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  1. See I used the scuf long domed stick on the right stick but I can’t decide if I like it but I feel like the kf’s give just little more control cause it’s a little taller what do you think though does it really matter. Just have to get use to it?
  2. Yea the kf’s are slightly taller by not that much but for some reason they seem like the give you a little more control. I tried the domed scuf sticks the long one in the right stick for a little but I’m like stuck idk which one I’d like to use. So just thought I’d ask everyone else’s thoughts
  3. So I have a scuf vantage my thing is before I got a scuf I used kontrol freeks. What’s your guys opinion on them which is better to use scuf sticks or kontrol freeks. Or do you think is doesn’t matter an just comes down to playing a lot an getting use to the scuf thumbsticks or think their the same? An do you guys use either or?
  4. oh I see I gotcha then I’ll just purchase one from a provider thanks for the help
  5. Do you need to subscribe to them or can you just use them?
  6. Ok thanks gotcha, can you use the ones provided for now? An if so how do you go ahead an use them?
  7. I was trying to set up the vpn for my xr500 when I get set up can you use the 2 given there for you. Or do you have to have a vpn provider to put in an set it up. Or how do I go about setting it up ?
  8. has there been another update for the r1 since the ping assist came out an hybrid vpn?
  9. I know jack lol that's what I'm stuck on I want the features the r1 has now with ping assist an stuff but I want the hardware for the xr500 lol. but thank you
  10. I updated the the R1 an obviously NetDuma put out a whole bunch of features on the r1 by now. thing is I have the xr500 an been waiting a while for Netgear to update that an idk if I should switch back until or what. just trying to get your guys thoughts on what you prefer or would do until then ? thanks
  11. since the update on bo4 I can say that everything is back to normal on my end with dedicated servers an stuff today. maybe not all was p2p but pretty sure it was cause I was connecting to people cause the domain id's was Comcast , an Verizon that are here in the U.S. but everything is ok now for me as of today. still people rubber banding around but that's treyarch lol
  12. does anyone know when the new os will come out for the xr500? or have an idea
  13. yes it does! haha I didn't wanna seem like I'm going crazy or the only one
  14. so pre update everything was fine now I can't join a game to save my life an the other thing was no matter how many times I reboot none of the dedicated servers pop up in my geo maybe like once in a blue moon. not like before where that's all that came up. now I'm getting peer to peer ? an that goes for the xr500 an then I switch to the r1just to see
  15. now I can't even find dedicated servers to pop up on the xr500 I switched over to on both its just peer to peer. nor get into a game! with this update on the game. I've tried resting the game multiple times with both routers an nothing just that or if I am to get a dedicated server I'm use to like 9 or 13 ms its all the way up to 100
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