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  1. Hi, since I have installed the new NetdumaOS firmware I have experience strange bugs and disconnects from the VPN server where the log always points to my credentials where my credentials are 100% correct and those same credentials haven't given me a single problem inside my Asus router with Merlin Firmware. I use TorGuard and I have asked for their help countless of times and we literally tried everything inside their power and I know that the people from TorGuard are skilled, so it started to hit me, then maybe it isen't their config file, but the NetdumaOS instead. I tried the same config File on my Asus where I had to completely remove the Netduma from my network together with alle the devices. I then re-installed all the devices on the Asus router and you already guessed it, on the Asus the OpeN VPN Config File works flawlessly for an entire week without a single downtime. Then I reinstalled the NetdumaR1 with the same config file and with the same devices, the NetdumaR1 says connecting, it then says connected and the VPN works, but here it comes, for whatever reason after a few hours the connection goes to FAILED! No matter what I do it doesn't stays connected and here it comes: Clicking on connect to try to reset the connecting doesn't work, I have to Disable to VPN Setup all together and re-enable it with the slider! Then sometimes it automatically starts connecting directly afterwards and sometimes it looks like all my settings are gone (this is a known glitch and already confirmed by someone from Netduma - that it looks like that your settings are gone, field is blank but the settings are still there! At the moment the only solution is that I have to do this loop - VPN not working after few hours?!! - Disable VPN setup in router - Enable VPN setup in router - Wait a few second and enjoy the OPEN VPN - few hours later rinse and repeat. The bugs I came across: VPN etup Advanced Field Becomes Blank but the vpn still works - still connected Connection constantly bouncing when - if you click on disable Setup VPN - but you still have a device standing on the right at VPN traffic and you re-enable the VPN setup without first removing that device and re-adding (going fresh) the connecting will directly fail or keep failing.
  2. Thanks for all the great input, last question: with QoS enabled but the bufferbloat thing on never, the upload throttle works right?
  3. No I meant the bufferbloat sliders do they need to be on 100% to maximum download or?
  4. Thx for the reply guys, to how much should I lower the bar? Thanks for the great help and info!
  5. Hi, I am using the NetdumaR1 with the newest NetdumaOS released last year. My question: if you disable QoS does that also mean that Bandwidth/specific bandwith allocation and Traffic Prioritization is disabled/not functioning? I want to throttle a specific device - upload only. My problem with turning QoS on since the new NetdumaOS is that it throttles my maximum download speed with a lot. I go from 30+ Mbps to 18Mbps on all devices, disabeling QoS gives me back my full download speed straight away. What can/should I do, please help me. Greets, Fakkel
  6. Does XR500 have the following features yet Ping Assist, Peer Ping & Hybrid VPN? If not the NetdumaR1 is superior.
  7. No my problem is that everytime I have to reset my password to login, eventhough I am 100% sure I am using the right password. It says incorrect password, I reset it, fill in same password, I login with it the first time and it works, after a little while of beeing idle you have to relog and then it says password incorrect.
  8. Thx guys Netduma team is legend. I have another problem that has to do with signing in to my Netduma Forum account where can I ask help with that?
  9. Found it nevermind! Does 0.5mbps means 500kb when I click on specific device and after that you go to bottom of the page with circle slider to enter precise bandwidth, it says mbps. Is 0.5 mbps 500 kb like 0.5mb or? Thx for great help.
  10. I have the NetdumaOS installed that no longer has a shared acces box right? But it feels the same, like back in the days when I forgot to untick it (on the original OS). I now run the new OS but the allocation does nothing and I no longer see a shared acces box on the new OS. No I mean the circle slider with all the devices in it. I run the new NetdumaOS without the shared acces box.
  11. Doesnt matter from what device I move the slider it does absolutely nothing. Like back in the days with the original NetdumaR1 firmware like shared is still ticked. I put my ps4 on slider 1, 0.5kb but it stays on 20mb upload. When I raise it all the way up to max it still says 20mb. Why is my Bandwidt Allocation not doing anything?
  12. I have to say the NetdumaOS was really the update I was waiting for. My download speeds have been rock solid and stable and didn't need a single reset since it's release (months ago). Eventhough there is a glitch with your VPN credentials becoming invisible in the NetdumaOS (already picked up by admin they re-produced the problem themselves), the VPN always work. I remove one device from the VPN list and it switches to normal ip smoothly. I am really happy at the moment and I am proud of the Netduma Team! You never gave up! Thanks for everything.
  13. I use Google Chrome - Windows 10 64bit Pro - Settings are still not visible 24hours later and that is a little bit annoying I have to change just a small thing. By the way this started happening when adding a brand new IP, I don't want to mention the IP range here but maybe that can solve some issues, because when entering those specific IP ranges, the interface would say connecting, connected 30 seconds later fail and then wipe the entire config page including username and password.
  14. I have received a new IP from my VPN I changed my old ip for the new one in my config file and I clicked connect on the NetdumaR1, it then says connecting, connected and then 30 seconds later is says failed and all the settings disappeared! I seem to fix it to change the remote port from 443 to 80, only issue I am facing now, that even though the VPN works my settings in advance are invisible/disappeared. VPN works no input settings to be seen.
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