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    sharpz44 reacted to e38BimmerFN in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    So for anyone wanting information on FW updates and support for updates should be posting over in the NEGEAR forums:
    Stop bugging NetDUMA about FW updates. XR routers are NETGEAR products, not NetDUMA. NETGEAR only uses NetDUMA as a 3rd party developer for this series of routers and uses a portion of DUMAs code to include in NETGEARs FW. If you want information about the XR series FW, post over in the NETGEAR forum. Up to NETGEAR to update there FW and test it out and release it. It's NETGEARs routers and ball game when it comes to there products. 
    And don't forget, since this CD19 virus has slowed and delayed current events and business progress, the end results and release times maybe delayed as well. Many people and businesses are being effected. 
    For those interested, there maybe a beta version for some XR series which you'll need to contact the NETGEAR forum moderator there to gain access too. So far I've only see a beta for the XR700. Something to inquire about and see if maybe there is one for the XR450/500 series if your so inclined to do so. 
    Any router mfr doesn't have to or is required to divulge when new FW maybe forth coming. Been like this for many years. 
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    sharpz44 reacted to TBrewer409 in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    This is equivalent to saying that all the different companies that put their name on laptops, desktops, tablets, and so on are responsible for the windows, linux, android or ios software updates that causes that computer to run like a snail or crash repeatedly. 
    It's no different than that of an operating system on these routers. 
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    sharpz44 reacted to Dilly Dilly in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Waiting on the next firmware update....

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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Zippy in xr500 dropping internet   
    Not an option to go full wireless, I`m not bad with networking and have tried all sorts of fixes,putting devices to static IP does not solve the issue,the router DC`s with orange light so that tells you something,also looking back on netgear forums this issue was present in 2018 so clearly it`s netgear the firmware running behind Doma OS, I`ll wait as it`s not the end of the world but if 3.0 does nothing I`m off back to Asus or TP links new AX spider.
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    sharpz44 reacted to Zippy in xr500 dropping internet   
    Hopefully Fraser this is something Netgear and DumaOS 3.0 will fix together as a whole. I cant blame the Op for being upset and very disappointed. It comes down to how much time one has to fiddle with this router that really starts to eat at ones nerves. And its not like there a cheap router. Even if it was a cheap router it should handle basic DHCP work. Its a shame to see this really. Im surprised that Netgear hasn't been quicker at a fix for this. And its a shame to see new people come to the forum with the same issue.
    One thing to note also is in the Op's logs his DNS servers are being tagged as some sort of DoS Attack TCP/UDP Echo. Makes me wonder if that also is adding to his issues. Its clearly not normal to see his DNS servers in the logs like that. and He might be able to add a port forwarding rule to help clear that from the logs. And who knows it might help keep his router to be a bit more stable.. Even if this isn't and issue it makes me wonder if there is filtering being done on his DNS servers.
    Ive also tried this awhile back what I believe you have mentioned also Fraser at disabling DHCP once one has there Ips reserved for all devices. And once one loses connection sometimes a simple power cycling of just the router tends to get it back online. But even that im sure varies per user and type of setup one has.
