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  1. Thank you @Newfie and @Netduma Fraser. I've had no issues.
  2. Hello, 2 quick questions. I had my ISP modem connected to the R2. Since then, I have removed the ISP modem and am solely using the R2 having logged in using my PPPoE user and password. Is this okay? Any reason I would need to keep my ISP modem connected? I found that this method improved my connection overall. Many thanks.
  3. I was reading the replies not long after I woke up. So I wasn't paying much attention. @Netduma Fraser, @Netduma Liam and @titofuenla, thank you for your replies and input. I figured in the end that I add my network with my PPPoE credentials avoiding having to go down the DMZ route. I'm now able to get full NAT. Thanks again.
  4. Just a couple of questions from my original post and one new one. Is it safe to put my PC into DMZ? I remember back in the day it was a no no. Are there any other options I can look to change on my modem that might allow the required ports to appear open on my R2? Do I have to do this for every device I want to play a game on? That is to update IP address in DMZ?
  5. Thank you. Firefox. I'll go ahead and try Chrome.
  6. Hello, I have my modem connected to my R2 router. In Network Settings> UPnP: I am listing my PC fixed IP address with only one port open, that being 3074. UPnP is on. In Network Settings> Port Forwarding: I had my PC fixed IP address with rules set for the additional ports I require open. I am only getting Moderate NAT type in Warzone. It was mentioned earlier in another post that I may have to activate my DMZ. Am I to put my PC fixed IP address in the box? and will this make my PC insecure? Are there any other options I can look to change on my modem that might allow the required ports to appear open on my R2. I already tried removing the Port Forwarding rules on the R2 to see whether it would make any difference, but it hasn't. Also, I have tried turning off UPnP and entered the ports to Port Forwarding and again nothing. One final thing. When I log in to the interface, DUMA OS treats each login as a first time and annoyingly displays the help overlays for each tab. Again, a suggestion was made referring me to bookmark the page in my web browser. This hasn't helped. Thank you. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I've not had any problems since. I found setting up at bit finicky. I found that once I'd connected the modem and hooked into the router, I had to leave it an hour to do its thing. Then within the netduma admin menu I reboot the router. At this point, I've told all my WiFi devices to forget my previous modem and now everything points to netduma. No issues since. Only problem I have now is with opening ports. Doesn't seem to work, always moderate. The other is that every time I log into the router via admin, pop ups appear as though I'm setting up for the first time. I hope you have more success with your replacement mate.
  8. I left mine on for an hour. Decided to not hard reset the device. Eventually I rebooted from within the dumaos webpage and everything appears to be as it should be.
  9. My R2 arrived this morning pre installed with 3.0.205. I keep getting the rap related error message. I've factory reset several times, switched off, restarted and used a lAN cable and WiFi. Reading through other posts, it seems this is affecting a number of people. Is there a setting in the ISP issued modem causing a conflict?
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