbloat so the xr1000 can handle it better I tested with Traffic Prioritization off here are the results whenever you get a beta firmware for this fix all be glad to take a look at it and test it out and give you some feedback
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