    Hopefully the Op hangs around! 👍
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    sharpz44 reacted to OnlineGamer in xr500 dropping internet   
    nope im good im done with router or any netgear. thank you anyways
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Router keeps DC for DHCP lease renew   
    Ok cheers , I will factory reset when I get home I’m a few weeks 
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    sharpz44 reacted to Killhippie in Dropping Wired Connection (XR500)   
    Totally right although some routers like Scoda's are somewhat limited due to build issues for the vehicles engine management... If its kinda working it isn't working at all really and really  needs to be reset. if you login via a pc or mac just take screenshots of the settings so you can copy them back. Best to avoid a config file of a buggy install as it may bring low level code issues with it to your factory reset clean install. Also reloading the firmware again can really help before a factory reset. Good luck getting that Scoda up to 50 Mph
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    sharpz44 reacted to Killhippie in Dropping Wired Connection (XR500)   
    To be rolling back this late after an update in August ish 2019 with no fix from either company is sad. .56 covers you anything goes wrong before and Netgear will say its up to you to keep your router updated if you get hit by the Ntegear DoS vulnerability and your router gets in any way messed up, let alone your LAN. Kinda sad that the router is sitting in this state still with Netgear doing nothing to fix things and Netduma hoping 3.0 will fix all issues but with no patches since December 2018 from them and that was milestone 1.3. I really hope 3.0 and Netgear updates fixes the nighthawk XR range once and for all (with patches to follow of course)
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    sharpz44 reacted to bobisbadat in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Yeah I was over on the Netgear end of things, but I also received help from several of you and tried other firmware (you actually provided them there, if I recall) and then I followed that one guy's advice and went and got a different modem to make sure it wasn't a chipset problem and that actually helped a bit.  Then basically got referred to Netgear who said they would replace it since I was in my 90 days, but it would take them like two weeks and I didn't want to be sans router for that long as the disconnection issues had lessened to usability.  Just in general I upgraded to this router excited to have something that really maximized our household of gamers and it has just been a pain and I'm hoping the new stuff addresses that.  I just really wanted a router that understood gaming network traffic and handled it well without me having to spend all this time pissing with things.  I regret not going another route (no pun intended) but I'm stubborn and hoping to see the improvements I expected when I upgraded in the first place.  I feel like I half to disable half of the router to be able to utilize our connection effectively, which is frustrating.  And don't get me wrong, your team is very communicative and helpful to the extent that they can be, and I genuinely believe some, most, or all of you are doing your best to make this work for everyone.  I understand that some issues are netgear-oriented, and some are the usual "it's not ready yet/ we can't give details"... I'm not holding any of that against you.  But if I wanted to put this much work into my networking, I would've chosen differently.  I fought tooth and nail with my ISP to make sure everything was right on their end, but once again bypassing the router and using a random used piece of junk speeds worked normally, no disconnection issues.  So wasted tech trip for customer equipment issue.  Today I factory reset, (not for the first time) updated the firmware, and spent my day seeing which features had to be on or off for consistency.  We'll see how long it lasts this time, but there have been no major firmware updates (not to imply the other updates are meaningless) since I purchased the device and that's less than ideal.  
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 DHCP New Lease Multiple Times per Day   
    I get similar ,I use draytek Vigor 130 as a modem ,after research I the dhcp is active within the Vigor ,I’ll find out tomorrow when I’m home but you could also checked to see if your modem has this enabled 
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    sharpz44 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Random internet disconnects   
    It seems to indicate that someone is attempting to access your network so good idea to disable it and see if it continues. Do check the modem, it would be good to see if that disconnects at all or if it is purely the router/devices.
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Demon09 in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    I would not be ... lol
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from hell12309 in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    I can help you with this.Just give up thinking about it and when or if any firmwares come out then it will be a amazing surprise.Thats my thought process but totally agree with what you said.
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Killhippie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    Looks like I know what I`m going back to when I get home after 3 weeks graft.... the XR500 may now be a conspiracy ....lol 
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Killhippie in teething problems or something deeper?   
    Well this is News to me that Qos and PPPoE does not work Optimally with the XR500,think he just dropped a bomb right there,think I will turn mine off then.... roll on 2020 when hopefully this router gets the better support it was promised on numerous of occasions, can`t even get devices listed,maybe look at how Asus do it.... this router is like Battlefield 5.... LOL 
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    sharpz44 reacted to Killhippie in teething problems or something deeper?   
    PPPoE being the most universal way of connecting to VDSL2 in the UK and many other countries, so I would have to agree. How could the devs missed that during writing Milestone 1.3 especially while the router it was based on had PPPoE working fine! (R7800.) There is no excuse for that.

