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Attention: PS: 

"Never i speak or say things to dissrespect someone... i say facts and truth !!! I come from the streets and i made real life wars so i sometimes use words that others don't...or may explain things in different manners... plus english is not my first language so Sorry if ya guys may feel offended sometimes...that's not my point and not what i want !!! I like things to be real...precise...accurate...and had to find ways to explain easy/hard things to the dumbest humans as to the brainiacs ones...from all level in life... so i learned ways to express and to explaining things from different aspects so everybody understand...sometimes it's just soo hard but still i try to do my best here too !!!"

I have health issues since a lot of years now but they confirmed it lately so i'm now also fighting against my own enveloppe aka suit aka body....wich is why i wasn't on the forum lately and didn't answered people that have talked to me ...not sure if i will still put that gigantic amount of time in here or on techs.... i can't let myself become angry again cuz it takes my energy for things that don't matter...and being angry hurt health like sugar or drugs... my life do matter even if i already died 3 times in my life..i'm just not scared since we never really die...but anyways it's out of the track now...just know that if you guys want to talk you can...by pm here(rarely will be here) or anywhere DMC51450 on twitter...playstation...youtube...ect but don't get offended if it take time before i answer... i'm trying to help myself and sometimes just to not care about others for a couple of mins can change everything for my health...even if i hate that and would prefer putting my energy anywhere else !!! So sorry if i don't put same energy on here...still want the best for you guys and for the Netduma team even if they made mistakes...they fuckin humans like us all !!! Try to be kind to others even if live ya don't understand... cuz soon ya will and it might be too late for appologies or excuses !!! We all humans learning and making mistakes since it's the biggest step in the process of learning !!! 

Do all you can to enjoy this life... it is the only thing that really matter !!! 

I just passed the last 5 hours writing this post... will try tomorow to share the log showing the 100mb/s drop and some screenshots i took... Sorry it's a long text but be happy it might be my last one !!! 

Keep ya head up !!! Shout out to Netduma for trying to mold their own way...lots of respect for that !!! It's hard as fuck but ya can and ya will succeed !!! Also shout out to those who try to help others without bad attitude like some of the moderators who take their lil jobs like huge powers... just like some crooked cops do !!! 


After hundreds of test since BO4 and Duma Os launched... i can confirm that Netduma is deeply negatively impacting our gaming sessions !!! They removed Montreal dedis from their original location aka in Montreal in real world but on the US borders on their map (because their map have a 80km offset from real world)!!!

The 3 first days we where having Montreal dedis poppin at the same place than all CODs Montreal dedis appeared from over 2 years now !!! Also i was able to pin point my location as we used to with og duma !!! Then some dudes complaining here on the forum have complain against some of my Montreal dedis pretending they are garbage and not in Montreal... couple of hours later they changed some and boom...no more Montreal dedis ever !!! I then tried to change my location...when i saw that it didn't changed a dawm thing i tried to set it back but Surprise i can't anymore...they kinda took a piece of the map to put it somewhere else so i'm able to put it where i live but right after a refresh it moves approx 100km away !!! Anywhere else on the map it stay there but not at my actual real world location...not anymore !!! 

I managed to test other ways of playing since i can't play on Montreal dedis anymore even if they located 4km from me in real world !!!

I now can confirm that playing peer to peer is wayyyy better than on dedis !!! I tested all dedis and i also made a lot of searches to find their real world locations...not the wrong locations they showin on the map...no it's too easy and wrong !!! I used 6 different techniques to locate them all...with a huge 2% error possibility only !!! In big i made Fraser's job while not getting paid for and in a big 5 hours period...not days and weeks...hours !!! But since they didn't listen to me again...been telling them the cloud problems for months...reminding them to fix the cloud before releasing duma os as most people would complain against duma os while the problem always have been and still is...the CLOUD !!! And what are we seeing now...people complaining and rolling back on 1.03.6 !!! But biggest problem is that even then it was still working good with them broking cloud...but they listen to their UK friends instead of real knowledge people who found bugs and solutions ect !!! Doing wrong moves for them then breaking the whole shit for everybody else !!!


