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  1. you can download configuration files from the PIA website and use them with they Hybrid VPN feature on your Duma
  2. Well ever since Activision cracked down on the use of VPN's last month, they haven't been that effective. They CAN still work, but it's not as consistent though. I'm not sure what they would be from Austria to the US to be honest. If I were you though, I'd give the VPN a shot and try out their servers with the software and hybrid vpn. if you don't find it effective then you can just get your money back before the 30 days
  3. It doesn't increase your as much ping like ExpressVPN would for example. In my case, I live in the north west part of the United States, and if I VPN'd to Venezuela down in South America, I only get about 50-60 ping in game. With express I would get something around 130-140. you can also split tunnel and use hybrid vpn with the duma
  4. well use the private internet access vpn and test their different canadian servers. it won't jack up your ping as much as other VPN's and you can choose 4 regions
  5. if you're talking about mutex, he was born and rasied in canada. Still lives there with his girlfriend. he doesn't VPN to there
  6. Not only that, they drop the records without having a vpn on because they're geo location isn't changed. Only way that's possible is with the duma or exitlag
  7. nah bruh i got SA selected to get a large player pool from there and try to pull them to low ping servers up in NA. I know it's possible since I die to South Americans on the Ashburn server for example and they're on like 200ms ping with a Brazilian flag calling card. I especially know it's possible since these big name streamers be dropping world records on their local servers but filled with South Americnas... "puta lobbies" as they call them
  8. how did you make your nat type moderate?
  9. I don't have ping assist or fast search on and even though i only have small boxes around some servers, i still manage to get a lot of north americans in my game. Is there a better way to make it so this won't happen?
  10. Here's just some examples of the wack things it's displaying. I genuinely believe it's because of the EU auth server because this was not happening at all with the US one. Same settings as I've always used but now it's all jacked up
  11. It actually is connecting to the authentication server in Europe... Why do you think that is? And yes the U.S. servers are showing up but they're not connecting properly. BTW, I'm not using a VPN or any other third party software
  12. For the last 2 days now i've been logging into warzone and the authentication server that typically pops up near Virginia is not showing when starting the game. This happens with filtering on, and off. Is this something Activision did or is something wrong with my Duma?
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