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Found 6 results

  1. So got the router and a new modem (xr500 with netgear 3.1 docsis) set up was fine pc is connected via lan cat 7 cable. However my smart tv, laptop and phone are experiencing abnormal amount of lag vs my crappy old lynksys ea6350 before I could press an app and it and all content is loaded, now say I open speed test it will take up to 2 min to detect I have Cox internet and another 16 seconds average to find a server. Opening youtube will do the same app opens but it hangs on a blank page for an excessive amount of time before showing me content. I have ipv6 set up ip address is dynamic given by Isp, I have used ips dns and used dns benchmark to find the best dns servers (google, time Warner then 1.1.1.) I have two filter set up only for my pc and antibuffer scores a consistent A+ ping to Google is 25 ms I'm using 90% of 550 mbps data and I have tried giving Wi-Fi devices 50% or the auto 20% speeds yet speed test always says a device reaches 400 mbps (via wifi) I just don't know what I can do about it. Any suggestions anyone else have this problem. My phone now runs faster and more reliable with one bar of LTE....
  2. I pay for 300/20 and get that speed when I connect directly to my modem. When I connect directly through the NetDuma, I only get 100/10. I have reviewed various other threads and have followed the instructions given to other people including: Reactive Algorithm 100% anti-flood Share excess enabled Reset device prioritisation & apply Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc Disable deep packet in misc Enable turbo mode Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. Do a wired speed test from a PC I've also followed and read the article "Why is my Connection Speed Lower" and it still doesn't solve the problem. I'm on version 1.03.6g. Any ideas?
  3. I tried to log into the router and noticed it was slow to open the page. I noticed that one CPU usage was pegged at 100%. Not both CPU's, they would alternate to 100% but both still very high. Normally the CPU's utilisation is low. I then checked the logs and it showed a lot of DHCP events happening quite fast. This is not normal. I checked the device MAC addresses and they happen with computers, iPhones, iPads etc, so I don't think it's the clients. Please see attached pictures. When the router gets into this state, I have to reboot it.
  4. Hi everyone, after a lots of researchs and thoughts, i've found a solution to "delete" the slow GUI problem (slow interface when rules in port forwarding are active). I said "delete" because it's not permanent but you have to complete 2 simple things to avoid that issue. TESTS For the moment, i will explain how i found my solution (the console need to be lauchned after you've activated specific options for each test): 1) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane OFF = no issue 2) Host filtering OFF / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 3) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding OFF / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 4) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane ON = slow interface 5) Host filtering ON / UPNP OFF / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 6) Host filtering ON / UPNP ON / Hyper-lane ON = no issue After those tests, we can deduce that there is an issue between host filtering and the port forwarding while hyper-lane is active. ------------------------------------------------------------------ SOLUTION This is the best solution i found for the moment (with Host filtering / Port forwarding / Hyper-lane active) : 1) Disable the host filtering 2) Launch your console 3) Let your console run to the main menu 4) Enable the host filtering 5) Enjoy After you've finished your gaming session, don't forget to disable the host filtering for the next time. ------------------------------------------------------------------ CONCLUSION As i can read in a lots of threads in the forum, there is still some bugs on the actual firmware but we can find solution ourselves and find the best way to use our router. If you have any questions about this, just let me now. It was Chive, peace out DUMA ARMY!
  5. My speeds are : Edit : When I attempt to upload a video, then go to the network monitor in my netduma.. This is where I am seeing my speed capping around 2mb/s. If I run a speedtest on speedtest/speedtestxfinity it shows my speeds just fine. Edit 2 : after restarting the modem/router from xfinity, my speeds are putting out what they should be. Will be buying a new modem because I have had nothing with problems with that piece of junk that I am renting from them. 100 mb/s down 25 mb/s up So I have in my congestion control -Reactive -Share excess Download speed cap - 100% Upload speed cap - 100% I AM hardwired My PC is NOT added in hyper traffic The only things ticked ON in my miscellaneous settings are : - Enable cookies - Turbo mode - I have tried ticking on super turbo mode, made 0 difference. I am renting a modem from comcast, It's the xfinity all in one, router/modem (set in bridge mode). Even while in congestion control giving my computer 100% of the upload usage still gives me 2.1 - 2.2mb/s. Resetting the distribution, making everything have an even amount of usage still results in 2.1 - 2.2mb/s. I feel like my settings just aren't saving even though they appear to be saved. I purchased my netduma a few days ago and it is on version 1.03.6h.
  6. I'm having to reboot my Netduma quite frequently as WIFI seems to hang/crash/freeze. I'm not gaming via wifi just normal internet 'surfing'. I will get the "not connected to the internet" error when loading up a page. Sometimes I can load up the R1 interface, sometimes not. Either way I have to reboot the R1 for it to start working again. I'm not losing connection to the R1; it just becomes unresponsive. Anyone else having/had this issue?
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