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  1. Hi there Yes Thursday is fine but can we do 9pm? Stuart
  2. Hi there More than happy to allow access, look forward to hearing from someone with dates and times Stuart
  3. Hi there I have never had a situation where I cant access device manager
  4. Evening Please find attached my device list. As I have stated I only have problems when heavy downloading using Netflix and gaming. I am currently sharing excess for both download and upload. My current set up has a 5ghz router connected to the R1 for wifi and my PC and Xbox one connected wired straight the the R1. I am considering getting the XR500 as perhaps I'm asking too much of the R1. One slightly off topic question, under Anti Bufferbloat what is Goodput?? Could not find it in the help center Look forward to hearing from you Stuart
  5. Running Netflix plus the Xbox last night and it's done the same again now so I have taken another print screen of the log if that helps
  6. Hi there As requested, my dashboard froze and you can see that the CPU is running at 100%. Was using Netflix at the time Look forward to hearing your thinking.. Stuart
  7. Hi there, out if of the country for the next few days so will do it when I get back
  8. Thanks for getting back to me 75 Down, 16 Up BT Infinity. Will take a look at the CPU usage and let you know..
  9. Hi there Having downgraded and then re upgraded to the Duma OS I can confirm that some of the modules still do not load. Not being technically minded it seems to me that all seems fine when I'm just using it for the Xbox but when the R1 is downloading large amounts (watching Netflix or Sky Q) that's when it modules wont load and it always seems to be the anti buffer bloat. As soon as the R1 is rebooted then everything loads.. Having read a number of comments about the difference between the R1 and the XR500 and XR700 would this have anything to do with the R1 just not being able to cope?? My comment is not a negative towards it as I've had it from the beginning and loved it. At times I have up to 15 -20 devises connected and not sure if the better option is to upgrade??
  10. Got the same problem too. Apps wont load after a couple of days. Rebooting the router seems to do the trick short term. Will give the downgrading a go.
  11. Sorted, ended up doing a factory reset and pages loaded fine
  12. Hi there Installing was very easy, but the pages load very slowly if at all I keep getting the following message " This R-App is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute" or "The operation is taking longer than expected" I have rebooted on numerous occasion but I get the same message
  13. Would love to know why this keep happening when they say connection is the priority?? Starting to use the same setting as the original post to see if that makes a difference..
  14. Can anyone put it on twitch so we can watch it??
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