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  1. it is between all ping range - also on other games, not only COD (Games without sbmm and without lag compensation). And like i said - with my cheap and crap AiO Modem i have a Bufferbloatrating of C (cuz no CC and no QoS) and even on the 15ms servers it feels WAY better!
  2. I can confirm that even if all devices are connected to the R2, the hitreg is totally bullshit! 290/42 at 15ms ping with A+/A+/A+ and zero packet loss (best possible connection quality!!!) with the R2 and the connection feels very"sluggish". DLs are blazing fast but in close range only enemys bullets connect...
  3. Hi, ordered the R2 via a friend of mine on August 22 2020. I like the features like QoS and PingAssist but even with A+ Bufferbloatrating, the Hitreg is messed up as hell... I have tried lots of Games and nearly every possible setting for the R2, dozent of times reinstall the firmware.... With my AiO Modem i need half of the bullets, in close combat (all CoD games, PC, Xbox, PS5) i can feel that some of my bullets dont register with the r2 (tryed all settings). Even CSGO and Battlefield i get less instamelted only with my AiO Modem Is it possible to get a late refund? I did not want to sell it to another person, cuz he will also try it over and over again and after that the one says "hey it is nice, sure that there are no problems here with the r2" "plz let there be no problems cuz it costs 173 euro..."
  4. OK ... . If i reset my R2 Settings and start from scratch, before setup, i get 4 minutes to test this. In this 4 Minutes the Router act like a Switch. So i wonder why it is "impossible" to implement this into firmware...
  5. Hi, is there a way to bypass Netduma Router, to get only connected via my AiO? I want to test if my AiO performs better, but my cable laid nicely (cable management system) and i dont want to crash this.. btw: i finally found a good setting for the R2, i just want to test a few things. Right now my Setting is: Room1 AiO -> Room2 Netduma R2 (static IP) -> Desktop PC (static IP) thx for this.
  6. Is this the correct Way to set "Bandwidth" inside the R2? My VDSL plan is 250/40 Mbit DL/UL but effective i get ~270/43 MBit (lil bit more than i pay) - Which Numbers are correct for me? Actually i have 250/40 as 100% and CC i ran on 70%/20% (give me Triple A+)
  7. Ok thx, i will try that without GeoFilter. But can test it in a few days... Without port forwarding, only with UPnP, nothing works, so for me i have to manually port forward everything to the netduma... Anyways i will try it without geo filter, in my location i think i always get connectet to good servers.. I played lasst weeks with geofilter on, and i not have to allow or den any servers cuz for me all servers are fine. Thanks for your help
  8. No I dont have added my friends to allow list, is this necessary or just one thing i can try? btw: the Fritzbox DONT have Option to put anything in DMZ, it is called "Exposed Host", but I think this is not working correctly... Do you think that I must to disable UPnP inside my Fritzbox and ONLY opened the Ports inside Fritzbox? I am about 99% sure that UPnP or the ExposedHost is not working correctly, i will try to contact AVM (Company behind Fritzbox), but I need a proper guide to setup the R2 correctly, the Guides I have also read but for me with these crap of a Fritzbox, it is little different to get everything working and only issue is that the PSN Partychat is not working, but perfect Hitreg! Edit: called the Company: "Theoretically no Issues with UPnP, No Issues with Exposed Host, If these is for you not working than we dont know what to do... These functions are not much used so dont know what to do.." AVM dont allow to set it as Modem only, BridgeMode, DMZ... such a crap