The point of an advanced gaming router is to elevate our gaming sessions to the highest quality possible... but it now destruct our gaming sessions more than ever !!! I'm an OG who use Netduma for over 2 years now...daily !!! Also doin an extreme amount of daily tests on techs (been over 18years now) like tvs, cellphones, computers, monitors, gaming consoles, headsets, cinema sound systems, high performance mechanics also as regular mechanics, cables in all kind like phone cables, tv cables, sound cables, musician cables and equipments ect ect ect and i also have businesses !!! I also test Os'es and drivers like for Microsoft and Apple and Sony and AMD and Android and ect ect ect !!! So yes i'm a Nobody !!! 

Being a brainiac i was so happy to find Netduma and more time goes more i regret !!!

So here is facts : Duma Os provide a more solid internet session !!!

Duma Os is beautyful !!!

Duma Os is causing loss of bandwith...100mbs drops at worst in our tests !!! Do the same on different setups and locations !!! Took 1 log of it !!! By the way...you guys are funny... a LOG is to know what happen from the time you start the thing till when you look at this log... everybody agreed??? Don't mind about brains who don't... Well the Duma Os logs are only 2 hours logs.... 😮😱😐💩...come on guys seriously.... funny cuz i also have logs in my aio and it starts from when i plug it in power till when i look at it or till the component restart(normal behavior) still is keeping the previous log so ya can see and learn what happen and why it happen !!! 2 hours logs is not even a joke...it's a dissrespect to intelligence...also to every components doing it right since so many years (wich is why i don't understand that a 2018 supposedly advanced gaming router is not even able to do so...kinda sucks !!!)...and it kinda tell us that ya don't care about finding the real bugs... You know that it takes only seconds to save the log and then sending it to you ??? Everybody is able to do so !!!

By the way Duma Os logs can't be saved on cellphone !!!

Duma Os is slow as fuck to manage compared to 1.03.6 !!! 

Duma Os don't let us manage the cloud !!!

Duma Os is globaly better than Og os in terms that everything seems to corelate better than on Og os !!! 

Duma Os will give you full bandwith to your ps4 even if both share excess are off !!!

Netduma was for Advanced Pros allowing us to manage things that was causing positive dramatic changes... but with them forcing automatic stuffs with Duma Os it's now making Netduma a regular component for normal average people since we the real pros want complete control over things !!! It's cool to have an auto option when everything is working as expected but the point of buying a Netduma was and still is to fully manage aka fully control...well it's not the case anymore with automatic options !!! The only auto option that should be is our home location... even the games know where we are in real time but an advanced router can't 😮...what a joke !!! So having a router setting up our home location automatically by itself in real time would be the Only real good automatic option Netduma should have...nothing more !!! Auto options for the people who don't know yet how things work is perfect...but by removing us real pros to manage these options is 💩 !!!

Duma Os is in beta so let's wait to see if they can become better than what they think they are and then elevate this Os to a Real Professional standing !!! Not to as right now pretending everywhere that it's the top notch shit while it's not !!!

Duma Os is not sharing the same cloud guys !!!!!!!! Enter in ww2 or bo3 and ya'll see the differences since there is a lot !!!

Netduma pretend that there is an Authentification server... IT'S FALSE !!! No Authentification server would be authentificating while you play...it just don't make sens at all !!! But even then that don't mean i'm right...right?!!! Aright so roll back to 1.03.6g and play bo4...do ya see it...NOPE !!! Start any other COD...do you see it...NOPE !!! Get back on Duma Os then play other CODs...is there an Auth server still... NOOOOPE !!! STOP...ya about to tell that it's not the same COD...ah ah ah poor lil heads...they all runned by Activision so if Activision would add an Auth server...without any sens behind that...they would add it to their online system so this Auth would pop on every COD and every components aka routers...like it would pop on both duma os an og os...not on 1 but not the other while they play the same game !!! Plus if it is an Auth...it should authentificate you before letting you access the online so it knows it's you and where you are...after that it would never pop back while playing...but that's what it does...it always pop even while gaming !!! So it more look like it's directly related to Netduma(they added this problem weeks before the BO4 beta and they didn't found what it was...telling lot of shits around it...i came with facts and even the date they added it but still they didn't managed to fix it and where pretending not to know what happen...i even managed to find solutions to overpass it since it was always trying to put us on it...cuz it was looking like a dedi for Fraser...and it was Unbannable...just like right now(yes that fake Auth is not bannable) and at the same distance it was)  instead of to Call Of Duty...plus never seen and or heard Activision talking about authentification servers added to CODs...but here again i can be wrong !!! So if it's brand new to the point that the company didn't talked about it yet...meaning it's really an Auth server...then there is a problem with it and it's either Activision's fault adding something wrongly set (in the game for over a decade) or it's Duma Os that need to be adjusted properly !!!

