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  1. This is my graph when i start game..gonna experiment with different traffic directions
  2. Yes internet connection sharing not bridging per say.and youll be able to tell that its working because of the red and green on the Network Flow graph
  3. Im not even connected to my xr500,im wirelessly connected to my isp modem router thru my laptop bridged to my ps4
  4. I will try to upload a clip from black ops 4..mw i cant play cuz it shuts my ps4 down whenever i get to multiplayer menu
  5. I tried this out bridging the connection from my laptop to my ps4 and OMG U FIXED MY LAG COMP🥳🥳🥳i havent went negative since trying this...i tried the other ones and like you,the instadeath started again..went back to duplicating my packets and i was back to wrecking...i made a party leave and call me a sweat tonight because of my titan thermal setup to counter their reavers and vmps but o well....THANK YOU THANK YOU 🥳🥳🥳👍👍👍👍 Ps this feature would be great on duma os.the deaths feel fair and the killcam actually matches the deaths now..ive been on for a few hours,i dont believe this is placebo.will update tomorrow
  6. Thats weird.....i would try disabling qos yhen do a speedtest and set your qos to those speeds or redo the setup configuration and let the xr500 detect your internet speed automatically then reboot. And if that doesnt help,perhaps a factory reset.
  7. In the bandwidth allocation section,click on the lines on the left side and make sure the share bandwidth box is checked,but you have to check it for download and upload as they are independently shared...hope this helps as theres no way to truly disable bandwidth allocation,however the bandwidth will go to all devices that needs it,not just use what is assigned
  8. I literally just took a pic of my match i just had with my previous settings,trying to figute how to upload to my post
  9. Instadeath with this setting unfortunately..
  10. Hey guys,just joined yesterday So like you guys,ive been having bad experiences with lag comp in BO4 (i dont like/play modern warfare,nothing to do with LC).i tried eveything from different dns numbers,abb variations,upnp,port forwarding,only playing in my state which is florida,trying you guys' traffic prioritization,NOTHING WORKED!until..today i was going thru the forum and i seen someones post about forcing servers...so i took their advice.i currently have ABB set on always at 75 up and down sliders,everthing evenly distributed on my bandwidth allocation,NO TRAFFIC PRIORITISATION but the difference is...i started the game,went to my geofilter with my auto ping off,and put my location on the nearest dedi which gives me 10 ms ping but i think the key is i made the circle as small as it can go on the dedi.since ive done this ive been averaging 30-40 kills a game which previosly seemed impossible..now im not a bullet sponge,but im not dying instantaneously neither..AND my bullets are killing people with 3 to 5 bullets (i use the KN with grip and hybrid mags). I seen users say their optimal ping is around 30 to 40 so i tried that but it gave me more wtf moments than not..so i once again shrunk my circle to the smallest it can go on the dedi nearest to my location,no ping assist on strict mode,auto ping unchecked.i dont know why out of the past 10 or so games ive played its been so consistent when ive played in my state before but im not complaining.
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