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  1. @Netduma Alex what is the proper way to create custom whitelist? There are so many sites that don’t load on iPads/mobile devices. www.ups.com, www.metacritic.com etc. easy to test.
  2. Fraser, pleas pm me the latest beta software. @Netduma Fraser
  3. I don’t think that know what’s going on. In over there head for sure. It’s been a month.
  4. Same issue with the XR500. Years before firmware update. I’m not happy with Netduma anymore. Starting to get old. Might need new programmers 😐 Just sayin. “Due to catching a few last-minute issues, we have to delay updates until next week: we'll be working over the weekend to iron them out. Delays suck, but it's all to ensure you get solid updates instead of saying "that'll do". No half measures!”
  5. It’s taking a bit long. I’m a little concerned since the firmware was promised 2 weeks ago.
  6. @Fraser same issue that I’m having as well
  7. LOL, that’s silly. I was referring to the WiFi 5ghz and 2ghz radios being turned off, not the entire router. How can I even post on the forum if my router’s turned off?
  8. Devices connected directly via ethernet to the R2 = Adblocker works Devices connected direct to the R2 WiFi = Adblocker work Devices connected via AP/Extender that is connected to the R2 = Adblocker doesn't work if the WiFi on the R2 5ghz and 2gz are turned off Devices connected via AP/Extender that is connected to the R2 = Adblocker does work if the WiFi on the R2 5ghz or 2gz are turned on @Nutduma Fraser See above.
  9. Okay, my apologies. It only only works if I have the Duma R2 WiFi enabled. If I disable WiFi on the R2 it will not work on clients connected to my AP. I disabled it because I don’t need it and want to save power. Does WiFi need to always be enabled for all of the features to work?
  10. Thanks Fraser. Didn’t work, but found out what’s causing the issue. If I connect directly to the Duma R2 WiFi adblocking works. It doesn’t work if I connect through my wireless access point that’s connectedthe Duma R2.
  11. No, I’m still using the first revision of the firmware. Should I upgrade to the hot fix?
  12. How do I see what’s on the whitelist?
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