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    carmine19 reacted to Killhippie in Ok it’s been 4 LONG years ...I’m out!!   
    Its four years old, it got the update but its CPU is outdated it does not have much ram. The CPU is only 600Mhz I believe and it has 128Mb ram. Modern routers using DumaOS are using much more powerful CPU's with half to one gig of ram and more powerful wifi setups. You have to look and go at 4 years its time to update if you are trying to use the router as a standard home router and a gaming router at the same time. It just has not really got the grunt for it I would imagine, but maybe Fraser can advise you on stuff you don't need that will give you a bit more headroom. 

     Also its possible Milestone 1.3 needs some tweaks but I think you have to say its just old hardware starts thats going wonky, capacitors will start to go, that's the first thing that tends to happen, if you can see a board where capacitors are failing they will be bulging. PCB's have a limited life in routers, and other cheap electronics, because the PCB is made cheaply to keep costs down. Also the power supply to the router can cause damage, brownouts, surges etc so they have a hard life. I tend to use a UPS (sinewave) and that helps. But that R1 is old, and its probably on its last legs possibly. That's not "crap" it lasted 4 years and got a free big update, that's pretty good going as I see it. Oh and as for a refund, you really have to be kidding.
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    carmine19 reacted to Punchy in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    no update ? why ? because only dumaos on netgear 
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    carmine19 reacted to nejkro in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    the best thing u all guys can do is forget about this upgrade get ur R1 and play with it.i see this coming a long time ago and i just dissapear from this forum.GG all
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    carmine19 got a reaction from ChriscomIT in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    dear netduma, when Netgear will no longer need you and you will come back here you will find only dust and no customer because here no one has more confidence in you, treat people as useless without even giving them an answer, who gave you the chance to go forward were ipaying customers that you have now abandoned.Personally, I will never buy your product again.
    Ps-the most ridiculous thing and banned people who tell the truth as if you were absolute dictators, the right to words and law.
    pss-I apologize for my english but it's not my language .
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    carmine19 reacted to usernamerequired in Fifa 18 Ps4 Always an away side   
    Have found this to be a problem with the NetDuma via BT Infinity, away team roughly 80% of time. Never had the issue with Virgin Media and exactly same set up. Raised it with Fraser for FIFA 17 but he didn't believe it could be the NetDuma. It clearly is something to do with BT and NetDuma, as not using NetDuma home team 80% of time. None FIFA players will wonder why this is even a problem. Using your own stadium is so important when trying to play in higher divisions. And we spent months trying to fix this have open nat and tried everything. The BT and NetDuma battle raises another point about to raise in the forum... wireless constantly dropping (we don't use wireless for gaming but family use it!)
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    carmine19 got a reaction from ColonicBoom in A7Legit Passed Away :(   
    RIP A7....:-(
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    carmine19 reacted to RADDY1993 in Hitler reacts to Call of Duty: WWII   
    German campaign not confirmed.
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    carmine19 got a reaction from Burger100 in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    wooooowwwww .... The interface is beautiful XD congratulations
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    carmine19 got a reaction from bagsta69 in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    wooooowwwww .... The interface is beautiful XD congratulations
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