Duma Os is having so much Watermans aka they appear in the water under i think it's South Africa !!! In all posts from people complaining about it... Netduma's team tells everybody that it's surely near them since they ping low...ah ah ah...so the guy at the other side of the world have the same guys showin in the water as me...so how can it be near me if it's near him ??? I'm also having low pings to most of them showing in the water !!! But i found something nobody talked yet... some of them are having real ip adresses...but most of them are having private ips like router ips wich is not normal !!! Example all Montreal dedis id start by A2ad and finish by c2c7 and their ips are 173.199.65.... Aright everybody got it ???... You also know that your duma is 192.168.88 1 so if you see a 192.168.88 24 you know it's something hooked on your router...well it does that with most watermans... 192.168.1.some (my modem is 192 168 1 1 and have only one open port and it's for the duma...i can't even log in otherwise than with the duma) so i know it's impossible that it's a device hooked to my setup...and i come even more certain of it after seeing over 20 of them with private ips like that...also i've bringed my setup to 2 other locations and still see the same !!! Also tested with other cables...devices...components...locations...consoles ect !!! It almost look like if they are real close to me as i have pings from 0ms to 17ms aka my actual base ping caused by Bell lines problems and also some are higher pings meaning they farther !!! I have over 300 screenshots of it from all locations i've tested !!!

I have over 1000 screenshots of Duma Os and BO4...yes that much in only couple of days !!! 

I even found tricks to overpass these limitations from duma os and from the games !!!

I rolled back again to 1.03.6g at 5am last night...also having infos about upgrading and downgrading since i done it couple of times already !!! I found problems in upgrading and in downgrading but also found tricks to overpass them !!! 

Both Duma Os and Og os aka 1.03.6 are showing each and every Montreal dedis with WW2 and BO3 but not anymore with BO4...it was showing them all for the first 3 days only... i succeeded in getting on them max 3 time in the last 7 days...with a max ping of 25ms giving a bo4 ingame ping of 45 to 50ms stable with no fluctuations on my line...and it wasn't playing that good !!! After having waited for over 20 hours trying to find matches i didn't had choice so i tried to accept playing worldwide...wow i was amazed !!! Playing on p2p is way better than on dedis now...no over recoil even at 200ms 😮😍😊 while there is on almost every dedis at under 80ms !!!  Montreal dedis at 25ms give ingame 50ms with recoil...Montreal dedis at 17ms give ingame around 40ms and almost no recoil !!! Even on Montreal dedis at 17ms it's not comparable to p2p at 100ms !!! 

I managed to set things so tight that now i feel a liiiil bit of unstability at higher then 300ms !!! Kinda normal !!! 

Even if you set location 1000km away ya still won't see any Montreal dedis now !!!

Filtering mode kills COD BO4 but is aright on other CODs !!!

Share excess work part time...set both off and do a speedtest on ps4...i set upload at 6 and down at 3 so my ps4 have 1.4mb down and 340kbps up... so it work...now start BO4 and go look at online data...ohhhhhh shit...4000and some kbps 😮...how comes ?!!!?... So it's not working properly  anymore !!! Downgrade to 1.03.6 and do the same... 

First ya'll see that DUMA OS GIVES MORE BANDWITH THAN OG OS 1.03.6 ON SAME SETUP WITH SAME SETTINGS... so now 3 and 6 gives 1mb down and 279kbps up... not 100% accurate so don't over focus on that...just to the fact that it's less bandwith with the same settings...anyways start bo4 again or any cod and go look network data again...aye ya yayyye it's now showing bandwith of 300some kbps instead of full bandwith aka 4mb aka 4000and some kbps !!! So old os is doing this part right !!! Both are with hyper traffic and same options that normaly can fluctuate results if not same... so the share excess looks like it get overpassed by hyper traffic....i say this since it did happen... the same thing and same way with og os back in time !!! I tought it may be caused by bufferbloat auto option so i switched to Always and still same results !!!

