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  2. Hi Fraser, Tried everything with no luck so have rolled back to previous version. Regads John
  3. Hi Fraser, will try this afternoon when I get home from work. Regards Brado78
  4. Hi Fraser using google chrome. Have not tried other browsers as yet. Regards Brado78
  5. Hi Fraser, I factory rest after update as usual and have cleaned browser catch and cookies. Did not make any difference GUI lot slower and app taking for ever to load. Regards brado78
  6. Hi Numo36, How did you get it working if you do not mind letting me know. Going by the below Netgear link this is all you need to do https://kb.netgear.com/000059681/How-do-I-set-up-a-10G-network-using-my-Nighthawk-XR700-and-Nighthawk-SX10-Gaming-Switch So just wondering do you still need a Ethernet cable plugged into port 10 as well as using setup mentioned in above link ? Regards Brado78
  7. Hi Numo36, did you have any luck in setting this up ? Regards Brado78
  8. Hi Sci0n, β€œAgain making statements like this 'Have an old brother who has is a doctor in programming. Got his doctorate in stopping flash crowds from occurring. Introduced him to the Netduma and the XR500 as he had never heard of them before. Now also uses the XR500 and can not speak more highly of it and how smooth it has made his connection and gaming more enjoyable.' oj cool story mate, yet it holds no weight as I can respond and say 7 of my friends returned the XR500 as it was not making their connections any better. - see how easy it is to make shit up as its just words that anyone can say without proof. " Sorry I do not make shit up like you do. I am sure with a little more research maybe 5 to 10 minutes’ worth on twitter. You would have found I was telling the truth. Sure you will find this a interesting read https://www.abc.net.au/news/2006-09-06/bigger-hardware-needed-to-prevent-website-crashes/1257092 or this https://www.abc.net.au/news/2006-09-06/bigger-hardware-needed-to-prevent-website-crashes/1257092 So sure, my own brother who holds a PhD in computer science knows a lot more about programming and the way the internet works would hold more weight than most members in this forum. I am sure you are also aware making false statements about Netduma and Netgaer on a public forum like twitter example in screens shot below. You can be sued for defamation. If you continue this type of behaviour, I do hope both Netduma and Netgear sue you for every last dollar. Will be my last reply as could not be bothered arguing with some one who is to lazy to do any research. Regards Brado78
  9. Hi Sci0n, Sorry but why is it that every chance you can get on twitter or these boards you go out of your way to rubbish Netduma? β€œIt says your on a 11ms server yet the game is lagging like crazy?” I am based in Australia live approx. 2900 kilometres away from my nearest server I usually ping at 39ms never have any lag issues. Would love to play on a 11ms server however never going to happen. When I discovered the Netduma R1 at same time found out about OpenWRT tried two different versions. Found the Netduma R1 was the best option over using OpenWRT, in that time have upgraded to the XR500 and now the XR700 both with amazing results. If you think the update has made playing some games worse, it might be best for you to stop using Netduma. β€œ This update has made playing some games woprse, it seems I may aswell get a router that use;s OpenWRT. β€œ I do not see how this is Netduma fault made playing some games worse? β€œWithout being a twat, do you erven test this software with the most popualr games?” I am sure Netduma do test their software with the most popular games. However, cannot see how Netduma should be held responsible for game developers and their crap servers or net codes etc? Good example is I am a big Halo fan and did play a lot of Halo 5 before cod ww11 was released still do occasionally. Unfortunately, Halo 5 has only one crap Australian server that very rarely can you get a game on. So, forced to open geo filter to the whole world only to play on a USA server at 190ms ping most of the time. Unlike cod ww11 all ways get the Australian server at 39ms ping majority of games own using the geo filter on Australia only. As for cod black ops 4 get a crap Australian server in same location as cod ww11, however ping at 49ms most times is unplayable. Still have not had one or frequent stand out games like have in halo 5 or cod ww11. β€œAs of right now the DumaOS seems pointless unless you have a shitty connection or house share. β€œ Sorry I do not have a shitty connection or house share. Live by myself have 17 devices but only have my computer, Xbox and smart tv on majority of the time. Every Netduma I have used has done wonders for my connection. Especially the XR500 and now the XR700. Far better job than using openWRT, easy to use and explained in simple terms. I work for a small family business and even used a XR500 and now using XR700 at work. Have two 70-year-old parents who still do not know anything about using computers, smart tv’s and a blue ray player. Yet have commented to me how much smoother and faster the internet now works that is with bufferbloat set to 70/70 set to all ways on. Have an old brother who has is a doctor in programming. Got his doctorate in stopping flash crowds from occurring. Introduced him to the Netduma and the XR500 as he had never heard of them before. Now also uses the XR500 and can not speak more highly of it and how smooth it has made his connection and gaming more enjoyable. In closing have no attention of replying to you but would appreciate if you would stop trying to rubbish Netduma on Twitter or in these forums every chance you get. If Netduma and their products are affecting you that much, might be best for you to stop using Netduma and move on to using OpenWRT. You remind me of the fake msm news and their continued hatred and blame everything on Donald Trump. Time to wake up Sci0n https://www.qproofs.com/ stop trying to blame and rubbish everything on Netduma that is out of there control. But instead praise them for trying their best to help improve most importantly gaming and networking. Regards Brado78
  10. Hi Micbot, thanks for your reply, I am waiting on the sx10 switch myself and was going to try the same thing. πŸ™‚πŸ‘ Hopefully it will not be to far away, however might be a little delayed due to Christmas. πŸ˜‚
  11. Hi Micbot, did this work ? As I have a switch coming soon and was going to set up the same way.
  12. I own the xr700 beast. πŸ™‚πŸ‘
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