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I wanted to ask every one this question


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When playing cod mw and searching for games the ping shows these results

i want everyones opinion

First game it searches between 25 ms 42ms game  and i finds a game

Next game it searches for a game between 25 to 42  finds game at 42 ms

The third game it searches at 42ms to 58ms  then 91ms then it  finds game at 91 ms

Would you guys say i have a really unstable \  bad line 

Please let me know what you think


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It depends on the ping the game finds when you enter the multiplayer menu.


Like when I launch the game in The Netherlands it starts with <15ms, if I launch the game in Asia it starts with <42ms. It also skips steps, in Asia I get <42ms (Singapore) and it jumps straight to <108ms after (Tokyo)

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the reason why i was asking  was thisnt the stats from my gameplay or lnternet 

Its actually from a meant to be famous youtuber streamer 

But i never heard of them before i started to watch there streams

 Who ive been watchim them stream

When i look at the stats above i posted

To me it looks like an eratic ping jumping all over place



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It could be caused by an unstable ping, or just by servers being busy.

I'd suggest having pingplotter running on another device while you play, and when your game gets less stable, take a look on pingplotter to see if that ping has also risen.

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Alex i think you misread my last message incorectly

The stats i posted about above wasnt for my network

  It was from  some streamer who meant to be good

I been watching his live streams for a few days

I just thought it was strange to me it looks like an eratic connection

I delebrity in first post didnt mention whos  gameplay or  network it was from

I wanted to see everyones opinion on it first

But there wasnt really any intrest from forum members

Cheers alex but thees no point trying to help fix the problem

Because its not my line

I was more asking about peoples opinion on the stats i posted

Not on how to fix it   lol

Byt everyones so helpful here you tried to help me fix it   lol

Witch wadnt my intention in the first place

I hope i made sence

Cheers all

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