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  1. Try older firmwares, on my xr300 I use the oldest firmware as that has the working geofilter. Don't forget to disable auto update firmware as that is what can mess you up and put you on a higher firmware that doesn't work without your knowledge. Good luck.
  2. Trying to figure out why hyper lane feels so good, the difference is night and day. My understanding is that it sends what ever console you put into hyper traffic's packets first. Is this qos classification with your device at the very top or certain ports at the top depending on configuration and everything else at the bottom? Or is it something to do with dscp tags? Also, can you emulate hyper traffic with, say an r8000 or another netgear router?
  3. Does the XR500 update firmware automatically to dumaos 3.0 or does it update to the latest firmware update not dumaos 3.0?
  4. To bypass that open the google drive link, make sure you are signed in and next to your profile icon on the top right, hit the 3 dots, and star the caddy redbull file. Go to your google drive, recent tab. right click redbull caddy that you starred and make a copy. Then download the copy and it should work!
  5. Ah definitely, I didn't see that he had the geofilter off. If my mtu was set to low I wouldn't be able to join games so I'd suggest making sure it's set properly, it should be 1500 which is default but can't hurt to check it.
  6. Gamer_93 I'd recommend downgrading to a previous version of the firmware, I had to do that for my xr300, I used the first version available and the geo filter works without a hitch. Might be the same for your router as well. Also after you change firmwares, do a factory reset. Also, make sure to untick automatic firmware update as that messed me up and it upgraded my firmware, and my geofilter stopped working.
  7. Try using the XR300 first firmware version. Seemed to fix all my problems. Make sure to factory reset in administration before hand, also, set your pc as a playstation in device manager first, then reboot the router, then when it is on reboot the pc. Traffic prio should work perfectly now and also the geofilter if you've been having problems with it as well.
  8. Do you reduce your speeds using the sliders? Also, do you enable or disable traffic prioritization?
  9. The fix to nrmp flash not working is to immediately spam the command again, so it will fail or give a tftp request error, immediately enter the command again, I copy and paste. Have you tried using these commands: nmrpflash -i net10 -f XR300-V1.0.3.34_10.3.27.chk Replace the firmware name with whatever file you are using. But it will say timeout something and just immediately copy and paste the command again, be quick. Always works for me when I am switching between firmwares like tomato to dumaos etc. As always with firmware updating, have nothing connected to the router except powerbank obviously, and your computer connected to the router in lan port 1, not wan port. Then set yourself a static ip address as well as a dns even though the dns server isn't necessary and try again. This is another command you can try, as always, replace the chk with the name of your firmware: nmrpflash -v -i net10 -f XR300-V1.0.3.34_10.3.27.chk -t 10000 -T 10000 -A -a . If you changed your gateway address from to another, then replace that as well. Edit: I didn't read that you have solved your issue but I will leave this up incase this can help anyone else!
  10. Well I can't speak for anyone else but I just reset it and leave everything equal with share excess on but you can try it with it on or off. With traffic prioritization on, I came to the conclusion that the game doesn't respect the upload limits I set even with share excess on or off, but if I take a speedtest I get my proper speeds. With traffic prioritization off, I get the correct speeds I set 100% of the time in game as well. Hope that helps. You can also try messing with your bandwidth using the cc sliders at the top and traffic prio on and see if the game is obeying what you set checking your network call of duty settings and seeing what kbps they give you.
  11. I think he is talking about the reset distribution in the bandwidth allocation tab. Simjc said something about pressing reset as well. Also if you want to try this method out, reset distribution for upload and also click reset distribution for the download as well, as the settings are completely separate from another.
  12. Oh gotcha, true I didn't have that in mind. Wonder if there is a setting that maybe could mirror it or is close to it? Anyways, thanks for clarifying hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  13. Go to settings, WAN setup, then change the nat filtering from secured to open. Then restart your modem and router if there is any problems. Gets me from a consistent moderate to a consistent open.
  14. That worked! I guess the manual rule can work even alongside duma os classified but not with games console. I appreciate the help!
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