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  1. Thanks for your help Fraser, unfortunately I have to ask one last favor. I sent an email requesting an RMA to [email protected] and have not received a response. Is there anything you can do to bring it to someone's attention?
  2. Fraser, thanks for the help. I implemented the steps in your DM and it seemed to help the router be a bit more stable. I got through a little more than one day before needing a reboot, before it was multiple times per day. Hoping there are more steps to help it remain stable for good.
  3. Since setting up my R2 I love everything about it...except it has been very unreliable. It will drop all wired and wireless connections and nothing can connect until I power cycle the router. When it does this I also cannot connect to the admin panel to attempt to reboot from there. This happened 3 times today - please help!
  4. Hey all, problem solved! I eventually figued out my ISP has to whitelist any new router. I had to call them to get it added and now it connects. Thanks so much for helping out! Now to test out some Destiny 2 settings.
  5. Thanks for the replies, no PPPoE,. The other router just has it as DHCP, I can copy the IP address it gets assigned to the R2 and it will at least think it connects, but still no internet. I tried the suggestion above and got the same result - here is the step by step to make sure I did it correctly: 1)Power off my internet device but keep the network cable plugged into the R2 WAN port 2)Factory reset the R2 3)Allow the DumaOS to fail the first attempt at finding an internet connection 4)Turn on my internet device and wait for it to stabilize 5)Click retry on the R2 to have it attempt to detect the connection After doing these steps it still fails. The WAN indicator light on the R2 does go to a steady on with an occasional blink, it does that either way I attempt to complete the setup. I also tried disabling IPV6 on the R2 and allowing it to detect the connection but got the same result.
  6. I just received my R2 today and when I attempt the initial setup it attempts to detect my internet connection but fails each time. My connection uses a dynamic ip. The internet connection works fine with my old router. As a test, I entered the current assigned WAN IP address from my old router and the R2 will actually indicate it finds a connection, but it still does not provide any internet connection for connected computers. Also none of the internet functions in the router admin pages work (like network speed test etc.). I have done several factory resets all with the same results. Please Help! Thanks, Cody
  7. Hi Fraser, thanks for the reply! So it will prevent Destiny matchmaking from connecting me to players outside my geo-filter area - even over Xbox live?
  8. I am considering a Netduma R2 but I am having a hard time figuring out exactly how it helps my experience on Destiny 2. Since Destiny uses the hybrid peer to peer matchmaking, it seems like that negates the benefit of geo filtering, which seems like the main advantage of the R2. Anyone have more info specific to Destiny 2 and how much the Netduma R2 benefits the quality of network play? Thanks Cody
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