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  1. Hi, I AM still running the orginal stock Netduma R2 firmware because it ran ok. My question is worth to upgrade when it runs ok now? And if I want to upgrade from stock can I Just go all the way to this one, or do I need patch that lays in between. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I did the benchmark test and my download speed says 550mbps which is perfect, but it gives me a D rating the rest is A+ is this a bug because my speeds are blazing fast...
  3. Waiting since early September now, I am lucky I just use the NetdumaR2 for gaming, but if it's your only router, GG goodluck with the Wifi
  4. I had the same issue. I had to unplug my isp Modem and keep it unplugged longer then expected (I just let it sit disconnected when I went over to a friend). When I came back I plugged it back in, waited for the full 100% till it came back online. Then I factory reset my Netduma to start from scratch just using a small pin. I waited till the Netduma did the factory reset cycle and after all that I connected it to my ISP modem and everything worked and still works like a charm.
  5. My house has very well insolation, I just only use the NetdumaR2 downstairs and the wifi speeds are insane! Of course I don't try to stretch the single and use it on the fucking attic, you have way other devices cover those needs!
  6. I wasnt talking about the ammount but about the distance.
  7. The probably don't release a untested and very poor product, so for most it should be an amazing step up, like for me. I have seen people having wifi issues in real life with it, but they tried to get 2 Playstations 4 a tv and 2 gaming desktops on it, all on wifi and all on the attic, I mean come on.
  8. I have tried 10+ router in my life from all brands and I have to say the NetdumaR2 is insane! I have seen multiple people hating about the poor reception and speed and I have no clue what they are talking about. I have great wifi everywhere in my house, plus I download with 30mbps on wifi! Not mbit but true MB per second! Thanks a lot this is truly insane!
  9. Does it work with Youtube in the browser with devices connected through wifi? I still get advertisments no matter what I do?
  10. I upgraded straight from the NetdumaR1 and I have been using that one for years and years without a single issue. Because I have a lot of confidence in Netduma I decided to power cycle my ISP wireless modem (full bridge) one more time and reset the NetdumaR2. I kept my Netduma R2 disconnected till my ISP modem was back online, I waited extra, extra long because it's cycle to come back online is immense. No lights, green arrows, green phone icon, then both icons, then no icons and then the light changes from green to white to show full bridge. The only thing I changed last time was fully disabeling Bufferbloat I don't know if that can screw up with anything if the ISP modem wasnt perfectly resetted or something? But I really need this to be turned of the reach maximum download speed with the NetdumaR2 same as with the NetdumaR1 right?
  11. I will try that, but as I explained as above also Lan devices connected through ethernet cable had issues. Only half of my devices could connect at the same time.
  12. I can see when I for example connect my phone through wifi that it goes online for a sec and that it bounces back to offline in the device list and I get message on my phone cant get ip adress
  13. Hi, I installed the NetdumaR2 yesterday morning and at the beginning everything worked straight away. After 8 hours I wanted to use my Philips Oled Smart Tv that is connected through Lan and it said no Ethernet eventhough cables where connected. In the Device manager I saw my tv being offline. I rebooted the router and the TV worked again, but then all devices on wifi could no longer connect. They could no longer get an ip adres! Now I got my Playstation online through Lan and my Laptop through Wifi, but my Phones and TV have no Ethernet I have never had a single issue with the NetdumaR1 with handing out IP's or anything. I connected my NetdumaR2 to my ISP wifi modem who is in Full Bridge mode so with the wifi disabled, etc.
  14. I don't know if this is normal but youtube adds are not being blocked on iphone while streaming through the browser. It does block adverts on my Samsung phone, but only if quickly switch between videos? Can you help me with this?
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