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  1. I already signed i paciently waited for email like a month. Do you need any more info? IE Username, email? router settings? lol
  2. maybe had a pack of sand inside... nvm i switched to pc and kept playing the game with a controller no problem
  3. Does these settings work in Warzone as well?
  4. Mmmkay this is triggering me lol
  5. What settings exactly you use? =)
  6. Ok you can resolve the topic as closed
  7. I live in Puerto Rico, and I used pretty much anything to up my game. (Port forwarding, port triggering, Traffic prioritization, trying to throttle speeds etc) I’ve seen streams from friends close to servers (they don’t know because they don use netduma) and I see them killing with so many less bullets Than I do and sponging way more bullets than I do. I don’t know how VPN’s work and if they help. It’s sad for me as I try my hardest to up my game.. if I had the connection they have I would be way better at the game...
  8. Port 3074 I think it’s for console, would be needed to find out what are the ports for PC
  9. This is exactly what happened to me. Before update I was enjoying the game. Now because of this I don’t find the motivation to play. It looks like I’m a second behind every gunfight including warzone
  10. I’m having difficulties running the best set up. I seem to be like a second behind of enemies really since this new update came out (yesterday may 18th)
  11. Do I need another router to do this or does this work with XR500?
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