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Help Us Enhance Your EURO 2024 Streaming Experience!

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi everyone,

We’re gearing up for EURO 2024 and need your help! We're looking to include streaming services from various countries in our DPI database, so our users can prioritize these streams on their DumaOS routers.
If you have access to any local video streaming services on your PC and would like them added, we'd greatly appreciate it if you could send us Wireshark captures. We've explained how to do this in the video linked below. 
Important note: We need at least two captures of each service.
For now, we're especially interested in the services listed on the UEFA website: UEFA EURO 2024 TV Broadcast Partners

Thank you in advance for your help!


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United States of America: Fox Sports USA English, fubo TV, VIX

I did a large capture. I captured for Windows PC Browser, IPhone, and Android. For Android, I was not able to capture the stream of Lo Mejor De Liga Mx Channel for my ANDROID VIX capture, it just buffered, but other sport channels streamed well with VIX on Android.


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22 minutes ago, Netduma Samuel said:

Welcome to the forum, @Jigovsky, and thank you for your help!

Thanks, @Luis Gomes. We really appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to receiving more captures if possible :)

Here are the other ones, only one left is SPORT TV which I can´t provide as stated before.

TVI 1.pcapng TVI 2.pcapng SIC 1.pcapng SIC 2.pcapng

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