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  1. Thanks man, it is 100% complete silence. Tomorrow DHL will pick up my old one. Do anything through wifi (not lan) and you will hear what I mean. Thanks for the Files
  2. With the Netduma A and without the Netduma A+
  3. I recieved the router and it is dead quiet I knew it wasnt me. Wauw the silence it's amazing. The router is running on Firmware version 1.03.6j I would like tp go back to the NetdumaOS but I need to upgrade file I can. I deleted it last time I upgraded my previous os
  4. Quality is perfect for 30% of the time, 60% is great and 10% it drops back to full hd which is a huge drop, problem is the quality is constantly changing between perfect and great and bad. So it stresses my eyes, I rather have less quality but stable then the constant changes. Please help me 🙏. Downloading on Windows starts around 30mbps through newsgroups but drops to 28mbps sometimes 24 and goes back up. So all in all fast and I don't care if it drops 6mbps 24mbps is still fast for me. But when streaming this is an immense pain because you notice it, even my girlfriend does and she hardly notice changes in quality. I wish you guys had a live chat would have been freaking awsome. Please give me a honest answer if the Netduma should 100% play this out perfectly all the time 24/7 I look somewhere else, if not even the smalles change I buy or swap routers or another solution.
  5. But in theory is the processor and memory in the Netduma enough to contiously play out 4k HDR 10+ Dolby vision through its lan port, or could there be hick up? If so I have to switch to a xr500 or XR 7gen. It is only with the most demanding of play the quality drops, I ask about the Netduma, because it is able to download on my max speee of 30mbps, but maybe that stresses the device less then streaming, I have no clue.
  6. So not disable QoS but put the sliders on 100% instead? Anything else I can do.
  7. I think I give up. Alex who told me I would recieve a new one, Jack who just doesn't pick this up (more then a month now) and Fraser who asks me to makr a video when I already recieved a official confirmation through the mail on November 18! Sorry but I don't really know what to think atm.
  8. I have already recieved multiple personal messages and a email that I will recieve a new router (3 weeks ago!) And that I would recieve a email to swap it, etc. "We internally dicussed your matter and I am happy to let you know we will switch your current router for another one". "This time I put my sensitive ears on it, to make sure this one is as quiet as it can be"! So is this a joke Fraser?
  9. Hi Netduma team and Netduma Army. I bought myself a Philips 804 65 inch oled tv and when I watch Netflix the video quality is amazing for 70% but it drops to not so great for atleast 5 seconds, every 15 seconds and it is annoying. I tried to connect my tv straight with a CAT6 cable and to my suprise that made almost no difference besides that it loads in contant instantly, only the video quality drops every few seconds, for a few seconds I Stream 4K HDR 10+ Dolby Vision Content, but also the quality of HD content that is being upscaled perfectly drops in quality every few seconds. Is it simply that the NetdumaR1 can't handle this, or is it some of my settings? When I watch tv (through a lan cable) I don't use the internet anywhere else in the house. I have QoS on never And my Download speed is 250Mb Please help me.
  10. Please guys almost Christmas I get whole family here who want to use wifi. The sound is louder than my piano.
  11. I recieved the email from you guys with the good news, still haven't heard anything from Jack.
  12. I now set a message more then a week ago through the mail.
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