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  1. @Netduma Fraser i am also getting that bug with the duma os menu being slow and the upload on ping test (underload) is just spiking like crazy can you send me a beta of firmware to fix this? am also on xr1000
  2. i keep getting this message it takes for ever to load things i factory reset it i restart it still same thing @Netduma Fraser
  3. factory reset it after you updated the firmware and dhcp lease put 1660 see if that fixes it
  4. i was just wondering when is that r2 firmware coming out ? later this week?
  5. xr500 duma0s 3.0 is working smooth after installation will see down the road tho keep you guys up to date
  6. Yeah I notice when the r2 gets hot it crashes the wifi and the internet start being slow I bought a usb fan worked wonders
  7. Yeah any fan will do just put it under r2 and connected in the back of the r2 it as it usb plug so 1,6,11 are the most used try to on a wifi channel that not clutter up so see a big improvement by just changing wifi channel
  8. @pollutionbluesi did still no luck @Netduma Fraser also did that didn't work
  9. This happened a few days ago I been trying to log back in but no luck anyone have any advice on this or suggestions??
  10. @Squidid I had the same problem as your going trew the way I fix it @Netduma Fraser sent me a pm I did that then I factory reset it then as @Netduma Fraser said change the dhcp lease to 168 then I bought a usb fan put it on the bottom of my r2 and now it works perfect also make sure to download wifi analyzer to make sure the channel is not congested 1,6,11 are the most clutter so pick a channel that only you are on that work like magic now my r2 runs perfect hope this helps
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