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  1. That was the only test I could run tonight as Ive been going hard all day trying to figure this garbage. Thanks for the info today as I will try again tomorrow so, you have not got rid of me yet
  2. This is really the least amount I’ve had so far but still showing packet loss in game and so noticeable!!!
  3. Yes QOS is on, I only have there modem as that’s all they would support on the 1g service, since I only have 400mbps I can just buy another modem if you think that could be the issue, but I will say I’ve had 3 and all did the same is why I tried out there gig service in hopes it would fix my shit connection! So basically I’m just screwed? Or is there something else I can try?
  4. ISP is spectrum and the modem is model 31T2V1 docsis 3.1 connected to the XR500... ps the modem doesn’t say a name brand I think because spectrum are as***les and they want you to use there crap... I’ll try 70+ this evening but doesn’t seem like that’s gonna work, I got those spikes every game all day
  5. I was streaming Netflix and playing fortnite plus had a couple of windows open on computer and running this test!!! Seems to lag hard when engaging in gunfights, hence the spikes, not too bad when just running around, it’s like it lags me out to make the other person have the advantage, I understand that sounds stupid but you can see every gunfight I get in, this spike happens, I’m all the way from 70 to 30 on the sliders and nothing has changed in the spikes
  6. So are spikes like this my isp or my router? This is almost every gun battle
  7. Sooooo, what am I supposed to look for here, definitely have spikes but I’m not a computer guy so no clue what to do with this!!!
  8. How long or how many times should I run this test? And what am I looking for?
  9. I will try, and yes the ping normally doesn’t seem to move but everything else does big time
  10. Yes, on all accounts, jumps in the gunfights also using cat6 could use cat5 if need be but figured this is new and wouldn’t be the issue WiFi is unreal. I’ve tried using the fortnite profile you guys have preloaded then also doing my own adjustments to get servers not far from me but still, packet loss. I honestly feel like it’s COD’s lag comp when it happens but not sure if that has been implemented in fortnite, anyway it’s only been happening for a little over a month, COD is always a laggy game for me, I’ve tried every speed from my ISP went from 30/100/300/1000 and now I’m on 400mbps, I’ve throttled 100 different ways and all have the same packet loss. I’m at a loss and very frustrated and wish I could figure it out lol
  11. ISP modem only not a combo Router/Modem.. I have been on the phone with them for a month, they’re not having any drops in service on there part from what they say. Honestly I’m about done, I’ve tried everything, as a very competitive gamer this is beyond frustrating... I went from winning to not being able to win a single game. I’m not the greatest but when I know my shot is dead on and no registration then I see “packet loss” I want to just throw it out the window. Is there another solution on your end apart from trashing the duma?
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