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  1. Just for the information: i have finally said goodbye to the old version. thanks for your support fraser🤝
  2. yes the descriptor was always displayed, I think a year or 2 ago was the last time. then after i have done the resets (30/30/30) and down and upgraded the firmware (dumaos, 1.06 and also the 1.02 🤦‍♂️ I thought in an incomprehensible way my connection in cod will be better but it (the firmware) does not make any difference of course. thank you for your support fraser 👍💯
  3. Yes the VPN is unticked/disabled. it is strange 🤔 in the pic you can see it.. that is when i play a game (no descriptor) only when i click on the server then it appears. i uploaded now the 1.03.6g and it is the same. how i said the on the newest dumaOS R1 Autoping works/shows descriptor. But i understand that you are not supporting the old firmware... not a big problem, i only hope my R1 is still ok.
  4. + just for info: i hold the reset button (on the old 1.06 Firmware) and absolutely nothing happens... when i am on the new DumaOS on the R1 so the reset button works. that's "funny"
  5. .. if the Autoping is on and it finds a game, so it should automatically show the "host descriptor" menu as shown in the pic above, where you can see the ping aso. same like in the new firmware but it does not do it anymore... but how i said we leave it as it is...
  6. ok, so thats not a big problem. we leave it as it is... thanks for your support and the tip with the 30/30/30 rule. (is it a fact? when would you do it so? 🤔 i assume i should never do it with the new R2? right. Fraser, i bought i think 3x R1 routers from you and 2x R2 *iloveit do you think you can find a new R1 with the 1.06 firmware for me. i will buy it because im so used to it, simple and still good. great gear you have done guys as you know 💯
  7. Fraser, the Autoping works ! it does only not showing the host description automaticaly as it should. as i said i know the R1 for about 6 years ... i assume it broke because i have downgraded and upgraded ... even to the very first version from 2015 and then to the newest... this was last year or 2 years ago i am living with it since then ... all works but only for one big gaming session then next time i have to power down the router and do the factory reset (menu) because it gives me very bad hitdetection (dont know why) or if factory reset does not help i upload the 1.06 firmware again. + the hardreset button (30/30/30 sec rule) does not work with the 1.06 firmware ... obly when i upgrade to the dumaos then zhe reset button works again. do you think you can fix this issue on 1on1 (as admin on my router)? otherwise i will continue as i have done every year :)) thank you
  8. only if i click on the server... but autoping showed me allways this automatic
  9. Hi Fraser, i have the R1 since the beginning as we testet the Beta versions in 2015 or so... The Autoping never showd the Allow Danny section... i have the issue since 2 years or do... i play only when the new cod comes out for a few month or so... but now i just wanted to ask if you or somebody can look in the R1. I need the upgrade or do the factory reset because it slowly makes my games or the connection or the ping worse and worse (the ping is then shodn as 900md or so so i have to do factory reset or upgrade again. i have done it 2 years noe but now it bores me so i am posting here. i know the R1 in and out, it is definitaly something wrong ...i have to always click on the server if i want to show him the ping (shows the host descriptor) thx
  10. hi Fraser, hope you are doing well, thanks for the fast reply. I mean i have to factory reset every day or even upload the firmware again. i think i have broke the router somehow in the past when i was downgrading and upgrading (long time ago) we also have the R2 and yesterday we get the second R2 but i personaly like the old firmware somehow better. i would buy a new R1 also with the 1.06 firmware if we can't fix it. in the picture you can see.. it works but it does not show the server down beliw where you can allow or deny or ban it.
  11. Hi guys, please help. i upgraded and downgraded many times the firmware on my R1...now it seems the Autoping in the 1.03.6j does not work right.. it finds servers with the right ping i am searching for, but it does not show them down beliw as usual. It seems also i have to upgrade the firmware every day before i start using it.. then it runs smoothly. Maybe a admin can look into my old R1 ... hope it can be fixed. thx Jay
  12. hast du es so angeschlossen? wand > fritzbox > netduma im DMZ der Frtizbox ("exposed host" bei den Internet->Freigaben in der Fritzbox) << alle PCs, PS4, iphone usw. an den Netduma anschliessen. PS4: die netzwerkeinstellungen auf "einfach" (automatisch) ausführen.
  13. Will the Peer Ping Function be included in the new DumaOS? i love it ...also the "trace" function is helpful
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