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Do I need to restart my Netduma once in a while?

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Just as the title says...

Do I need to restart it once in a while to improve network quality?

What about my modem? If yes, in which order?



I usually reboot mine once a week, I do the same with my phone and things like that.


I never reboot my modem.

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It can't hurt to do it. I reboot my phone and PC daily to keep it snappy and smooth. At the end of the day all of these devices are computers and could benefit from a reboot once in a while. For a router I'd say once a week or so. Modem can go once a month.

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im on the other end of spectrum. sort of. i never reboot my phone, runs smooth as day 1. 

i don't reboot router or modem unless something starts messing up.. also have to remember these devices don't have infinite power cycles. they might not turn back on one day when trying to reboot. 


if you have some sort of phobia abt it, just reboot once a month if you absolutely feel the need. otherwise, just keep it running as long as it can.


so to answer your original question. NO , you DO NOT have to restart once and a while.

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I see no need to reboot the R1. I've had it running for months, if not a year or more at a stretch with nary a problem to report. The only issues I've ever had were a dead wall-unit and ISP-related disconnections upstream. And this is on an 80+ device LAN for a family of 6, so the Duma gets hammered on a daily basis.


The thing's a beast, just let it do its job. I think you Windows and Android users are too used to shutting stuff down to get it working  ;)

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