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  1. I'm using the ASUS ac2900 router, way better router...Qos is perfect and easy to setup. I gave up on this router. Qos is broken. enabled qos on the xr500 I get ping spikes when my wife watches netflix with 300 down and 20up.
  2. Its crazy cause when the tick rate in everything else is normal the game runs very smooth but when its spiking i'm a second behind, hitmarkers delay and slow movement , you can feel the difference. last night I played on 5 different servers, it was very laggy and the tick rate was 120+ the whole match never drop below 120.
  3. Every game I played on every server is bad? Stats spikes on 7 different games and on 30+ servers
  4. I did all that already. This router still a lot of lag only with the XR500.. other routers no problem at all. I still don’t understand how I get a ping of 25ms to all servers everywhere. How is that possible?
  5. My problems with this router. Qos works when it want to Geo-filter is broken...I get the same ping on all servers, (I'm on the east coast) 22ms ping to the UK, California, NY, Florida, Texas etc. Ping Stat with the tick rate is buggy as hell. jump from 60-130 Every game game I played online 4 Call of Duty games 3 Battlefield games 30-65, etc. Xr500 still giving connection to devices I block. Drop Connections, Reboot atleast 3x a week Compare this router to other routers, this router will give me a laggy connection. I brought an Asus router that was $150 every game play very smooth.
  6. The console is wired, the ipad is on wifi, this router is causing me to lag in all games. the QOS doesn't work all the times. ping assist is putting me in to match in the west coast and the UK with a 30 ping. I'm jumping back from my ASUS router to this, and its night and day.
  7. Question about the QOS and the anti bufferbloat I’m getting latency variations when I play battlefield. I have the sliders on 70/70. Everything is correct. When my daughter is on the iPad it’s lags badly in all games. How can fix this? Thank you!
  8. Is there a fix to client and host spiking to 120+ on all games. I’m lagging in all games with good ping.
  9. This is also happen to battlefield tick rate double, and the game playing terrible. My boy also has the XR500 and his tick rates doesn’t spike. It stable and no issues with Hitmarkers or 1 second delay. Night and day different.
  10. I tried Black ops 3 and 4, WW2 still the same problem. Client tick rate spikes to 120+ every 2 seconds. Every game I'm a second behind players and hitmarkers delay. How can I fix this please?
  11. Why do my receive rate is spiking, I'm dealing with hitmarkers delay or and server delay, everybody be having the jump on me.
  12. Everything is spiking like hell except the ping. I think this is causing Hitmarkers delay and 1 second delay. I’m on the ps4, I will take a screenshot of the graph when I get home
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