Now with the Og os 1.03.6g ...the BO4 dedis only appear a fraction of seconds and disappear...re appear fraction of seconds then disappear and never re appear !!! On BO3 and WW2 they appear for seconds before disapearing !!! All tested from 5am this morning...again !!! Plus they ain't all showing !!! Some are showing one time but not the other and some never showed up but they did even last day !!!

On 40 hours sitting to play BO4 in the 7 last days with the Duma Os...we been playin only 50 matches maximum...with some of them being brutally ending in our faces with errors...most are the same errors and are comming from BO4 or online Activision...but some are duma loosing control !!! So on 50 matches we played max 30 full matches only !!! All that caused by tha Cloud wich is not fixed yet !!!

Now mr Fraser....

Stop asking to us who pay for netduma to do YOUR PAID WORK !!! 

Also STOP promoting on social medias while first it's not awesome like you pretend and second...most important reason...while there is bugs that are killing our gaming sessions like it is since the release of Duma Os open beta and BO4 !!! It's not making sens for us who bought a Netduma component to see you bragging Duma Os while we can't enjoy our gaming sessions at all !!! We brights enough to understand that the time you put on social medias you don't put it to fix broken things like the Cloud...wich is YOUR task in the team mr Fraser !!! If the thing you guys are selling is not working like you pretend it is...then don't put energy anywhere else than on that thing you sell...don't brag about it while it's not working good...fix it then ya'll be able to brag everywhere on earth that it's the shit...simple as that !!! And all that time you loose on social medias Fraser instead of fixing your cloud is time ya won't put on the cloud...but even worst it's like if you don't understand that you're not supposed to sell the bear skin before having killed it... that don't make sens !!! Once the bear is dead then you remove the skin and you clean it up then you can sell it... so for you Fraser you should fix that crap cloud killing our gaming sessions...wait couple of days to be sure everything is aright and under your knowledge and control...then being able to promote Duma Os worldwide without looking like an hungry homeless searching for food in trashes !!!

I helped you guys for more than 2 years now...even gave you guys the real names and explanations of the tools you use...wich are the proper names we now see on Duma Os !!!

I helped you directly lil Fraser since you talk too much and showed us you are learning instead of knowing what you do(wouldn't be a problem if the component aka the R1 would not suffer from your learning process but it impact us all negatively...or if the R1 wasn't sell as a gaming component destroying lags and helping us enjoying flawless gaming sessions....!!!) ... so i helped you knowing the cloud problems...also helped everybody overpassing you by manually setting the cloud... i was enjoying flawless gaming sessions till another problems popped...again related to the cloud !!! Didn't played much these days cause i was searching the bug and fixes and solutions to overpass it and still being able to enjoy good gaming sessions...anywayz i did and succeeded as always plus i've been kind enough to again tell you where the bug is and exact date it happen...so at least you could have jump back on your job and removing last things ya made this day...but ya didn't... ya was promoting on twitter instead and for something that is far from what you say it is !!! Forcing myself to keep calm and not jump on a plane to UK...i took on me one more time and calmly remind you and all the team about this cloud problem affecting us negatively and where it came from and when...precisely when...also reminding you guys about the upcomming release of Duma Os and that this cloud bugs would negatively impact duma os and that people would complain duma os when its only a cloud problem affecting everybody and that they would roll back thinkin duma os is shit.... Remember now??? Look what happen...ah ah ah....it's a huge shame to Netduma because it have the potential to be awesome and flawless...but more shame is because a friendly genius told you guys...in advanced....and again this nobody was right !!! What will you guys need to understand ??? I'm not paid to work more than you guys on your own business findings problems...fixes and solutions to overpass these problems....but i do !!! And i do simply because i love to help and i have the brain to do so and because i want the best so i trusted Netduma and bough it so i want it to be as good as you guys pretend...!!! I learn easier and faster than most humans (cause i've learned to learn !!!) and also have a real passion with techs since i'm 6 years old...(first been constructing Lego cars with motors that i was removing from music tape players...making controllers to control them... all in front of amazed people eyes...at 7 !!!) more than 30 years now that it's my passion and that i learn on everything and always...also i always learn new updated things about things i already know because of evolutions made so i keep myself daily updated !!! Most humans are never gonna be that deep in techs and most humans wouldn't be able to understand things i understand just because of the simple fact that there is things you need to do by yourself to understand some things that can't be understood otherwise !!! Bringing that back to the fact that it's normal that you guys don't see things like i do....it's normal for me but not for most humans... But it doesn't mean i'm wrong since i have knowledge that ya'll never have and i know things ya'll never know...all that because my brain is working at a level most brains will never work at !!! 

