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  1. Nice guys, thank you very much. I don't need to use my ISP router anyway, was just a curiosity
  2. Interesting, thank you. So what if someone only has the ISP router? How can he access the Netduma then?
  3. What do you mean? My ISP router is not considered "behind it"? I mean the Netduma is connected to it! Could you try to explain this a little bit better? Thank you
  4. Greetings, So basically I have my home network set up like this: I have my main ISP router with the Netduma connected to it, and then I have another router in bridge mode with NAT disabled and everything in my room. When I am using the router in my room I can access the Netduma configuration page (, but I just can't when I am using the ISP modem (talking about WiFi). It just loads indefinitely until the connection times out. Why is that? Thank you
  5. Just as the title says... Do I need to restart it once in a while to improve network quality? What about my modem? If yes, in which order? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! So, I recently got back to Dark Souls 3 for the latest expansion. If you never played this game I'll explain something really quick: When you play solo, but mostly with a friend in co-op, you can get invaded. This means that another player will join your world to kill you, and it can be really annoying. So I was hoping for a way to play with my friend without getting invaded for once, you know... just try to chill and enjoy the game with a friend. But I knew this way didn't exist. Or maybe not Then I had this idea: enable geo-filter and reduce the distance to the minimum! (around 100km). What happened next: I didn't get invaded for the whole evening! hehehe I guess they were not able to connect to me. Share your ideas guys! It would be nice to hear more
  7. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to know who are the hosts by looking at the ping graph. I will explain better: Check out my graph! How do I know who is the yellow one? Thanks
  8. So, seems that they have dedicated Servers. I will try to take a better look at the map.
  9. Hello everyone! Does anyone know what type of connection does The Division have? Do they have dedicated servers? Peer Ping? A single host? What happens when I join the Dark Zone? Do I join a server or what? Anyway, can I use the host filtering map to answer those questions by myself...? (for any game) Thanks!
  10. Thanks Sir, I was having this slow interface issue but then I found this post and now I know why it is happening and how to avoid it
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