  9. Hi Netduma Community, Hi Fraser, Hi Devs ATM I am at (Germany Telekom) VDSL100Mbit and an old AVM Fritzbox 7490… After I opened around 50 Ports in my shitty Fritzbox and also in my R2, I succeed to have an OpenNAT on PS4 and also PC. Settings Right Now: Fritzbox: Newest Firmware (Non-Labor/Non-Beta) -Set static IP for LAN1 – Netduma R2, -LAN1 – Netduma R2 to Performance-Mode (1Gbit) -Prioritize R2 as RealTimeApplication, means Highest Priority (I think this is a kind of QoS) -UPnP enabled, -Set R2 as Exposed Host, and allow that Netduma can open Ports automatically -manually opened all Ports for my Games and Services like PSN etc (Around 50 or so, cuz maximum Port Range on Fritzbox is crappy -.- 255 -.-) -IPv6 enabled. -DNS to google – 8888/8844 (IPv4 and IPv6) Netduma R2: Newest Firmware -WAN to DHCP (on Static, even with correct IP Settings I got no Internet working… don’t know why ☹ ), -WAN IPv6 enabled, -Upstream DNS cuz DNS set on my AIO/Modem, -LAN IPv6 enabled, -LAN Set PS4 & PC to a static IP, -LAN UPnP enabled, -LAN PortFowarding, opened all the Ports I needed (similar like in my Fritzbox), -Setup WiFi, -Set PS4 to DeviceTyp Playstation / PC to DeviceTyp Computer -CC QoS 70/20 – Bandwith Allocation Up/Down to 75% Gaming (got perfect straight lines and Triple A+ Rating 😊 ) -Geo-Fillter Setting outside my Region, but Ping Assist 25ms (works really fine) PS: -Set my IP-Settings and Gateway to R2, and DNS to Google 8888/8844 (I have tried to set my NetdumaR2/Gateway-IP as DNS-Settings in PS but I think that was not as good as it is now with Google) With these Settings I got a pretty good hitreg in CoDMW on my PS4 and also PC. But now the Problems I run into: -I think that the Fritzbox Priority (QoS) is not working correctly and/or -I think that the Fritzbox UPnP is not working correctly and/or -I think that the Fritzbox Exposed-Host is not working correctly BECAUSE - I cannot join any of my friends in PSN-Party-Chat, always error message anything about connection… They cannot hear me, I cannot hear them☹ In Microphone-Settings (where I can adjust Volume), I hear that my Voice is going to the Servers, and back to me… But In-Game-Voice-Chat always works fine… - In PS Network Settings it shows NAT Typ 2 and In Game it shows Open.. //First I thought it is because One of my Friends has ModeratNAT and that is the Problem, but my Friends can join/hear/talk to each other, but if I join, I cannot hear anyone and they cannot hear me… Maybe I have DoubleNAT Problems??? But don’t know how to proof that and don’t know how to Fix that (if I really got DoubleNAT) In two days my new AiO Modem/Router arrives – AVM Fritzbox 7590, and at same day my new (Germany Telekom) VDSL250Mbit too 😊 Then I clean flash new 7590 Firmware and set it up (without connected to Internet) – and after that clean flash newest Firmware for R2 and set it up. I will also call the Support from AVM (Fritzbox), maybe they got any Tips or maybe they fixed the “issues” with a new Labor/Beta-Firmware (with my Fritzbox 7490 I am not on a Beta/Labor-Firmware right now) Do you have any Tips to avoid DoubleNAT and setup the optimal Settings for the R2??? Sry for the long text but I don’t know how to fix the PSN Party Chat Issues… But I hope my new AiO/7590 will fix it..
  10. Sry for the late Reply, QoS CC at 70/20, tryed different Settings, 55/55 seems also be pretty stable
  11. Like Adaren sayis it in first Post, that exactly are my problems too, but on PS4... Enemys needed more bullets to kill, than myself... Would be glad if there is some news about.
  12. I opend every single Port Manually in my AiO Router+Modem and now my NAT is Open... Sadly my R2 is already as Exposed-Host/DMZ in my AiO -.- Such a crap-company, but now i can enjoy my new Netduma Tech-Toy ^^
  13. Yep, in PSN NAT Typ 2 - but in CoD MW it shows NAT moderate... UPnP is enabled... I think i can achieve OpenNAT in CoD if i manually add every rule for port forwarding, but first i tryed the easy way
  14. If you got the answer to solve this, you can write it here. Cuz i have also open nat on psn, but moderate nat on ps4 (r2 is exposed-host/dmz from isp)
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