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  1. Also, experiencing not being able to find lobbies. Rebooted router, xbox, and bo4 multiple times. Deleted both Xboxes from GF and still nothing.
  2. I'm also enjoying the game more than the past iterations after Black Ops 2. I too am noticing laggy enemies to the point where it reminds me of the COD 4 days. People running in place then I'm killed. Makes me wonder why I'm able to see the lag in killcams now than in the past.
  3. How does the TTK feel in BO4? Based on the videos I've seen, it looks high.
  4. My responses will be in blue. I dont have a lot of money and if I buy one it will be more expensive because of the taxes. So I really should be careful.. I use a tp link pluged in the ISP router and sometimes get amazing games and others it unplayable (instadeaths). Does Using the Netduma with the Isp affect the performace negatively? It shouldn't - it will fundamentally function just like your current router. Will I have to throtle the router a lot ? I think this is more of a preference than a requirement. Will I have matchmaking problems? If you have a narrow geo-filter range, then it will affect matching making. The larger the range the more players you will be able to match with. Does it really fixes bufferbloat? Can't comment - I only have the R1 and don't believe this is part of the feature set. The geo filter only look for hosts, that means I still can connect in games that have people far away as long as the host is near. Is that right? The geo filter enables you to connect to people within the range you specific. For instance, if you only have the geofilter covering Brazil then you, in theory, will only play against people in Brazil. Thank you very much I appreciate if you can help me I love shooters and just wanted a more stable connection (my kd is stuck in 1.5 =[ ) Do remember that this is a piece of equipment that doesn't change your gaming behavior and skill. It will not add KD to your stats, but only a change in your playstyle will affect that statistic. Lots of folks think that the router will turn them into a god and then they're sorely disappointed and claim that the router is crap. This router is a time investment due to the different configurations and testing one will need to perform to find what works for them, so do keep that in mind. It's not entirely plug and play for some. Hope that helps!
  5. Want to use it in addition to my Netduma, hence saying I want to add it as an access point.
  6. Wondering how the more technical minded feel about this router: http://evenroute.com/iqrouter? I want to add an access point to my home as I’d like 5ghz and came across this router while doing initial research. Should I throw my money elsewhere?
  7. This doesn't affect me since I'm not gaming at the moment, but the reason for the delay has piqued my interest. I've googled trying to find the BC requirement and I couldn't find anything. Closest is the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 that includes software. This is a shot in the dark -- I'm hoping someone from Netduma is willing to help me understand, if there is an applicable law. Just genuinely interested in understanding the risk aversion of NOT providing BC with DumaOS, given our current inability to revert to previous firmware.
  8. Right - I've switched from slider adjustments to device prioritization and have found success.
  9. Congrats! Great step in the right direction as hardware sales must be difficult without having physical retail presence. However, I'm curious as to whether Netgear is going to point folks to this forum for assistance, rather than handling it themselves.
  10. No clue, but this was happening to me around Christmas and now it's not. You may be winning the unluckly COD lottery. Try hard resetting by unplugging your xbox for 30 seconds and see if that helps any.
  11. That's not a problem on your end - it's SHG. I take it you're on xbox, too. I and other folks experience the same thing as I've searched around r/ww2 for a fix.
  12. From NYC (incorrect) to California: a4344d18d143b2b7, 2453mi, 32-35ms
  13. Not getting dropped here in California and I do not have the KC server in my filter.
  14. I can't get my error bars to be leveled nor get my quality to above an F when using Device Prioritization for WW2. Any advice, anyone? Overall my connection quality is at an A.
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