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  1. hast du es so angeschlossen? wand > fritzbox > netduma im DMZ der Frtizbox ("exposed host" bei den Internet->Freigaben in der Fritzbox) << alle PCs, PS4, iphone usw. an den Netduma anschliessen. PS4: die netzwerkeinstellungen auf "einfach" (automatisch) ausf├╝hren.
  2. Will the Peer Ping Function be included in the new DumaOS? i love it ...also the "trace" function is helpful
  3. awesome work and it is for free! the only thing we all will miss are "DomaOS Points" aka COD points!
  4. if you are in the lobby... you can see it in the number (right corner on the top) there is "e" behind the number... that is a dedi
  5. Congratulations Zee god job, thank you!
  6. "You don't stop playing games when you get old...you get old when you stop playing games."

  7. xbox one ( i play ghosts for now) ...AW a little
  8. congrats crossy you deserve it! + thank you for your help
  9. NETDUMA: best support + best router = <3

  10. i'm too old for videogames!

    1. Elikenui
    2. lukasz


      I woes thinking this same

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