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  1. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Can we get somebody from the Duma team to chime in on this to let us know where we are at with the cloud update for MW? Is it coming within the next day or two or are we looking at weeks away? If it's going to be weeks can we get some insight on what the hold up is? Thanks in advance to the Duma team I know you want to get it right but I think we just need to be kept in the loop because MW is driving many here crazy with it's matchmaking.
  3. He can still use the Geo Filter with his setup. Right now is pointless until we get a cloud update.
  4. Ok all went well. I ran this setup from Friday until today. However I think I'm better off having the R1 as my main and just use my other router as an access point for wifi and deal with those issues I was having with wifi as they come up. The anti bufferbloat and device management on the R1 is more reliable than WRT setup I was using. Thanks again for help.
  5. Just a question about this. I don't have any issues getting an open nat with bacis port forwarding for my PS4 or Xbox. However without a DMZ option on the R1 DumaOS I know it's been mentioned on here that port forwarding 1-65535 is basically the same thing. So my question I have is there any negative downside of opening all these ports for my PS4 or Xbox? Does doing this effect other devices on my network in anyway? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm good fam but thanks for reading. "Footing" as in "Even Footing". As in equal or fair.
  7. I live in NY. If I connect to that dedi in NY/NJ(I think it's actually in NJ) my ping is 8ms-11ms I have the worst experience. I'm clearly a fraction of a second behind in every kill cam. Now If I connect to a peer and have 50+ms ping I feel like I'm on even footing. On a low ping I don't know how many times I put half a mag into somebody to only have them turnaround and one shot me. I just don't have that on higher ping connections. COD Netcode year after year supplies you with WTF moments.
  8. Funny you say this because MW was very rough for me. Always felt like I was a step behind. Unplugged the duma and hooked up my Netgear that has WRT on it and bam MW has been pretty good. The other day hooked the duma back up to see and back to feeling some type of latency going on. Went back to the Netgear and fine. So gonna just stick with my non-duma router until they update the cloud and test it again then.
  9. Thank you for the help! Have a good weekend.
  10. Looking for some advice on this before I jump into it and waste time. I have the R1 running the DumaOS. My home network has outgrown using the R1 as my main router. In the past I had another router as an access point for wifi but it was a pain in the butt if say the R1 rebooted on it's own it wouldn't sync back up and wifi would be down. Ok so right now I'm using another Netgear router as my main running WRT. It solves all my home network needs. However I still want to use the Geo filter on the Netduma for my PS4 and Xbox One. So I'm looking to go.... PS4/Xbox1 --> Netduma -->Netgear Router --> Modem. Now I've read on here I need to put the R1 into the DMZ of the Netgear. So my first question is that IP will be the one my Netgear assigns the R1 correct? Next question. Port Forwarding the PS4/Xbox do I still have to do it since the Netduma is in the DMZ? If so do I port forward on the R1 or on the Netgear? Thanks in advance for any help with my questions.
  11. It amazes me year after year on this forum if anyone says anything negative about the duma not working a gang of people attack them. Every paying customer has a right to their opinion positive or negative. Let the man voice his concerns and let the moderators get him some answers. Jumping in and saying "My duma works fine" doesn't do him any good now does it? Attacking him doesn't help the issue either. It just makes the Netduma forums look bad. Also if you jump in offer some advice and he doesn't accept it then move along. You tried leave it at that. You staying here and fighting is what's wrong with this forum. You don't work for Netduma. His issue is with the Netduma Product not you. Let the Netduma employees help him because that's what he was trying to do in the first place.
  12. Until we have a cloud update all this is just a big guessing game. Also seems every time Treyarch releases a little update it upsets the apple cart. Either way I'm enjoying the DumaOS. it's really a major upgrade for the R1. The problem here is BO4.
  13. I've had this happen. Normally I'll quit BO4 back to the Xbox dashboard and wait about 2 minutes before I boot the game up again.
  14. The Duma helps but it still could be better. Maybe once we have a cloud update.
  15. Some peers maybe mislabeled but majority are actually peer 2 peer. Host migration city the last two nights. I got in some pretty wild lobbies last night connection wise. Duma is running great so I can't fault the Duma. Treyarch on the other hand is up to something.
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