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  1. I had it set to apply "never"... I didn't realize there was also another checkbox to disable it. Thanks for the tip, getting full speed now That is quite the harsh penalty though lol... 500 Mbps down to 270. Oh well I can always toggle it on while gaming for the bufferbloat mitigation and leave it off otherwise. Also what is "Goodput"?
  2. My download speed is pretty much cut in half on speedtest.net through the R1 vs connected directly to my modem. Is there an upper limit to the throughput that the R1 can handle (aside from the physical 1 Gbps port speed that is)? I get around 170 Mbps with the built in test, 270 Mbps on speedtest.net and pretty close to my full subscribed speed of 500 Mbps when using speedtest.net and bypassing the R1. All testing is hard wired with QOS off. Thanks
  3. So I had already tried power cycling the router before posting this and it did not resolve the problem, but now that I did a soft reboot through the router gui it seems to be working again. Very strange but at least I have a work around until firmware gets updated. Thanks!
  4. I'm having the exact same issue on my R1...
  5. No servers at all in Canada? Pretty sure that's wrong...
  6. I'm still getting this error constantly after upgrading my R1 to the new DumaOS! Why is this still a thing?!
  7. I feel you man. It's the same old iOS vs Android dilemma and I usually end up getting the shaft on that one since I'm an Android user and iOS seems to get everything first. Hopefully won't be too long for Netgear to approve it. For what it's worth I'd still rather be in your spot, you have a much more powerful router there my man. I'm surprised this MicroTik thing can even handle an OS this beefy but so far it's been pretty decent.
  8. Maybe I misread/misunderstood the original post but I assumed there was something new about it that warrants it being referred to as "v2. That ping filter you screen captured was on my old R1 OS. Nothing new there. Oh well works fine so far so can't complain.
  9. Not seeing it. I've got a new "fast search" option that wasn't there before but nothing mentioning ping assist v2
  10. This ping assist v2 thing where it can allow you to connect to low ping hosts even outside your filter range... how do I use this? I don't see any option for it. Just updated my R1. Thanks
  11. Had to disable geo filter until this gets fixed. Please update when fixed so I can turn it back on.
  12. Server location on the map: Idaho Host Type: Dedicated Server ID: 33435924e0d2d0d5 Domain: N/A Ping: 25ms Your location: Halifax, NS Canada
  13. So if this is normal behavior for the geo-filter, why was this not a thing in any previous cod game? I can and always could get into WW2 lobbies without ever seeing this message.
  14. I'm not sure I understand the question... It should not be giving me an error when I queue for matchmaking in a public match of Call of Duty even if the previous game I was in is still going.
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