     Well its 20/12/2019, lets hope 2020 brings more than one official firmware update ( and a bunch of bugs that never got fixed, and that 3.0 will improve the lacklustre performance of DumaOS for many of us and include the basics like PPPoE, VLAN tagging and IPv6. In 2019 it's hard to justify a router at this price point that cant do the basics, let alone in 2020 when cheaper AX routers will be flooding the markets along with more AX clients. AC routers are going to be old news really and most companies will be updating there portfolio with AX gear.
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    sharpz44 reacted to Killhippie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    Thats no excuse for not being more upfront about having that capability and not giving people the option of a 'not now'  solution. Cloud updates were assumed to be for gaming updates mostly and the odd geo filter update not crashing the interface! Sounds like DumaoS 3.0 will be talking to the mothership even more, not sure how I feel about that considering what just happened. Also I hope this cloud stuff (not keen on remote servers talking to my home routers these days) is over https. There is no way a routers GUI should go down because of a hidden update the users cant block and causing the user base to have to reboot, some people have big families and this router may be in the middle of streaming files game updates, downloading critical patches for operating systems etc, its not all about gaming. This really should have been a small update people could have downloaded like the GUI language updates at their leisure over the update system via Netgear, who may have caught the fatal error before you released it (unlikely) but you never know...
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    sharpz44 reacted to crawlgsx in New XR500 hotfix firmware for drop outs   
    Are they really? I feel like we have heard that story for a LOOONG time now. I feel pretty convinced Netgear has moved on from this router and all we are getting at this point is smoke and mirrors. Netduma may be still invested, but what good is a new OS if we can't fix actual problems?
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    sharpz44 reacted to Hornet in Option 61 (MER) and XR300 compatibility   
    also my guide is here https://forum.openwrt.org/t/sky-and-dhcp-60-61/39917/13
    For me what i did is download wireshark and install.
    run wireshark and turn off the sky router and boot back up and you should see the sky Credentials with some searching. Write this password down and save it as you need use it to produce HEX Key found here http://string-functions.com/string-hex.aspx 3 once that is done. copy that and save it.
    on my DM200 with open-wrt installed
    Log on to the web interface (default ip, you may be asked to set a password
    Navigate to the "network" tab
    Click on the edit button for the wan connection
    2.4) Make sure the protocol is set to DHCP Client (click Save and Apply if any changes are made)
    Navigate to the "Advanced Options" tab
    Add the final key you generated into the Client ID field Thats the HEX Key
    Add 6.14.1aN_UNI|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0 to the Vendor Class field
    Click "Save and Apply"
    On the WAN Page go to physical setting and add this in the interface drop down box "dsl0.101" save and apply
    and all done i had internet.
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    sharpz44 reacted to Netduma Alex in Can we get some more Device Types added to Device Manager ?   
    I actually meant it to be funny but I guess it misfired. Oops.
    Yeah that's it, Nighthawk and DumaOS are two separate things. The DumaOS app will control more than just Nighthawks, and the Nighthawk app will control more than just Pro Gaming devices.
    I don't think there will be a massive conflict. The Nighthawk app can only control the generic Netgear settings that sit behind DumaOS, whereas the DumaOS app will be able to control the DumaOS features specifically. Hopefully we'll be able to control the Nighthawk specific features as well, because otherwise you'd need two apps.
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from crawlgsx in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    I would not be ... lol
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    sharpz44 reacted to Killhippie in Can we get some more Device Types added to Device Manager ?   
    Yes it was , I remember talking to Jack about that. Well over a year ago, in fact only a few months after the XR500 release, so I'm surprised its a "Interesting idea" to Alex. Then again maybe not so surprised as its probably not on the devs priority list...
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from Killhippie in Can we get some more Device Types added to Device Manager ?   
    This was asked for a very long time ago along with the app, in fact is there actually any progress with the app as that was also mentioned over a year ago.Thxs   
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    sharpz44 got a reaction from gkontos10 in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    I would not be ... lol
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