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  1. Thank you @Newfie and @Netduma Liam for the heads up, i presumed i was doing something wrong 😀
  2. Good afternoon. Can you please confirm if i can USB TETHER to my phone so i can use it's mobile data in case of emergency if my ISP line goes down?
  3. Double check that under QOS / Congestion control that the ALWAYS radio button is clicked
  4. These are my settings, hope it helps
  5. Try and delete both the ethernet and wifi options in your system preferences and then re-add and use the automatic settings as mentioned previous, it worked for me 🙂
  6. Yes, the R2 has a reserved IP on the SH3. It was what @Netduma Fraser mentioned about it having a negative impact having the 2 firewalls running that caught my attention, but if it doesn't make a difference if the R2 is in the DMZ then that's cool. Thanks for the help and quick response 👍
  7. Hi guys Can you please advise regarding open NAT when playing on COD - CW when turning off SH3 firewall, please see below. SH3 with Firewall ON - shows as OPEN NAT, when Firewall OFF the NAT turns to MODERATE? Do i need to put the R2 on the same subnet as the SH3 (192.168.0.XX) as atm all devices connect to 192.168.77.XX The R2 is already in the SH3 DMZ I’ve also tried the PS5 in the DMZ on the R2 but still shows as moderate. The SH3 in Modem mode works correct and shows NAT as open. I just want to use the R2s firewall as @Netduma Fraser mentioned it could have a negative impact on gaming having both firewalls active Thanks, Howard
  8. When in modem mode i am sure only 1 ethernet port will work at any one time on the SH3
  9. Hi Liam. It varies, sometimes it's high 40MB and then drops midway through the connection test to around 20/25MB and sometimes it's just flat(ish) around 20-25MB. It's only just started doing it in the last day or two but thanks for your quick response.
  10. Hi guys. The connection test has suddenly started showing a drop in throughput when running the test. Its just on the upload and it's gone from 35MB to around 20MB, when i run a speedtest seconds later it says it's uploading around 30/35MB. Is this just a glitch in the matrix LOL?
  11. Hi @appleround thanks for the info. Did you try using the port forwarding rule as per suggested by @Newfie to alleviate the problem?? Also, how do you find Virgin Media regarding line quality as mine has lots of spikes and no matter what i do can't get anywhere near a smooth flat(ish) line?
  12. Thanks @Newfie for your help, i'll see if i can set up the port forwarding rule on the SH3
  13. Hi Frazer, thanks for your response. I have no manual port forwarding rules and the only ports in UPnP are UDP - 9308 & 3074 for the PS5. Would watching Cinema HD app on Amazon FireTV be an issue?
  14. Thank you @Newfie for your response, but the DMZ is only used on SH3 with R2 IP in, the DMZ on the R2 isn't used 😞
  15. Hi guys, does anyone know how to block port 5353 on the R2 as VM keep sending me letters stating i have a "Multicast DNS Vulnerability". FYI the R2 is in the DMZ on the SH3 and it's in router mode with the default firewall settings. There are no port forwarding or port triggers rules. URL from VM regarding resolution of said issue http://virginmedia.com/mdns All my devices are connected to the R2 and not SH3
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