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Connection seems to be nuts

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since a week or so my connection seems to be terrible, eg shots dont register anymore despite the R1 being in full use taking care of good hosts


pretty sure something goes really really wrong with my connection or router right now, eg check my pingtest picture below

as you can see in the picture on the right the average latency is around 50ms

my min latency as seen from the R1 part is 25ms as thats the lowest my connection can get

now if you interpolate the gap between MIN and AVERAGE in the picture the MAX values must be around 300ms!!!


im playing an extremly ping sensitive shooter where every bigger ping change makes you miss shots as the aim changes, from my gaming experience i can therefore absolutly confirm my "ping-jumping" connection as seen in the picture as i cannot hit anything unlike some month before :/




so is there anything to improve this?

it hasnt been like this a few month ago, everything ran perfectly in regards to hitreg a few month ago

havent played much since then but started to game again since a week or two and its present since then


my R1 runs in full wireless mode with 11 channels, wired isnt possible

14 devices are registed on the router from which usually around 8 are permanently idling or communicating with the internet when i play

both a Xbox One and PS4 are using the network, sometimes at the same time

the consoles ofc have 30% of the bandwidth reserved via congestion control which is much more than they need

no other non-console network device is doing any heavy traffic action or so, they just idle for most of the time (smartphones, PC using teamspeak, ...)

geo-filter is setup to grant hosts with good pings yet i have hitreg problems in every game regardless of the host having 40ms or 150ms!



also worth to mention:

quite often my R1 doesnt seem to be synced very well with my Xbox One anymore as the geo-filter isnt fully working

despite all my settings being saved via cookie hosts from outside the geo-filter pop up as if the geo-filter is turned off, but based on the browser interface it says its not

only a router reset + xbox being turned off meanwhile can solve this and make the geo-filter work as intended again



any ideas? :(




pingtest site: http://freeola.com/line-test/

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Could be a few things but probably the most likely that I would try to sort out first would be getting your set up wired. The PS4 has terrible wifi capabilities and I dont know if they have improved in recent updates.

Have you updated to most recent update R1 debug version 1.03.4 ) 

If it is AW that you are trying to play then you will find a few problems as less people are playing and the player pool is split up again due to the release of another map pack.

If you live in the UK PM me your address and I have a couple of network powerline plugs going free as they are surplus to my network now. I have been using them without any problem for the last couple of years. (Should sort out your wired/wifi problem from the mix)

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I don't really understand those ping results as you haven't specified the target mate.  The in game ping does not take into account the LAN side as it is usally milliseconds. So if the router is showing a low ping for the game but you are lagging it may be wifi interference. I always suggest using a wire if you can perhaps get a homeplug? If not you need to find a better wifi channel. 

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This to me look like perfect example of wifi connection interference.(if you are playing on wifi then what i say now will be relevant)


Test provided by Duma internet diagnostic are very close to perfection. 24 ms base ping almoust flat is better then 10 ms spikeing to 20 all the time.


Now you know how duma test works. It disables all the wifi xonnected device's etc. Anx runn just a pure line test. And just from that one test its seems that you line is just fine.


Now the other results match that theory if are done on wireless connections. That just a nature of this sort of connections they are not stable. And anything can interupt them. Imagine how many wireless devices are in and aroud you. Now most of those use ether 5 o 2 mh band. That is also your connection freq. There fore its easliy disreputable

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thanks guys im pretty convinced its a wireless issue now, a few month ago my router only had half of the devices to feed than now lol

so what ways are there to enhance the experience?

there is pretty much no other router wifi in my neighbourhood btw


how can i change the wifi channel with the R1 that you recommended Iain? by lowering the wifi channels in the wifi settings? (currently on 11, switched to 8 now)


also how much better are homeplugs over wifi and are there recommended brands to go for?

id prefer to enhance my wifi first since i had a state a few month ago where wifi played awesome, incase its no longer achieveable id ofc try homeplugs




also thanks Zennon for the wifi analyzer tipp, here is the result

as i said theres pretty much no other router in my neighbourhood, previously my R1 ran on channel 11 and it played terrible, i doubt the other router with channel 6 did even have an influence because of the signal strength


quote from Zennons homepage:


Wi-Fi channels overlap with nearby channels. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the most frequently used for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. These three channels are the only ones that don’t overlap with each other.



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I can only answer some questions the first one buddy not only routers use Wireless connections every thing from headphones( like mine when my gf is on here Iphone in this same room i have sounds breaks because she is watching youtube) speakers phones ect they all use this same freq. Plus all the stuff out there that you not aware off. We live in times when wireless equipment is every where. 


Yebs you change channels on settings choosing different number.


No chance to go wire to the router though?

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My self i am running my on channel 7. I was able to test my environment with a spectrum analyser  that we use to test environments before setting up video links. So i was fortunate to use equipment that engenires in my company use. 

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ill try the android programm later the day since my own phone isnt android based sadly, that programm does indeed tell which channel gives the best results and ill switch to that then :)



are there other ways to enhance the wifi?

like kicking idling devices out of the network?

i mean maybe the source of my issues is that when im gaming usually 6-8 other devices are actively connected to the R1

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Well i am no expert you can actually try that for once disconnect all the deices and just that one you are gaming keep active. Game for like 1h or so and see how it goes.


Every devices that is linked to a router and have active connection is receiving a signal transmitted by router. Thats how it works for video links. And here is my lack of knowledge as i dont know if devices  like phone are they receiving signal only if they play youtube etc or they are constantly receiving signal form the router.

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Just get yourself a homeplug http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=homeplug and you won't have to care about channels and wireless interference.  If you can afford a Netduma, I'm sure you can afford one of these babies and it'll save you the time and hassle of configuring a wireless setup that in general will be worse than a wired connection anyway.  I have two of them at my home and it works great.

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yes im already browsing for homeplugs, my problem though is the router is in the first floor and my room in the second, i have read mixed reviews on the output of these devices when longer distances have to be covered

and brand to look for?


currently reading into them and browsing for reviews

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As I said earlier I have a couple going free if you are in UK, if not I've been using them for years. Router in hallway PS3 on same floor ps4 upstairs in office / games room never had a problem.

Make sure you plug them directly into the wall socket and not an extension cable. Some you can plug a normal plug into them as a plug through kind of thing to.

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im from germany but thanks for the offer bagsta, i appreciate it :)

ill just buy one from amazon, good ones are as cheap as 30€ so it doesnt hurt much, i remember a few years ago those went for 100-200€!!!




last important question, ill go for a 2 port solution so my PS4 and Xbox One are wired

will i face interferences again when running a powerline adapter with 2 ports or shall i go for a solution with just one port

also my Satelite TV is distributed via powerline within the house, i hope that doesnt hurt :/

picture of the product:



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I have two two port ones and two single port ones on my network and a 5 port ethernet switch and have no problems, only problems I do have are my age and my arthritis.

What I would say is do not try to use ones that have a pair function with ones that dont as it doesn't work (in my experience) hence the two going free. :)

I run Sky, two tv's , two laptops, one pc ps3 and ps4 all off my powerline network and it works fine, netduma tests are all exceptional with around 12 ms ping

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