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  1. So where would you say the problem lies thenor where should be looking because I'm all out of ideas
  2. Thanks I've tried both of these neither seem to be good. The isp recently had put my connection on a fast path from interleaved. My ping time has reduced down to around 12 ms and speeds are excellent 80 dl 20 up I have now purchased the billion router to change my snr margin which may be the problem as its set at a basic rate 6db
  3. Hi there I was wondering the best course of action as I belive my isp dns is not good. - done a test its seems dns is being relayed http://www.scottbouch.com/talktalk-barefruit-dns-redirection.htm Thanks
  4. I'm willing to purchase the game pes 2019 for you just so we can test it and get it running up to speed Regards
  5. Will netduma test pes 2019 as the community struggles to play online games as it peer to peer. If netduma had a setup for pes I'm sure people would be purchasing and investing. I'd love to show on twitch stream how it works so well with netduma and pes Regards love to hear plans
  6. @hellfish89 how do you remove the last person name when you want write a new post mate Sup @DMC_81 thanks for the guide regarding the TV mode and the difference in hz will take on board with next purchase My ping a gone up slightly too think I might reset while being connected which plays with dlm or is something else Also I have possibly bricked my Netgear while trying to take off the dwrt firmware,it's now just reboot s itself but the lights shows it's online then it goes again and reboots. Now I'm using the wifi from netduma Trouble with dedicated server pes is has always been over to peer so things have to be right for to enjoy the game I have two dns and how would I test to find better Also the isp router there no place to edit those settings,Maybe on modem @lllRL sorry I'm none the wiser TBH I've reset everything and same results as your getting pretty much unfortunately We may have to wait for updates or someone has a solution @Zennonits via the PS4 web browser at dslreports for me Sorry for late reply and if anyone has guidelines can they please maybe use bullet point so we can clearly see Cheers guys Comic
  7. @hellfish89 thanks for your post and I have same question what to do next or look at as guideline to finding a suitable connection Maybe @jack could take a look at your situation as your grape did differ from mines. I ran my test from BBC a. twitter. Com Thanks
  8. Hello there @DMC_81 first off big respec for break down a guides! Have been searching for a better modem replacement no joy yet Phone line over Internet yes mate dynamic ip address vdsl2 Normally would use a BT modem dsl dlink 3782 I'm not sure if it's suitable I've seen it perform better trough the isp I reset the ps4. Dlink. R1 last night The problem I have testing from ps4 I don't no what is good or bad no more because of readings. Is there a alternative site or suggestion I use a master socket 5c with with two holes one line and Internet. No filters Also had Lind test done all came back with positive feedback Yea I see many videos people adjust there settings via the browser I wonder if it's a thing of the past because I'm still unable to do thus anymore Do you think you can post anything find regarding the update from ps4 unable to find much myself but it seems to be at play here... I will order some new cables as you pointed out. Nothing like a upgrade especially if its required.. More natural Yes I use game mode on the LG 49Uj630 usa version Any guides or details will be welcome Thanks @neduma and community
  9. Hi there @lllRL hope your getting some answers to the problem. I'm not sure we're the problem is but since the update things haven't been the same or playable for me Thanks tho keep us updated to mate
  10. Hi there @DMC_81 again thanks for messages could be vital I will try to answer your message Was unsure what you meant by aio? Will do as you say attempt to enable deep packet processing as I'm on vdsl2 also Do you think I should I invest in this sr505n and is it compatible with talktalk? And I agree I thought that was normal to test from the device your using so its more accurate but I'm not expert tbh just learning as I go along so will try anything so. Even try that audio out lol So you believe that the update has changed things aswell. Knew it wasn't just me I have re installed the update 6.00 but made no difference my console is 1 month old if that Well I'm playing on BenQ monitor now as would be easy to run Glad u resolved the issue with TV tho goodtimes and thanks for showing the steps you had taken to get ur setup running smoothly and if I manage to get one of those 2.1 cable you speak will let you know mate I'm also using a cat 7 from R1 to ps4 but maybe I need a few more Also using HDMI 2.0 Will look into the twisted phone cable Thanks again
  11. Hi @dan thanks for post I'm response to your message basically unable to use R1 with ps4 because of the lag and unable to find a stable balance on the dslresports Can I ask do you have the R1? Which provider are you? Im getting a different experience it seems when running these test This browser no upload progress message has suddenly appeared since the update and its first time I've encountered this and I use the site regular My ps4 is brand new and I have Java script enabled also Pes is a peer to peer game and I'm struggling to play the man down the road its that's bad
  12. Well that's sounds brilliant and a good start atleast to find the route of the problem. All I want to do is play pes 2019 lag free when possible Is it possible for you guys to run some test on pes 2019 and maybe create a profile Tbh waiting for update could be a long time from now to see if that is the solution. The fact that others have got the same issue since update 6.00 is a worry and the lack of patch notes from Sony does make you think And on the same day pes had a update to 2019 Game play after the update is to point were I will not play at all online its so bad I'm not sure but feels my isp router is not connecting as it should with the R1 as it don't have modem mode as far as I'm aware. When using modem things don't seem to be much better with R1 I wrote a post on lllrl which I feel I may have the same problems maybe you could take a look please Is it true that you should not use dslresports from the PS4 browser I told? Will the new Duma OS have a pes 2019 profile for online hehe or wait and see.. Thanks again for the speedy response too
  13. Zennon Hg612 modem which settings do you have and are there any settings which can better the connection I have the flashed version and normal one Any advice would be welcome thanks
  14. Mate I'm struggling with the same myself I'm also on talktalk fibre I've heard there no modem mode in the talktalk router And talktalk will not provide a password for the connection as they say its dynamic and its automatic regardless what you connect to I purchased a BT modem which I connect the r1to If you get nay success please do let me no I'm in the same boat mate any help would be greatly praised
  15. Hi Jack thanks for thequick response I have tried to reset since the update and no joy . Hopefully the OS can resolve any issues At the minute I'm in limbo is there anything else which we could do How did my line results and pictures look?
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