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  1. Hi @appleround thanks for the info. Did you try using the port forwarding rule as per suggested by @Newfie to alleviate the problem?? Also, how do you find Virgin Media regarding line quality as mine has lots of spikes and no matter what i do can't get anywhere near a smooth flat(ish) line?
  2. Thanks @Newfie for your help, i'll see if i can set up the port forwarding rule on the SH3
  3. Hi Frazer, thanks for your response. I have no manual port forwarding rules and the only ports in UPnP are UDP - 9308 & 3074 for the PS5. Would watching Cinema HD app on Amazon FireTV be an issue?
  4. Thank you @Newfie for your response, but the DMZ is only used on SH3 with R2 IP in, the DMZ on the R2 isn't used 😞
  5. Hi guys, does anyone know how to block port 5353 on the R2 as VM keep sending me letters stating i have a "Multicast DNS Vulnerability". FYI the R2 is in the DMZ on the SH3 and it's in router mode with the default firewall settings. There are no port forwarding or port triggers rules. URL from VM regarding resolution of said issue http://virginmedia.com/mdns All my devices are connected to the R2 and not SH3
  6. See link below regarding password not working, a few people have had the same issue. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000117883-i-ve-received-my-new-netduma-r2-but-the-wifi-password-doesn-t-work
  7. Frazer puts it more eloquently 🙂
  8. Turn off auto ping host and add each friend one by one to the party chat. Each friend will appear on the geo-filter map, click on their icon which will appear and add them to your allow list.
  9. Sorry Frazer, the PS4 mustn't have been pointing to in the DG and PDNS, when i tried in modem mode originally. Looks like it's working now and got an open NAT whoop whoop 🙂
  10. I changed the default gateway and primary DNS to after i put into modem mode. TBH i think the network settings on the PS4 where all set to automatic when the SH3 was in router mode, could this have been the issue??
  11. Hi Frazer, yes it works fine in modem mode and the powerline is just so it's a more stable connection. Could the network setting on the PS4 be causing the issue, if so what settings should i use? Do i need to disable DHCP on the R2 to stop double NAT and not allowing a OPEN nat type?
  12. Hi, i've tried putting my SH3 back into router mode as opposed to modem mode. Everything is fine and devices connected to the internet. But when my PS4 connects to the R2 via a powerline adapter but does activate the QoS or TP functions. Pings don't appear on the GF page. It lets me play COD but just as if it's a normal router? What settings would i need to check on the R2 and PS4? DHCP was active on both routers, would i need to turn the R2? The SH3 was on a but the R2 is on If i changed the SH3 to and R2 to would it work? I've now changed it back to modem mode and everything is back to normal. and all R2 functions working properly. Also, when you mention that the SH3 is flakey, in what way?
  13. Does anyone fancy squading up on playstation? On virtually every evening 7pm-9pm. Need team players not FAZE wannabees LOL It's all about the W!!
  14. FRAZER POSTED PREVIOUSLY INFO BELOW, HOPE THAT HELPS The default credentials are admin / password but presumably you have been through the setup wizard already so you may have changed this to something else. Try both, if it doesn't work then hold the reset button for 30 seconds, release, wait 2 minutes then access with the default credentials.
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