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  1. No servers at all in Canada? Pretty sure that's wrong...
  2. I'm still getting this error constantly after upgrading my R1 to the new DumaOS! Why is this still a thing?!
  3. I feel you man. It's the same old iOS vs Android dilemma and I usually end up getting the shaft on that one since I'm an Android user and iOS seems to get everything first. Hopefully won't be too long for Netgear to approve it. For what it's worth I'd still rather be in your spot, you have a much more powerful router there my man. I'm surprised this MicroTik thing can even handle an OS this beefy but so far it's been pretty decent.
  4. Maybe I misread/misunderstood the original post but I assumed there was something new about it that warrants it being referred to as "v2. That ping filter you screen captured was on my old R1 OS. Nothing new there. Oh well works fine so far so can't complain.
  5. Not seeing it. I've got a new "fast search" option that wasn't there before but nothing mentioning ping assist v2
  6. This ping assist v2 thing where it can allow you to connect to low ping hosts even outside your filter range... how do I use this? I don't see any option for it. Just updated my R1. Thanks
  7. Had to disable geo filter until this gets fixed. Please update when fixed so I can turn it back on.
  8. Server location on the map: Idaho Host Type: Dedicated Server ID: 33435924e0d2d0d5 Domain: N/A Ping: 25ms Your location: Halifax, NS Canada
  9. So if this is normal behavior for the geo-filter, why was this not a thing in any previous cod game? I can and always could get into WW2 lobbies without ever seeing this message.
  10. I'm not sure I understand the question... It should not be giving me an error when I queue for matchmaking in a public match of Call of Duty even if the previous game I was in is still going.
  11. Looks like it happens whenever I leave a game early. Won't let me connect again until all the icons clear from the geo-filter screen.
  12. Got it working again... not really sure what the problem was. Definitely can't use 600 km though since there are no dedis within 600 km of me and it fails every time. Now that I've got it dialed in it doesn't look like it's connecting me to anything outside of my filter range. It looks like the factory reset may have done it.
  13. I am now no longer able to find any games even with geo-filter disabled. It would appear that resetting my router to default settings has broken it. Should have left well enough alone I guess...
  14. @David824 If you add more devices/services to your geo-filter they will be different colours. Now that I've defaulted settings and don't have my Xbox One added anymore my PS4 is showing red and when I get around to adding Xbox back in it will be green. I've been playing the BO4 beta and wasn't able to get matchmaking to work at all under the geo-filter regardless of settings so I had to disable it for the weekend. I'll post the results of my testing in WW2 after my settings reset as soon as I am able.
  15. Thanks Jack, I will give that a try and let you know if it still happens. This was from COD WW2.
  16. I've never had much luck with it either... I don't think this feature has worked right since day 1 tbh
  17. I am still showing 1.03.3. I thought this would update on its own after Netduma staff did their thing but I guess I was still supposed to go through the update process myself afterward. I am posting again because I found the old reply and I guess I wasn't supposed to reboot the router but unfortunately it has been rebooted so I'm not sure if it needs to be looked at again. Please advise. Thanks
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