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  1. Okay i gotta add this question. Im having way higher prioritized upload playing warzone on PC. Question is: which one matters higher prioritized upload or download?
  2. i just use on traffic prio UDP For destination and source. 1024:65535 learned that on this tread give it a try
  3. update! DEFINETLY THESE rules has way more packets being prioritized in netduma. EVERYONE i recomend @Alex49H settings! Just give it a try!
  4. been using these ports and testing yours mate. i find a lot more prioritized packets being detected on the lists on traffic prio. Kinda been liking it! i still want to test which one has most packets (kinels recomendations) and yours. and i want to check which one gives me lower pings (yes traffic prio gives me lower pings on Puerto Rico) and better hit registrations.
  5. pc ports are different rather than PS4 AND XBOX
  6. i sugest you find your ports on a list as PS4 XBOX AND pc changes.
  7. tested yours and i really cant find anny difference really
  8. Ok im going to test, BTW in source and destination both the same? or do i need to put them backwards.? Example: source start: 1024 : end 65535 destination : 65535 - end : 1024 OR Source - START: 1024 END: 65535 Destination: START: 1024 END: 65535 ?
  9. i think, its for the second rule starting on 50000 down below
  10. just using kinnels first post recomendations
  11. used 2 of these rules. Hit reg and ping lowered gradually. Thanks kinel you helped before and now.
  12. This thread is interesting. going to try a couple options here.
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