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  1. Turn off auto ping in you Geo filtering options, then search for your friend in the Geo filter map, click the icon of a person, then save his name, then click allow.
  2. ehm. im interested in this. Sometimes this happens to me as well.
  3. Hi. Sorry I’m kind of uninformed here. but don’t u need just open nat type to get the best hit registration? That’s just what I know about ports. Other than that I forwarded these ports to my PS4 to get “the best connection” But sometimes I don’t think they’re enough. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Mmkay. December. Still need to put features in spectator mode, to hear friends. flushed cloud added them to whitelist. still nothing. It’s kinda annoying but I guess I’ll need to live with it.
  5. So I need to whitelist them again even if they are whitelisted already and still having chat connection issues ?
  6. I need to put spectator mode. Allow them to enter or join, then put filtering mode. It’s a pain. 😂
  7. I’m still having issues too. Even flushed cloud.
  8. one thing that bothers me. Is that I need to keep whitelisting everything again out of my geo filter even when I’ve whitelisted. (Psn chat, friends) Is there anything that I’m doing wrong ?
  9. Ok so, ive found the source of the problem. allowed that server that dint show up before. Problem solved
  10. I sometimes feel like this happens, but when I ping them they appear even with the name I’ve gave them.
  11. Hello! New member here. Just bought my xr500 few days ago. Theres been an an update in PS4 (7.00) and I’ve been having problems with PSN Party chat. I’ve selected few of my friends to “whitelist”, but even in the list I’m having problems with chat. I need to put my PS4 in spectator mode (and miss out all of my geo filtering features) because of this problem. Is there anyone that can help ? Thanks!
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