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  1. Isn't this description of the switch functionality backwards? Red is on, is it not? OP says Red is off.
  2. We definitely need anti-bufferbloat for ESO. With our limited bandwidth, the lag without it makes the game unplayable if anyone else is using the internet. 6Mpbs doesn't go very far these days...
  3. So far no tweaks required for FO76 other than anti-buffer bloat enabled like ESO. Not the smoothest gaming experience but it may just be the janky graphics engine.
  4. Same scenario here. I've taken to doing cleanup every few days, but would love an automated solution. Also, it would be great to be able to define the min bandwidth by device class. This would at least put them in close to the right balance of each other that can be manually refined.
  5. Yeah, that was the question. With the MTU switch "off" then it is auto mode. I couldn't find documentation of the behavior. I'll leave it in auto mode.
  6. My ISP recommends 1492 as the MTU. What isn't clear is the functionality of the MTU switch. My question was whether I had to enable it by sliding the switch from grey to red then input 1492, or was the off or grey position the same as auto mode or was the off or grey position truly off. I enabled the MTU switch,, input 1492, hit save, and couldn't connect to any web pages.
  7. Bummer. Looked like it could be useful for general network troubleshooting. Thanks,
  8. Anyone know if FO76 will benefit from geofilter? Or will it be more like Elder Scrolls Online?
  9. On the WAN>Network settings, I see MTU setting which is off by default. I'm on DSL, do I need to set this to 1492 or will it automatically adjust MTU because of my PPOE configuration?
  10. Thanks, how about the ability to change log verbosity?
  11. I'm using Firefox. Resizing the panel doesn't bring the rose back. Yes, I had all the default ones (mostly sysinfo) plus added both QoS panels. Removed both QoS panels and the CPU usage panel, re-added just the bandwidth allocation panel and now the rose is displayed.
  12. Thanks for the update. I just refreshed the page and still no rose:
  13. Enable ability to fix the bandwidth used per second scale on the network snapshot like the network overview has. Allow for custom device tags for device manager. These are likely not high on the priority list, but thought I would mention them.
  14. Since we're in beta, do we have a central bug list to check before posting here? I'm seeing UI bugs... like, when you "pin" the bandwidth allocation rose so that it appears on the dashboard, there is no rose displayed. Also on the dashboard, when you click on a network client down or upload, it doesn't launch the Category Breakdown like on the Network Monitor page. Let me know if this is how to report this small bugs.
  15. A spare 30mbps? I can only dream that we'll even get to 10mbps... Stuck on 6 since the aughts. Thanks for the advice. Worked great last night.
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