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  1. Last time I was around here was when I saw this announcement. I was like "I bet they still hadn't released it yet" and it doesn't come as a surprise that that I'm right. Please get your shit together.
  2. I see different threads that are all locked when it comes to news on the future Netduma. The last in-depth progress update was on Jan 27 on your blog which is nearly about a year ago, I guess on March 24 you had testing done. https://netduma.com/blog/dumaos-announcement-development-progress-testing/ As a developer myself I get the convenience of "it'll be ready when it's ready" and agree with that philosophy, but it still wouldn't hurt to be ever so slightly more transparent about progress. I think at this point perhaps even a roadmap should be feasible as things get solidified and stabilized? Where should I subscribe to see any and all news specifically about the future of Netduma? Can we expect one soon? Thanks, - Early Netduma customer
  3. In WWII camping far outweighs rushing, just like advanced movement games favor rushing over camping as to being consistently successful. WWII is for the slower, defensive player. Other more recent BOTG CoD games allowed for a variety of play styles by providing [a] flank routes with minimal headglitch spots completely stealthy class setups [c] SMGs that kill up close and out to medium range [d] SMG aim-down speed being faster than AR [e] maps that didn't consistently favor the range of AR. And people care about their stats so they play in a way that is most successful and unfortunately that is by camping/headglitching constantly. Even the best rushers in CoD are having to play a bit more conservatively, and that's not because it's BOTG so much that rushing in this game is like constantly being caught with your pants half down with how slow it is to draw your gun up to people already aiming. That's why.
  4. Is hyperlane technology the basis/groundwork for the QoS technology spoken here? Or is just a stopgap solution until this new QoS gets implemented?
  5. That's a very nice shirt as well, although I think I'm more into the ambiguous/abstract designs. I still think it's a nice design in that it's a silhouette of the soldiers so it doesn't pop out too much (again, I like subtle). I just wonder if people will ask me if I was in some special op army and I'd be like "No, but I did game at Holiday Inn!"... Oh. lol
  6. #1 red shirt, simply because I don't like only the eyes being red like that on a subdued/dark graphic. What people will end up seeing is two pairs of floating eyes. I like subtle. Now if the eyes were subdued I'd probably go for the dark shirt. I also like #2. The others are a bit too comical, imo.
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