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Cloud - Incorrect Locations

Guest Netduma_Iain

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Give Us Your Incorrect Locations To Optimise Your Location


If your ping to a server is way too low for it to be realistic the chances are its in the wrong location. For example I live in the UK if I see a ping in Seattle of 25ms its clearly not in Seattle(typically 150ms+) it must be near me instead. If you see this please post the following information in every post.

  • The server ID
  • The ping
  • Where you live

For example


4b173a05b4ea5c61, 25ms, UK


I'm going to be a stickler in this thread, please follow the aforementioned format. I will delete any posts that don't follow that format, sorry in advance. Absolutely no off topic discussions here. 



Cloud Update Procedure


We will run cloud updates every Tuesday. Then put them on the "bleeding edge" cloud. After being used for a week they will be moved to the normal cloud for everyone to use. 


Last Update: 28th April 2015

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ID: 3968511c05d8d1d6    Distance: 7793km   traces to west coast america, ping around 25-30ms

please read original OP's post!  There's a certain format that he wants us to follow!  Thanks

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ID: 7241a26dde112f34  80ms  Fl.  U.S.


ID: 13174712b4b25b60  90ms


ID: 7241925dde112f34  90ms


ID: 1517c28db4b45b60  90ms


ID: 9b41a772de3a2f34   90ms


ID: 25179964b4c45b60  90ms


 ID: 2617b17cb4c55b60  90ms

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  • Administrators

All ID's up to here have been processed. The automatic geodatabase versions:


  • Stable: 13
  • Bleeding Edge: 14

If you want updates up until now you'll need bleeding edge ticked. 

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ID: e268d9a40581ccd1   100ms   Fl. U.S.


ID: c86c1be60967fd02  90ms


ID: ed680ad5058cccd1   100ms


ID: ee68804b058dccd1   80ms


ID: eb68c994058accd1   90ms


ID: ec68430e058bccd1   100ms


ID: e26835000581ccd1   80ms

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