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  1. Hey I know you said you’d try to bump me up for the xr500. I mean I preordered the the r2 cause I’m tired of waiting an excited to try. But still haven’t got it I’ve checked netgear my emails I’m just ecstatic to try it
  2. Thanks I know it’s hard but I appreciate what you can do !
  3. Hey Fraser do you think you could try an bump me up the list for 3.0 on the xr500 ?
  4. was wondering if any emails have been sent out for the betta 3.0 for the xr500 yet im dying to play it an still haven't got a link yet?
  5. Did the beta come out for the xr500 yet cause I haven’t got an email yet ??
  6. sometimes the manual ping does load an show ping but its rare. other times i manually do it an doesn't load at all ive waited like 5 min or more. ive never waited longer than that but i guess i can try. an other ones i click on it does the same it won't load. if i do auto ping it comes up right away but it doesn't show the ping it shows everything else though. I mean idk if it’s the version right now cause it use to work fine for me an soon as I clicked on it it popped up after the update manually doesn’t really work. I mean I’m I click on I think maybe Cali does but haven’t had much luck. Idk if there’s something I can do to fix it or just wait for dumaOS 3.0
  7. is there a way to fix this my ping sometimes shows up when i have auto ping on if i manually select a server with auto ping off it won't connect ?
  8. I had auto ping on but does not show the ping an so I turned it off so I could just pick a server an sometimes well most times it doesn't even connect to it is there any way to fix this issue for the xr500? I mean sometimes auto ping shows the ping but not all the time really
  9. Hey netduma Fraser is it possible to add me to the list to try out the beta when you guys release it if possible for the xr500 please!!
  10. I took out my ps4 an unchecked the box an then put always Bufferbloat an it actually seems a little more steady very little up an down its not completely flat. I mean it is a little weird cause I only use my phone an laptop so its not like my internet is flooded. but is better. an game isn't lagging so. the other thing is would plugging my laptop into the xr500 with ethernet cable when I play games would that help as well then using wifi?
  11. I will give it a shot an let you know cause as of now yea I have my console in traffic prioritization an ill uncheck that an put always on
  12. ok so I shut off the bluetooth on my phone an hard wired my ethernet cable to the modem an that to my laptop an tried a ping test it definitely was better way less up an down were smaller but still there an my ping was around 7 to 8 ms
  13. oh I get it I do have my wifi devices like laptop an phone to the nighthawk I can try an turn my phone off an run a dsl report to see if it changes. maybe I can't change into just a modem I thought I might idk ill have to see but yea idk why my line is like up an down on ping plotter I have a low ping but my line is not steady
  14. yes the Verizon router is a modem an a router as well. what do you mean unplug all the lan cables an wifi. just like unplug an replug them in ? or like you mean turn the wifi off on the Verizon modem or can I turn off then router part an make it a modem on Verizon ? the only thing hard wired is my ps4 from the nighthawk an then I have a ethernet cable going from the nighthawk into the Verizon modem/router for the internet
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