So STOP thinking you guys are so rights...since the nobody that i am have been right more often than you guys and even on your own stuff...wich should pop a light in ya brains telling you i might really be on another level !!!


Don't be jealous of me since no one would walk on my shoes !!! Don't hate on me... i daily do my best to become a better human...while most people never will care !!! Knows that if i speak i have previously search infos like no one or made tests like no one... just try to figure how i came to that...learn...and fix it then...don't search to know if ya can know more than me...search to be better than what ya already are...just like i do since over 20 years now !!! 

Take care... Peeeaace !!! 👽🍻

Aright for those who want to play better at bo4 on duma os... Filtering on if you have lot of peeps near ya...best to set Spectating mode and just ban all dedis except the real closest ones if you already like them...so ya'll be able to test playing on dedis vs worldwide fully open !!! I set my radius at around 1000km max(because i don't see Montreal dedis anymore so playing p2p on 1000km is normally way better than worldwide)...normally under 500km when playing on dedis...share excess both on...strict mode always on...auto ping always off...ipv6 off on lan and wan...manualy set mtu at both place aka in lan and in wan...to 1492 for dsl vdsl vdsl2 and 1500 for cable lines...bufferbloat at Always not auto since it kicks you out of games more often... 70 70 as base but test by +5 or -5 increase or downcrease...try to put your location to the closest ya can...i live at 3km from Montreal and since i can't deal with having my home set at right place while their map show Montreal dedis being 80km away...i managed to put my location directly where the Montreal dedis appear aka on the Us borders so from there my radius have a big max of 5 km offset from real world compared to 80km... so it's way more accurate till they listen to me and fix this 80km offset of their map !!! After duma os is set...consoles needs to be set manually too and the MTU is so important there cuz it will either register all bullets or not a single one !!! Via the router always dhcp lease everything you hook to it and specially game consoles !!! Never enter dns in consoles...not even in routers...only in modem or aio !!! Maybe if you can't manage dns via your modem you can try to test what it will make...via the router and as last option via the console !!! 


Last things... i factory reseted via the 2 possible ways...re installed duma os...downgraded to 1.03.6g...factory resets again...all more than 10 shots in the last 2 weeks...also upgraded and downgraded and factory reseted via wifi and via cables !!! Also tested suggestions from the team and from the forum posts !!! 

Don't comment here... Not asking help or complaining...just sharing infos !!!
















































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You've done it. You've officially created the longest post the Netduma forum has ever seen.

I couldn't possibly answer every point you've raised without spending my entire day doing it - but I will say that we're working on a cloud update. We're open about that, and we also let people know that not only are there issues with Black Ops 4 but there's issues with mis-located servers on our cloud as well. We're confident that our next cloud update should resolve a few of these issues, and we're putting a lot of time into testing Black Ops 4 to account for it.

Please don't create posts of this length as they violate the terms of this forum and can result in suspension.

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I’ll be honest it was WAYYY to long, but I feel I got more out of it then “we’re working on it” so I’ll be going back to my nighthawk without OS and see what happens because it’s got to be better then this, can’t be worse... went from a 2.98 to nearly a 2kdr because of this madness (not my skill I can promise) and I’ve been trying to find a solution or just delete all together. Gonna try above list of proble solving.  Thanks my guy and yeah maybe a little shorter next time 

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